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EditA unit is one of the main card types and can be either a Champion card.svg Champion or a Follower card.svg Follower card. A unit card can be Keyword Play.svg played by spending LoR mana icon alt.png Mana equal to its cost, and fulfilling any additional conditions in the card text, which Keyword Summon.png summons it. A unit has a Cost, LoR Power.png Power and LoR Health.png Health. A unit can also have additional card text that has its own effects, usually only when the unit is alive.

Ally in card text refers to an allied unit. Enemy in card text refers to one of your opponent's units.



Champions are a type of Unit card.png Unit.

A champion is able to Keyword Level Up.png Level Up to transform it and every other allied copy of it in the game that could ever exist into a new card instantly, keeping all effects applied to it and damage taken, which has its own interactions as well. While there is an allied champion alive, any copies of it in hand are instead a Champion Spell.



Followers are a type of Unit card.png unit card in Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra, with numerous cards that only interact with them.