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Dah' Blob

aka Blob Lord of all that is somewhat liquid

  • I live in Blobbingstan
  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is to bake cake! And totally not kill! ^^'
  • I am surprisingly well, thank you.
Cell Division This user is a blob!

Favorite Champions Blob

Zac, the Secret Weapon - Login Screen

Zac, the Secret Weapon - Login Screen

                                              What not to like about him!

About me blobs

Welcome visitor Blobling.

This is the sactum of all that is somewhat liquid, and I Anders Dah' Blob is your great prophet, through me you will learn to divide your cells as our great lord, the big goo ball in the skies demanded it! To Join the rule of the big goo ball all you have to do is pray to him every night and day and one day he will call opun his children to join him in blobbingstan for endless bouncing and cell dividing!

Champion Idea blobs

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