Ursine Lands map

Ursine Lands Map

The Ursine Lands is an island region in the Ice Sea off the coast of the Arctic. It can be found just above the northern Freljord.


Champions of the Ursine Lands

Other Related champions

  • AsheSquare Ashe hunted down a Grellfeen on sacred Ursine hunting grounds.
  • SejuaniSquare Sejuani caught a Grellfeen on sacred Ursine hunting grounds.


Freljord's Old Gods

Unlike a handful of other deities worshiped throughout Runeterra's different cultures, the Freljordian gods are physical real beings that manifest as spiritual animals and each were conceived from some transcendental force that bonds them together like siblings. However most of these divine spirits have faded into obscurity over the eons, as the Freljord has dissolved into warring factions and tribal splinters.

Where some legends are still being shared, those stories have been misinterpreted far beyond any recollected truth and many times have fellow Freljordians engaged in brutal conflict over their religious conjecture, from drunken bar brawls to merciless wars. Now the only demi-gods to be remembered have been those few who still actively interact with their worshipers.

Of them, only VolibearSquare Volibear is known to actively influence their worshippers, but other Spirits that fall in this category are OrnnSquare Ornn, AniviaSquare Anivia, The Seal Sister and The Boar-God.



"The Ursine do not know fear."
VolibearSquare Volibear

The Ursine, or The Lost Ones, dwell in the north most parts of the Freljord. Entirely consisted of Spirit Walkers, the Ursine are human shapeshifters who serve the Great Spirit of the Bear known as VolibearSquare Volibear. Volibears servants are entirely devoted to their masters will and cause. While some retain their human appearance, most permanently shapeshift into grotesque approximations of wild animals and other types of monsters. The tribe has existed for as long as humans settled the Freljord, ever feared and respected by the lands inhabitants. While humans and Iceborn alike have not been able to defeat this tribe, the Winter's Claw SejuaniSquare Sejuani and UdyrSquare Udyr have been able to form a temporary alliance with the Ursine to fight other larger tribes such as the Avarosan and Frostguard. Only a few beings are able to match Volibears might, such as the Great Spirit of the Ram known as OrnnSquare Ornn.

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