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  • I live in Washington, United States of America
  • I was born on July 16
  • I am Male

Chat Experiences

I spend 50% of my time on the League of Legends Wiki in the chat, 40% in my sandbox, and 10% actually using the wiki and being a contributing member. Needless to say, the chat pre-occupies a lot of my time. I've become one of the chat's regulars, always asking questions and being a... well, I actually have a list of the things I've been called, located below. If the chat was a disjointed family, I would be oversensitive child wanting approval for his ideas―who everyone else would be? I don't know and at the moment, I really don't care.

List of Things I've been Called

  • Cunt (Reason: It was fully deserved.)
  • Dipshit (Reason: I asked for an explanation for an obvious joke.)
  • Hack (Reason: I somehow deceived the chat into thinking I drew something I actually made in an online character creator, despite every hint saying otherwise.)
  • Moron (Reason: It takes me forever to realize obvious things, which I later point out with genuine shock.)
  • Poopyhead (Reason: Just 'cause.)

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