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User:NeonSpotlight/Data Sheen


User:BryghtShadow/item info takes the full pagename of the data page, such that specific values from the data page may be extracted and formatted. This is purely to allow any page to be used. If required this can be restricted to accept a name to which a prefix will be applied. For example, {{:User:BryghtShadow/item info|Sheen}} with prefix "Data".

User:BryghtShadow/item info checks if the page {{exists}}. If it doesn't exist, nothing happens. If it does exist, it transcludes a page named {{{1}}}. For {{:User:BryghtShadow/item info|:User:NeonSpotlight/Data Sheen}}, the transcluded page would be ":User:NeonSpotlight/Data Sheen". For {{:User:BryghtShadow/item info|Sheen}}, the transcluded page would be "Template:Sheen". The value ":User:BryghtShadow/item info/d" is passed to {{{1}}} like so: {{:User:NeonSpotlight/Data Sheen|:User:BryghtShadow/item info/d}}

User:BryghtShadow/item info/d is merely a formatter. If direct usage were desired, parameters can be accessed like so:

  • {{:User:BryghtShadow/item info/d|name=Sheen|ad=9000}} gives Sheen item Sheen: 9000 attack damage,
  • {{:User:BryghtShadow/item info/d|name=Zeal|csc=1337}} gives Zeal item Zeal: 1337 critical strike chance,

The data templates take a formatter, and passes all its values to the formatter. Whether the value for a particular parameter is used is the formatter's discretion.

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