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I'm a Gold player, but I still feel like I could be better (doesn't everyone?). I used to main Riven top; I like to think that I played her pretty well (I consistently sat on a 2/1/1.5 KDA, and it was not unusual for it to hit 3/1), but then I see pros play her and I realize how far I still have to go. I may never be Korean, but I'll try to hit "decent" at least!

My current affair is Diana. She's my "pick this champ to win" champ, but I'm working on expanding my champ pool.




Level of completion is indicated by number of stars (★), up to 3.

Concept Reworks

  • ★★ Aatrox: The Darkin Blade
    • Updates to better reflect Aatrox's lore as "inspiring bloodlust".
    • Status: Just about done.
    • Notes: Final pass; maybe some cleanup.
  • ★★★ Ahri: The Nine-Tailed Fox
    • Status: Done.
    • Overall gameplay pattern adjustments that move Ahri from "sketchy-utility mage" toward true cunning assassin territory.
  • Akali: The Fist of Shadow
    • Same purpose, more tools to do her job with.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Not really positive on the automatic R procs.
  • ★★ Annie: The Dark Child
    • Changes to W, passive, and ult that add some telgraphing to her burst in exchange for increased effective range.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: W Q might need a range cap on the W bonus explosion.
  • Ashe: The Frost Archer
    • A large-scale update that brings her more in line with present-day ADCs.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Q feels unfulfilling. Scrap.
  • ★★ Brand: The Burning Vengeance
    • Kit overhaul that changes Brand into THE sustained-damage teamfight contributor. Not as much single-target damage as Cassio, Vayne, or Kog, but far more damage overall.
    • Status: Not even started.
    • Notes: Brand has a ton of potential.
  • Caitlyn: The Sheriff of Piltover
    • Weapon swaps from a mid-range, rapid-fire carry to a long-range, hard-poke carry, retaining many of her signature play patterns.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Needs Context and tuning. Pretty happy with overall pattern, though Arrest needs cleanup.
  • ★★ Diana: Scorn of the Moon
    • Gameplay modernization with the core of a "Light Fighter" at heart.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Not 100% sold on W and E power distribution. Ult passive could use some cleanup.
  • Fiora: The Grand Duelist
    • Plays as a fury-based, twitchy, combo-oriented, melee AD hypercarry, with much the same look and feel across the board.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Needs Context. Not sure about overall pattern.
  • Garen: The Might of Demacia
    • With relatively mild changes, feels like the same champion, but with more decisisive strike decisons to make.
    • Status: Just about done.
    • Notes: Needs Context. Want to make W feel better (bump?). Still not convinced on the knockback/slow.
  • ★★★ Graves: The Outlaw
    • Full rework that represents Graves as the beastly, close-combat marksman/fighter that he's supposed to be.
  • Irelia: The Will of the Blades
    • Keeps her theme relatively intact, despite sweeping changes to her playstyle entailed in rebuilding her as a hybrid AD-Caster/Carry/Assassin.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Not pleased with her; likely scrap.
  • Janna: The Storm's Fury
    • Holds strong in her niche of "Disengage Queen", with new tools to make her feel wonderful while doing it.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Needs Context. Very mild changes, overall, but concerned that she could still be... better.
  • ★★ Jax: The Grandmaster at Arms
    • Everything you love about Jax, but in a cleaner package.
    • Status: I really love it.
    • Notes: Needs Context.
  • ★★ Katarina: The Sinister Blade
    • Does more or less exactly the same job with a more active, responsive toolset.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Need to crunch numbers to make sure her damage is sane.
  • Kayle: The Judicator
    • Shifts from "Ranged AP Carry that sometimes has to be melee" to "Melee AP Carry that can become ranged on-demand, when needed"; retains a very similar feel, regardless.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Not sure about her, overall. I think ult's in a good place, but the ally speed buff was important and iconic.
  • LeBlanc: The Deceiver
    • Full kit rework to bring her more in line with her lore.
    • Status: Needs an ult.
    • Notes: Considering more clone elements. Needs more deception, less lolfacemelt.
  • Lee Sin: The Blind Monk
    • Is blind, for one. Rek'Sai made this possible. Additionally, creates a tangible divide between "sound mage" and "martial artist", while requiring effective use of both.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Ult will be single-target high-damage melee knockup with no gapclose. Increase Q gapclose, add ult.
  • ★★ Leona: The Radiant Dawn
    • Pushes a much more active, involved, responsive, and dynamic playstyle for both sides of the field, while keeping a very familiar and immediately-recognizable feel.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Hnnng. Needs Context.
  • ★★ Lissandra: The Ice Witch
    • Large-scale rework that makes a mobile melee mage out of her.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Concept is solid, but not totally sold on exact mechanics.
  • Miss Fortune: The Bounty Hunter
    • Status: Just getting started.
    • Minor rework. Keeps all existing themes, but substantially tighter in theme and gameplay.
  • Morgana: The Fallen Angel
    • Full rework that completely redefines Morgana as League's premier summoning champion.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Needs a passive and E; Q is shit.
  • Pantheon: The Artisan of War
    • This one's gonna be hard.
    • Status: Not even started.
    • Notes: So many iconic features; will be hard to keep them all intact.
  • ★★ Quinn: Demacia's Wings
    • Transforms at will, stressing her champion-tagteam nature to bring a variety of new options to the table.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Not sure if implementation is correct. Ult needs work.
  • ★★ Riven: The Exile
    • Takes a hit to overall freedom of engagement in order to gain increased effectiveness when used properly.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Needs Context. Q is where it should be, E and R might need some cleanup. Not sure about W.
  • Sejuani: The Winter's Claw
    • Medium-scale rework that's more about feel and thematics than power. She should *feel* like a vicious commander riding a huge boar; currently, not so much.
    • Status: Not even started.
    • Notes: Semi-transform (4 basic abilities, 1 ult)?
  • Shaco: The Demon Jester
    • Play pattern is frustrating as hell. I don't know, man.
    • Status: Not even started.
    • Notes: Needs more deception and less... bullshit.
  • Shen: The Eye of Twilight
    • Doesn't make sense. Should make sense.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Eh. Not my favorite. Needs numbers on some abilities.
  • ★★★ Shyvana: The Half-Dragon
    • Medium-scale rework; Shy should feel like a better version of, well, Shy, with a similar power level.
  • Syndra: The Dark Sovereign
    • Retains her theme in the face of a re-imagining, coming out with a kit that feels like the champion described in her lore.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Feels good, but might need some tuning. The levers are hard to play with.
  • Talon: The Blade's Shadow
    • Needs to do something ridiculously cool.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: So much unused potential with this champion.
  • ★★ Taric: The Gem Knight
    • Actually does stuff with gems. Amazing, isn't it?
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Numbers seem very high, but I think that's okay given the reliability of his damage (read: there isn't any).
  • ★★ Yasuo: The Unforgiven
    • Gives players more control over the "Wind" aspect of the "Wind Blade" that is Yasuo.
    • Status: Iterating.
    • Notes: Needs Context. Feel is spot-on, but needs tuning.

Void Pass

Void Monsters are:

  • Fueled by Consumption.
    • More aggression when hungrier/when attacking weak foes.
  • Voidtouched:
    • Deal Magic Damage on Hit.

Concept Champs


Kits without Lore

  • /Grim Reaper
    • Scythe-wielding AA-based melee APC. Watch me.
  • /Ice Mage
    • Highly mobile utility mage with unique movement.
  • /Titan
    • Slow, heavy-hitting beast. The tankest of tanks.

Lore without Kits

Champion Rating

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