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Dragonslayer Dragonslayer
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Trundle DragonslayerTFTSquare.png
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Skirmisher Skirmisher
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Trundle DragonslayerTFTSquare.png
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Patch History

  • Ability AP ratio reduced to 50% AP from 100% AP.
  • Ability stat steal duration increased to 8 seconds from 6.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the ability buff expiring while under the effect of an enemy Trundle's abiliy debuff could result in the Trundle becoming unkillable for the remaining of the round.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where he would sometimes not correctly lower his target's health when casting.
  • Base attack speed increased to 0.8 from 0.7.
  • Maximum mana reduced to 60 from 70.
V11.9 - Added
  • Dragonslayer Trundle Dragonslayer Trundle
    • Tier 2 Dragonslayer Dragonslayer Skirmisher Skirmisher.
    • Subjugate.png Active - Subjugate: Drains the strength of his current target, stealing 30 / 35 / 45% (× Ability power icon.png AP) of their health, armor, magic resistance, and attack damage for 6 seconds.
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