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Tutorial selection.

The Tutorial is a type of game in which the player is guided to learn the basis and more complex concepts of the League of Legends gameplay. The player is set with bots as allies and enemies instead of other players.

Season Eight introduced three new tutorials on Summoner's Rift. You have to complete the first one to unlock the second, and complete the second one to unlock the third. Finishing each step grants the player XP 150. The reward for finishing all three is a capsule containing 3000 BE 3000.

1. Welcome to League

See Also, Announcer/Tutorial
Try out a few champions and destroy enemy towers.
Tutorial push foward.png

This tutorial starts off in a modified, more narrow, Summoner's Rift map, where you can only stay in the middle lane.

Tutorial step 1.png

You start the tutorial as Miss Fortune Miss Fortune, at level 13.

At the beginning, you start near an allied turret that is under attack by 3 caster minions and a siege minion.

Tutorial enemy Sion.png

Once you've killed them, you can start moving towards the middle of the map, where you will face an enemy Sion Sion, charging charging towards you.

Tutorial champions 1.png
Tutorial champions 2.png

Once Sion Sion is killed, you have to choose another champion to play, you can select one of the following by clicking on the champion's "bubble": Brand Brand, Lux Lux, Master Yi Master Yi, or Darius Darius. All the champions you play are level 13. You can freely exchange champions as many times as you want to. You can also switch back to Miss Fortune Miss Fortune if you want to. When you destroy the first enemy turret you cannot select another champion for the rest of the game.

Tutorial Lux against Vel'Koz.png

After that, you have to start pushing foward, and destroy the enemy turrets. But while you do so, you will face the following enemies (played by AI bots), in this order:

  1. Sion Sion
  2. Vel'Koz Vel'Koz
  3. Yasuo Yasuo
  4. Braum Braum and Jinx Jinx

The enemy bots will regularly respawn and try to slow your progression.

Tutorial allied bots.png

Once you've destroyed the first enemy turret, the game will pause, and 4 allied champions (played by AI bots) will spawn around your champion. The 4 champions are the other champions you could choose to play before: Brand Brand, Lux Lux, Master Yi Master Yi, Miss Fortune Miss Fortune, and Darius Darius. They will stay near your champion and attack enemy champions, turrets and minions when nearby.

Tutorial enemy Nexus.png

The tutorial is done when you destroy the enemy nexus. Beside the XP 150, the game allows you to pick a free champion as addition rewards. This champion is one of the five champions in the game. Unlocking a champion this way also gives the player an icon based on the champion picked.

  • Brand Brand
  • Darius Portrait profileicon.png Darius
  • Lux Portrait profileicon.png Lux
  • Master Yi Portrait profileicon.png Master Yi
  • Miss Fortune Portrait profileicon.png Miss Fortune


  • You have the summoner spells Ghost Ghost and Heal Heal, and both of them have a modified cooldown of 15 seconds.
    • When you swap champion, both of your summoner spells are put on a 15 second cooldown.
  • You start with 850 Gold 850 but you don't have any items nor can you access the shop. You can also gain gold when getting kills and CS. Additionally, every champion (yours, allied, and enemy) have no item.
  • The enemy Sion Sion doesn't have his passive passive.
  • If enemy turrets are focusing you, they deal decreasingly less damage based on your champion's current health, but they can still kill you.
  • The enemy fountain laser deals 500 pure damage each second.
  • After you have killed the 3 caster minions and the siege minion at the beginning, 3 allied melee minions will spawn and run towards the lane, but they will instantly die to the Sion's Sion's Unstoppable Onslaught Unstoppable Onslaught.
    • After that, standards waves of allied and enemy minions will spawn regularly.
    • Killing a melee minion grants 20 Gold 20, a siege minion 30 Gold 30, and a caster minion 10 Gold 10.
  • When you haven't received damage in the last 5 seconds, you restore 2.5% of maximum health each half-second.
  • Every champion (yours, allied, and enemy) always has the same level throughout the entire tutorial and cannot gain experience or level up:
    • Your champion: level 13.
    • Allied champions: level 11.
    • Enemy champions: level 9.
  • All the champions you can play have the same ability points:
    • Q - 5 ability points
    • W - 2 ability points
    • E - 4 ability points
    • R - 2 ability points
  • The champion you control has bonus stats:
Bonus stats
  • +66.67% bonus overall damage
  • +300% base health regeneration
  • +800% base mana regeneration
  • +40% tenacity
  • +60 bonus attack damage
  • +150 ability power
  • +25 bonus armor
  • +25 bonus magic resistance
  • +60% bonus attack speed
  • +50% cooldown reduction
  • +60 bonus movement speed
  • +60% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • Allied champions have bonus stats:
Brand Brand Darius Darius Lux Lux Master Yi Master Yi Miss Fortune Miss Fortune
  • +60 ability power
  • +15 bonus armor
  • +15 bonus magic resistance
  • +40% cooldown reduction
  • +25 bonus armor
  • +25 bonus magic resistance
  • +10% cooldown reduction
  • +60 ability power
  • +15 bonus armor
  • +15 bonus magic resistance
  • +40% cooldown reduction
  • +20 bonus attack damage
  • +15 bonus armor
  • +15 bonus magic resistance
  • +60% bonus attack speed
  • +30 bonus attack damage
  • +15 bonus armor
  • +15 bonus magic resistance
  • +20% bonus attack speed
  • +20% cooldown reduction
  • Enemy champions have bonus stats:
Braum Braum and Sion Sion Jinx Jinx Vel'Koz Vel'Koz Yasuo Yasuo
  • No bonus stats
  • +25 bonus attack damage
  • +60% bonus attack speed
  • +60 ability power
  • +40% cooldown reduction
  • +25 bonus attack damage
  • +66% bonus attack speed

