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Trannit is a coastal settlement no the shores of the Guardian's Sea and west of Ironwater, in southeastern Noxus.


Trannit map 01.jpg

Trannit is currently governed by steward Eranolaj Smik. It primarily exports dried Bolbo fish, which can be made into a local delicacy - boiled Bolbo-head soup.


Bolbo Fish

Bolbo Fish

Bolbo Fish.jpg Bolbos are a type of fish native to the shores of Trannit. They faces have a humanoid like appearance and are best when dried, though boiled Bolbo-head soups are also an option.



Stewards are the provincial rulers of Noxus. They are tasked to enforce Noxian rule in occupied territories as well as cities outside the capital.

Stewards Description
Eranolaj Smik Current Steward of Trannit.


  • Travel from Piltover to Trannit takes around 4 days by trade ship.


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