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The word Undead is a broad term that refers to beings that consist of a single soul or an amalgamation of souls originating from one or multiple mortal species that are bound to the physical realm by physical or a magical medium.

An example of a physical medium would be a body or an armor. Mordekaiser was able to resurrect by being bound to an armor piece.

A magical-natured medium example would be the Wraiths bound to the Black Mist. They are not able to leave the Shadow Isles on their own. Only when the Harrowing starts and the Mist creeps towards Bilgewater are they able to go beyond the shores of the Isles.


Undead Champions


  • The Undead, be it specters or resurrected, are refused the ability to move on to the afterlife (death realms of the spirit world). Some powerful undead choose to remain in the physical realm, having a task not yet finished.
  • Yone Yone returned to the world of the living after fusing with his Azakana, but is confirmed not to be an Undead. And as such has no relationship with the Undead.[1]


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