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  • This article or section contains upcoming content, and may contain inaccuracies or speculation.
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Untitled fighting game, also referred to internally as Project L, is an upcoming fighter game developed by Riot Games Inc. and Radiant Entertainment, set within the world of Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra.


This section is largely speculation from promotional media.


In footage seen, there is 4 bars in the same place as Rising Thunder's 3 Special move cooldowns + Super move cooldown, so this game might have the same inputs for its special moves, which would also reflect League of Legends icon.png League of Legends' champion abilities - usually 3 basic abilities, and an ultimate ability. It wouldn't be unlikely that this game has passive abilities as well.

Gameplay Mechanics

Juggle limit

When a character is being juggled (comboed in the air) in this game, there's a counter of how many consecutive hits occurred in the air, below the combo meter. This looks near identical to Rising Thunder's juggle counter, except without a number stating the maximum juggle. In Rising Thunder, when this counter was filled up, the player being juggled became invincible briefly and fell to the ground. Something similar was seen in the gameplay where this meter was seen, where Katarina fell towards the ground after being shot in the air by Jinx, but this could be a completely different mechanic in play.


There is a lot of evidence that this game will have some form of high-quality netcode, likely GGPO or proprietary rollback netcode. There is a large body of supporting evidence:

  • The founders of Radiant are also the creators of GGPO;
  • The company's previous fighting game, Rising Thunder made use of GGPO;
  • All of the games unveiled for the 10th Anniversary Event had the stated purpose of improving common issues the genres have, and in the case of fighters, poor netcode is a common complaint for many popular games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Tekken 7[citation needed], especially due to stay-at-home orders and quarantines following the COVID-19 pandemic during the game's development time meaning that players could only play online for an extended amount of time.


Not all champions from League of Legends icon.png League of Legends will be in Project L. Champions may have unique abilities to fit the gameplay style. The champions seen to appear in the game so far are[1]:

Seen Roster
Indirectly seen potential roster

Skill images in 'goodies' folder[2]

Art in Radiant Entertainment offices[3]



Ahri does not seem to possess her Orb Orb in her idle stance, unlike her appearances in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends (Ahri OriginalSquare.png) and Teamfight Tactics icon.png Teamfight Tactics (Ahri SpiritBlossomSquare.pngAhri StarGuardianSquare.pngAhri StarGuardianSquare.pngAhri OriginalSquare.png), but better reflecting her canonical appearances.

Seen Moves
  1. A move based on Orb of Deception Orb of Deception, where she fires a blast of blue energy downwards and it runs along then rises off the ground. Stuns briefly.


Seen Moves
  1. Darius swings his axe in an arc upwards.
  2. Based on Apprehend Apprehend(LoR Spell Slow Indicator.png2 LoR), seemingly a Command Grab or Hitgrab, Darius reaches up with his axe, and slams his opponent to the ground.


Seen Moves
  1. Katarina is seen falling swiftly downwards and glowing white after being juggled by projectiles. Perhaps an anti-juggling mechanic just as Rising Thunder has, or a mechanic similar to Rising Thunder's Kinetic Defense, a mechanic that was limited by a meter that allowed the opponent to escape combos or any hit-stun manually. No meter resembling it was shown in the footage where this was seen.[4]



Jinx is seen with the same two of the weapons from her arsenal as she is in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends - her minigun Pow-Pow Pow-Pow, and her rocket launcher Fishbones Fishbones.

Seen Moves
  1. Jinx swings Pow-Pow in an wide 3/4 circle arc from ground to above her, launching the opponent hit high upwards and away. Appears to combo into the next move:
  2. Jinx fires 5 fast projectiles from Pow-Pow in swift succession at a 40° angle, seemingly functioning as an anti-air and juggling tool. Lasts roughly 2 seconds.


  • This game is developed by the developers from Radiant Entertainment. Radiant was a game developer that was acquired by Riot Games Inc. in March 2016.
    • This game was heavily inspired by Radiant's cancelled game, Rising Thunder.
  • A mod for Super Smash Bros. featuring League of Legends icon.png League of Legends champions was made and played during the pre-2019 Thunderdome events.
  • The game had a cameo in the GIANTS music video.
  • From April 23rd to 25th, 2021, The game underwent an in-person playtesting in Riot's headquarters.[5]
  • Ben Frobes is Community Manager. [6]


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