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Valanx is the first of the new champions: created to be the host of Aatrox OriginalSquare Aatrox's live kit. In keeping with the live kit's new existential personality, I felt like one of the Shuriman Baccai would be a perfect candidate. Baccai are those who were rejected by the ritual of Ascension - they are malformed and incomplete. There is not an expansive amount of lore surrounding the Baccai other than the fact they exist - so there's nothing inhibiting the introduction of this champion.

Personality and themes

Valanx retains most of the design choices of Aatrox's VGU - including his model, posture and personality. He is angry and hateful, self-depracating and suicidal. Appearance wise, however, Valanx would receive a new Valanx classic skin where he resembles a malformed Ascended - most similar Renekton OriginalSquare Renekton or Nasus OriginalSquare Nasus}, except the transformation isn't complete. Valanx's animal motif was set to be the scarab beetle - making him look like a half-formed Khepri. One of the biggest departures from Aatrox's VGU is that Valanx is unarmed - he attacks enemies with his mutated claws and utilizes Sand Magic (Bending) for his abilities.

I gave him the title, The Deathless Prince, because I felt it might be interesting if Valanx was a former prince to the Shuriman Empire who shamed his name when the Sun Disc rejected him. While other Baccai might have died as a result of their deformation, or perhaps Baccai in general only have short life spans, Valanx was cursed to suffer his shame indefinitely.

  • Deathbringer Stance Enfeeble (I)
    • Valanx periodically empowers his next attack to gain bonus range and deal bonus damage based on the target's maximum health.
  • The Darkin Blade Dispatch (Q)
    • Valanx performs an acrobatic attack that cycles between 3 areas of effect.
  • Infernal Chains Entomb (W)
    • Valanx unleashes a gust of magic that creates an area of quick sand beneath the first enemy hit. If they do not escape in a short time, a sinkhole opens up that drags them into its center and deals additional damage.
  • Umbral Dash Shift (E)
    • Valanx dashes a fixed distance in the target direction. Additionally, Valanx passively heals for a percentage of the non-periodic damage he deals against champions.
  • World Ender World Ender (R)
    • Valanx reveals the remnants of his beetle-wings and takes flight, gaining movement speed and fearing nearby enemies. While transformed, Aatrox gains bonus AD and increases healing.
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