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Unit radius can refer to multiple stats, each stat is based on the center of the character model and extends outwards from there. These stats cover some of the more nuanced actions in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends, like auto-pathing and aggression towards a target.

Types of Radiuses

Gameplay radius

EditA unit's gameplay radius is a value that most closely resembles the concept of a 'hitbox', and is the radius used for Range model.png edge range effects (e.g. Basic Attack.png basic attacks, line collision missiles and rectangular AOEs). This radius applies to both incoming and outgoing effects - i.e. your Range icon.png basic attack range is added on to your gameplay radius, and you are within the attack range of enemies based on the edge of your gameplay radius.

Pathing radius

EditA unit's pathing radius is the size of their model for unit-collision and pathfinding logic. A unit's center cannot intersect with another unit's pathing radius, except if they are Ghost.png ghosted.

Selection radius

EditA unit's selection radius is how close the mouse cursor has to be to the center of their model in order to click on them.

Acquisition radius

EditA unit's acquisition range is the distance at which they will automatically acquire attack targets, referred to as 'auto-attacking'. Auto-attacking can be disabled in the game settings.

List of champions' unit radius

ChampionGameplay radiusSelection radiusPathing radiusAcquisition radius
Aatrox Aatrox6513535475
Ahri Ahri6510035525
Akali Akali6510030400
Akshan Akshan6510035750
Alistar Alistar8014550600
Amumu Amumu5510030600
Anivia Anivia6514035600
Annie Annie5510030625
Aphelios Aphelios6511035750
Ashe Ashe6512035600
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol6516535400
Azir Azir658835700
Bard Bard808835600
Blitzcrank Blitzcrank8016550600
Brand Brand658835600
Braum Braum8010050800
Caitlyn Caitlyn6512035800
Camille Camille6510035550
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia6512035600
Cho'Gath Cho'Gath8013050500
Corki Corki6513535600
Darius Darius8012525400
Diana Diana657535600
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo8013550600
Draven Draven6511135600
Ekko Ekko6512035600
Elise Elise6512035550
Evelynn Evelynn6512035400
Ezreal Ezreal6511535550
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks6513535520
Fiora Fiora6510035600
Fizz Fizz5510830400
Galio Galio8012550600
Gangplank Gangplank658535400
Garen Garen657535600
Gnar Gnar6510030600
Gragas Gragas8015550600
Graves Graves6511010750
Gwen Gwen6510035600
Hecarim Hecarim8014050750
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger5510030550
Illaoi Illaoi6510035600
Irelia Irelia6510035600
Ivern Ivern7014040750
Janna Janna6512535550
Jarvan IV Jarvan IV6512535600
Jax Jax6512035400
Jayce Jayce657535200
Jhin Jhin6512035800
Jinx Jinx6512035550
Kai'Sa Kai'Sa6510040800
Kalista Kalista6510035900
Karma Karma6512035525
Karthus Karthus6510035450
Kassadin Kassadin6512035400
Katarina Katarina6512035400
Kayle Kayle6514035600
Kayn Kayn6513535400
Kennen Kennen5510030550
Kha'Zix Kha'Zix6513035400
Kindred Kindred6512035525
Kled Kled6514035750
Kled & Skaarl Kled & Skaarl6514035750
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw6513030900
LeBlanc LeBlanc6510035525
Lee Sin Lee Sin6510235400
Leona Leona657535400
Lillia Lillia6513535400
Lissandra Lissandra658835600
Lucian Lucian6510040800
Lulu Lulu6510030625
Lux Lux6510035625
Malphite Malphite8012550400
Malzahar Malzahar658835600
Maokai Maokai8012550600
Master Yi Master Yi6512535600
Mega Gnar Mega Gnar6510030600
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune6510035800
Mordekaiser Mordekaiser8012535400
Morgana Morgana6512035600
Nami Nami6512535600
Nasus Nasus8013550350
Nautilus Nautilus8012550400
Neeko Neeko659035600
Nidalee Nidalee6511035750
Nocturne Nocturne6512035600
Nunu & Willump Nunu & Willump6514035600
Olaf Olaf6511135400
Orianna Orianna6512035525
Ornn Ornn8012525600
Pantheon Pantheon6512535600
Poppy Poppy559535400
Pyke Pyke6512035400
Qiyana Qiyana6512035750
Quinn Quinn6512035750
Rakan Rakan6512535475
Rammus Rammus6512035600
Rek'Sai Rek'Sai6510030600
Rell Rell6512035400
Renata Glasc Renata Glasc6510035550
Renekton Renekton8012550600
Rengar Rengar657035600
Riven Riven6513035600
Rumble Rumble8016535600
Ryze Ryze6512035575
Samira Samira6510040800
Sejuani Sejuani8014050750
Senna Senna6511535800
Seraphine Seraphine65035525
Sett Sett6510035600
Shaco Shaco6513535400
Shen Shen6510035400
Shyvana Shyvana6510035600
Singed Singed6513535300
Sion Sion8012525600
Sivir Sivir6511535500
Skarner Skarner8013050600
Sona Sona6511035800
Soraka Soraka6511044600
Swain Swain6510035525
Sylas Sylas6510035525
Syndra Syndra6512535575
Tahm Kench Tahm Kench8012550600
Taliyah Taliyah6512035550
Talon Talon6512035400
Taric Taric6513535350
Teemo Teemo5510030500
Thresh Thresh6512536475
Tristana Tristana5510030800
Trundle Trundle6513525400
Tryndamere Tryndamere6513535400
Twisted Fate Twisted Fate6511035750
Twitch Twitch6513535575
Udyr Udyr6512535400
Urgot Urgot8013650550
Varus Varus6512035600
Vayne Vayne6512035575
Veigar Veigar559330525
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz658835575
Vex Vex6510035750
Vi Vi6510035600
Viego Viego6512535775
Viktor Viktor6516035525
Vladimir Vladimir6512035600
Volibear Volibear8012550400
Warwick Warwick5511135400
Wukong Wukong6510035600
Xayah Xayah6512035800
Xerath Xerath658835600
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao6510835750
Yasuo Yasuo657532400
Yone Yone657532400
Yorick Yorick8012550400
Yuumi Yuumi6512035550
Zac Zac809043400
Zed Zed6510035400
Zeri Zeri6510040800
Ziggs Ziggs5510030800
Zilean Zilean6513535550
Zoe Zoe6512035550
Zyra Zyra6512035575