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For the virtual band and associated content, see True Damage

True damage is one of the three types of basic damage in League of Legends. True damage ignores resistances (Armor icon armor and Magic resistance icon magic resistance), damage reduction, (e.g. Unbreakable Will Unbreakable Will, Primal Howl Primal Howl, Exhaust Exhaust) and damage amplification (e.g. Hemoplague Hemoplague, Press the Attack rune Press the Attack, Last Stand rune Last Stand).

True damage can be dealt as a damage over time effect.

Blocking true damage

Countering true damage

True damage cannot be mitigated or reduced, but there are ways to deal with it:

  • Stacking Health icon health causes sources of flat true damage (e.g. Ignite Ignite) to effectively deal a lesser percentage of total health.
  • Universal Hybrid resistances icon shields can absorb true damage at any amount.

Dealing true damage

Summoner spells


Neutral Buffs

Neutral Monsters


  • Despite popular belief, champions whose abilities have health costs associated with them do not deal true damage to themselves when they use an ability which requires Health resource health to cast.
    • This can be evidenced when they have a Hybrid resistances icon shield on them. When they use their health-based ability, the cost of health penetrates the shield and directly drains the health of the user, in contrary to true damage that has to break any shield on the target to reach their health. This also applies to Cosmic Radiance invulnerability.
  • The Nexus Obelisk Nexus Obelisk deals a unique form of true damage[1] that additionally bypasses every damage-event related effect in the game, including Hybrid resistances icon shields, Test of Spirit damage transfers, Undying Rage death immunity, and Cosmic Radiance invulnerability effects. Furthermore, since it doesn't register as a damage event, it will not flag the champion with 'in combat' status, with some exceptions. This is classified as Fear Beyond Death 2 internal raw.
    • If the target becomes Playful untargetable after the turret's attack wind up started, the turret will drop aggro but that specific attack will still fire and hit the target through untargetability.
  • As of patch V3.15, true damage is no longer amplified by abilities such as Zed OriginalSquare Zed's Death Mark Death Mark and Vladimir OriginalSquare Vladimir's Hemoplague Hemoplague.


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