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The Ruined King is the second of the new champions: created to be the host of Aatrox OriginalSquare Aatrox's original kit. If not a Darkin, what better theme would befit sacrifice and sustain? Shadow Isles. A powerful, undead warrior who wields a mighty, soul-hungering sword? Well, now I have the Lich King on my mind. Wait, doesn't League have its own Lich King character?

Personality and themes
  • Iron Man Soulstone (I)
    • Fill your secondary bar to empower your Soulstone for 4 seconds, refreshing while in combat with non-minions. While empowered, The Ruined King gains bonus attack damage and attack speed, as well as revival if you have not already triggered revival in the last 4 minutes.
  • Obliterate March of the Ruined King (Q)
    • The Ruined King marches forward unstoppably, performing three slashes with his sword that damages enemies struck. Each slash will increment Salvation / Sacrifice.
  • Indestructible 2 Salvation / Indestructible Sacrifice (W)
    • Basic attacks and Q-slashes grant stacks. At 2 stacks, your next attack or Q-slash either Salvation: Restores health, or Sacrifice: Consumes health to deal bonus damage.
  • Death's Grasp Creeping Death (E)
    • The Ruined King blasts the target location with black mist, dealing damage and rooting enemies. After slaying 150 enemies, Creeping Death will also damage and root all enemies it passes through en route to the target location.
  • Realm of Death The Ruination (R)
    • The Ruined King creates an aura of Ruination for 15 seconds. The aura grants the Ruined King and affected allied champions 15 / 30 / 45% bonus attack speed, which decays after being outside of the aura for 3 seconds. Whenever an allied champion dies within the Ruination, the amount of attack speed granted stacks and that ally is revived as a ghoul that continues to fight. Triggering Soulstone's revival will grant an additional stack of Ruination.
  • The Ruined King would receive entirely new cosmetics, although ideally would be released with an Infernal/Scorched Earth skin that is reminiscent of a demon for players who want to feel like their playing old-Aatrox with old-Aatrox's kit. Good alternate candidates would include Guardian of the Sands/Risen or Justicar/Arclight skin.
  • Upon logging in after The Champion Blender, players would receive the option to refund or keep any of their currently owned Aatrox OriginalSquare Aatrox cosmetics.
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