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Untargetability example

Fizz OriginalSquare Fizz being untargetable while using Playful Playful.

Untargetable Health Bar

The health bar usually has a translucent appearance to indicate the untargetable status. Otherwise, it is invisible.

Untargetability refers to units in a state where they are no longer valid targets for Aria of Perseverance aura, Leap Strike unit-targeted, Electrical Surge auto-targeted, Sear direction-targeted and Eye of Destruction ground-targeted effects, including those coming from basic attacks, abilities, summoner spells, item effects, item actives, and runes. Becoming untargetable is not a form of Cosmic Radiance invulnerability, and units will still suffer the effects of debuffs that have already been applied (unless it requires the unit to be targetable), including Blaze DoTs, Focused Resolve tethers, and delayed effects such as Death Mark Death Mark, Sleepy Trouble Bubble Sleepy Trouble Bubble, and Time Bomb Time Bomb. All units are untargetable at the end of a match.

The act of becoming untargetable will also interrupt any effects that have already acquired the unit as a target (e.g. an oncoming targeted Projectile projectile will simply be Bullet strikethrough destroyed unless otherwise stated, target commands are disbanded) as well as causing non-champion units (e.g. Turret icon turrets, Minion icon minions, Monster icon monsters) to acquire a new target (also known as "dropping aggro"). An exception to this are some Excessive Force 2 unstoppable basic attacks, which ignore whether or not their target becomes untargetable during their windups and will bypass the status effect (i.e. Blitzcrank OriginalSquare Blitzcrank's Power Fist Power Fist will still Airborne icon knock up and damage a target that becomes untargetable in the period of its windup).

The telegraph from Karthus OriginalSquare Karthus' Requiem Requiem will be placed on untargetable enemies, although the damage itself is classified as an auto-targeted effect that occurs at the end of the channel time.

The following effects are exceptions and can affect a unit even through untargetability:


Champion abilities
Summoner Spells

The following wards are untargetable to allies only:

Champion summoned units
  • All turrets are untargetable while a lower tier turret in that lane remains standing.
    • Destroying any inhibitor makes the nexus turrets targetable while one remains destroyed.
  • An inhibitor is untargetable while a turret remains standing in front.
  • The nexus is only targetable while both its turrets as well as at least one inhibitor are destroyed.
  • The Nexus Obelisk is always untargetable.

Azir OriginalSquare Azir's Shurima's Legacy Sun Disc do not affect the above untargetability parameters.

Stasis icon Stasis

Stasis applies all the effects of becoming untargetable, but also makes the target invulnerable and unable to act.

Champion abilities

Hallucinate Vanish

Vanish applies all the effects of becoming untargetable, but also makes the target unable to act and completely undetectable (but does not grant Guerrilla Warfare stealth).

Champion abilities

Gameplay Elements
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