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Urgot OriginalSkin.jpg
Original Urgot View in 3D
790 RP 790 / 24-Aug-2010
Urgot GiantEnemyCrabgotSkin.jpg
Giant Enemy Crabgot View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 24-Aug-2010
Urgot BattlecastSkin.jpg
Battlecast Urgot View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 05-Mar-2012
Urgot HighNoonSkin.jpg
High Noon Urgot View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 30-Aug-2018
Urgot PajamaGuardianCosplaySkin.jpg
Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 01-Apr-2020
Battlecast Urgot Chromas
High Noon Urgot Chromas
Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot Chromas

Legacy Vault

Urgot ButcherSkin.jpg
Butcher Urgot View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 24-Aug-2010



Commanding Throws
Enemy champions flung with Disdain (E)
Into the Grinder
Enemy champions devoured by Fear Beyond Death (R)
Shell or High Water
Consecutive shotgun shells from Echoing Flame (P) landed on the same enemy champion within 4 seconds


Original Urgot Original Urgot
  • Original Urgot Original Urgot
    • In his old splash art old splash art, Urgot had tubes coming out of his body that lead to his skull. They were not visible on his in-game model, though.
Butcher Urgot Butcher Urgot
Giant Enemy Crabgot Giant Enemy Crabgot
    • This skin refers the eponymous trope.
    • After his visual rework, this skin references Kaiju monsters.
      • His splash art references a somewhat common occurrence in Kaiju films where the monster emerges from the sea depths, near a floating boat or ship.
        • This splash may be specifically referencing the movie Pacific Rim, and the scene in which Knifehead surfaces in front of a fishing boat, only to get locked in combat with Gipsy Danger shortly after.
      • Crabgot's appearance also references Pacific Rim as his body seems to be embedded with energy (shining through his eyes, within the claws, and other small gaps), something that is prominent with Pacific Rim's Kaiju monsters compared to monsters in other Kaiju films.
    Battlecast Urgot Battlecast Urgot
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • In the old art old art, he is stomping on a torn banner of Demacia while Garen's Garen's broadsword broadsword is visible in the background, implying that Urgot had slain him.
    • He may or may not be a reference to Beyond Good and Evil's Alpha Soldiers, as Battlecast Urgot and them are very similar.
    • He resembles the (Chaos) Dreadnoughts from the Warhammer 40,000 franchise.
      • The Pearl chroma of the skin specificially is very similar to the color scheme of the Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines legion.
    • In the Nautilus Nautilus Art Spotlight, around 2:50, a tab saying Urgot Mech can be seen in the top left. This was likely the development name for Battlecast Urgot.
    High Noon Urgot High Noon Urgot
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Turquoise
    • During his Recall Recall he stomps the ground, emerging some runes. He then sucks the energy out of the runes into his hand they dispensary. A small explosion happens on his hand, which is him opening portals into the ground that release evil spirits.[1]
    • In his bio he's stated to have been called Jeremiah James. This name is however only canon in this skin universe.[2]
    • He was released along with:
    Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • He celebrates April Fools' Day 2020 along with:
    • Each of his chromas are a reference to other Star Guardians:
      • For his Ruby chroma, he is cosplaying Kiko profileicon.png Kiko, Ahri's Ahri's familiar.
      • For his Emerald chroma, he is cosplaying Pix profileicon.png Pix, Lulu's Lulu's familiar.
      • For his Rose Quartz chroma, he is cosplaying Pajama Guardian Lux profileicon.png Mimi, Lux's Lux's familiar.
      • For his Obsidian chroma, he is cosplaying Riku profileicon.png Riku, Rakan's Rakan's familiar.
      • For his Amethyst chroma, he is cosplaying one of the Multi profileicon.png Multi, Syndra's Syndra's familiars.
      • For his Catseye chroma, he is cosplaying Boki and Baki profileicon.png Boki and Baki, Miss Fortune's Miss Fortune's familiars.
      • For his Pearl chroma, he is cosplaying as a familiar for an unknown Guardian.
    • The skin references the meme of requesting a Star Guardian skin for Urgot, an idea considered humorous due to the tonal whiplash between pre-rework Urgot's Urgot's deliberately pudgy, repulsive appearance (and later the dark and grim thematic of post-rework Urgot Urgot) and the bright, anime-inspired aesthetic of the Star Guardian line of skins.
      • The skin's appearance was inspired by numerous community-made designs for a Star Guardian skin for Urgot.
    • He is a fan of Star Guardian Ezreal Star Guardian Ezreal and his familiar Yuuto profileicon.png Yuuto, as well as Pajama Guardian Ezreal Pajama Guardian Ezreal, all of which were his inspirations for cosplaying.
    • His design may be inspired by Senior Pink.