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Unit collision (also commonly known as Creepblock) refers to the mechanic by which a unit will always attempt to not occupy the same region as another unit in a game of League of Legends. Champion icon Champions, Minion icon minions and Monster icon monsters are all affected by this.

Unit collision is governed by and fairly synonymous to the unit's Pathing radius pathfinding radius.

For other types of unit radii, see: Unit radius

Unit collision is invalidated by Ghost ghosting, which is a Promote status effect that disables collision from a unit, giving itself and other units the ability to move through each other without interference; it allows a unit to intersect with another unit's Pathing radius pathing radius. It often comes with a Movement speed icon movement speed buff. Champion ability-created terrain consists of units which are immune to ghosting. Baron NashorSquare Baron Nashor is also immune.

Most Dash dashes and Flash blinks do not respect unit collision in their path or destination location.

Ignoring unit collision

Champion Abilities

All abilities with Guerrilla Warfare stealth grant ghosting when not being Sight icon revealed.


Summoner spells


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