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Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox is a nimble mage-assassin who elusively darts around her foes, seducing choice targets out of safety and finishing them off with her array of spells. Playful, yet deceptive, Ahri constantly skirts the edge of battle, carefully waiting for the right chance to draw her prey out, swiftly dive in for the kill and then make a quick escape before her opponents can retaliate. Though rather short-ranged for a mage, Ahri possesses unparalleled in-combat mobility, allowing her to easily evade would-be captors and gracefully flit towards her victims from large distances.

  • Junkyard Titan Heat
  • Dragonborn Dragon's Fury
  • Reign of Anger Rage
  • Battle Fury Battle Fury
  • Rage Gene Tantrum
  • Blood Well Blood Well
  • Ki Strike Energy
  • Unseen Predator Ferocity
  • Savagery 2 Ferocity
  • Way of the Wanderer Flow
  • Iron Man Shield
  • Tear of the Goddess item Mana
  • Rewind No Resource
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