2. Power Up

Level up your champion and do more damage.

In this tutorial, you have a team that has: Blitzcrank Blitzcrank, Sivir Sivir, Shen Shen and Soraka Soraka.

The enemy team is made up of: Annie Annie, Blitzcrank Blitzcrank, Malphite Malphite, Nasus Nasus and Sivir Sivir.

The player will learn to level up abilities, moving to lanes and leveling up.

3. Shop for Gear

Buy items from the store to make your champion even stronger.

In this tutorial, you have a team that has: Ashe Ashe, Brand Brand, Renekton Renekton and Taric Taric.

The enemy team is made up of: Alistar Alistar, Ezreal Ezreal, Galio Galio, Morgana Morgana and Nasus Nasus.

The player will learn to gain gold Gold gold by farming minions and monster, and killing champions. The player also learn about items.

Old tutorials

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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

Basic Tutorial - The Howling Abyss

You are guided through the most basic elements of League of Legends. Ashe Ashe was pre-selected as your Champion, in a one-lane map, with Heal Heal and Ghost Ghost as your summoner spells. You face Trundle Trundle. An ally is also in the map, Nunu Nunu but he only demonstrates that you can't face a turret without any team minions. There is only one turret present on the map instead of the normal four. You finish the tutorial when the Nexus is destroyed. The only purchaseable item in the tutorial is Thornmail Thornmail and the only ability that can be used is Volley Volley.

In the tutorial, you cannot die. If you start getting attacked a lot, the level starts reducing the amount of damage you take until it gets to 0.

Sometime around December 2010, the loading screen was changed. This most likely happened when the Battle Training came out. Proving Grounds was later replaced by the Howling Abyss and Master Yi was replaced by Trundle as well. This tutorial teaches the very basics of the game, such as

  • Not running into a turret without minions
  • Summoner spells
  • Abilities

Battle Training - Summoner's Rift

Advanced Tutorial loading screen background. (Patch V5.10)

In November 2010, it was announced that Riot had been working on a new comprehensive tutorial. This tutorial would explain the elements of the game in a much more in-depth way, allowing the player to learn while they play. It sets a series of simple quests on Summoner's Rift for the player to complete, from buying items to killing neutral camps.[1]

On this tutorial, the player is taken through various steps of the champion selecting process, which the player may choose from two champions: Ashe Ashe or Garen Garen (Ryze Ryze used to be selectable too). The player is then placed with 4 bots in the blue team (these bots are always the same: Master Yi Master Yi goes top, Soraka Soraka goes mid, while Shen Shen and Sivir Sivir go bot), while the enemy bots are Malphite Malphite, Sivir Sivir, Nasus Nasus, Annie Annie, and Master Yi Master Yi. Throughout the tutorial, the player learns concepts such as:

  • Map awareness
  • Last hitting
  • Ultimates & Passives (Innates)
  • Jungle monsters
  • Lane names (top, mid, bot)
  • Basics about turrets (aggro pertaining to champions and minions)
  • How to win

Additionally, the player is given quests which are unique to the Battle Training and are not seen in normal games. These quests include clearing monster camps, killing minions, destroying all turrets in a lane, and destroying inhibitors. The player earns additional gold from completing these quests.

In the Battle Training, turrets have lower health than in normal games. The outer turrets have the same amount of health as turrets in a typical game, but the deeper one goes into enemy territory, the progressively lower turret health becomes, down to 525 on the nexus turrets. The health totals of the inhibitors and the nexus are unchanged.

The tutorial gives your champion 15 bonus attack damage, 30 bonus ability power, 25 bonus armor, and 31 bonus magic resistance in addition to runes and masteries.

If you lose the Battle Training, the game will end, but there will be no Continue Button, making it impossible to close the game by internal means.