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Toy Box is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in Gnar DinoCircle Dino Gnar's toy box, it features champions as toys that came to life.


Ezreal 136
"Other figures sold separately! I'll stop... I'll-uh, I'll stop."
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal

Gnar DinoCircle Gnar's toy chest is brimming with priceless treasures, but when no one's home, his toys take on a life of their own...

Toy Owners
  • Gnar DinoCircle Dino Gnar
    Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Astral, Catseye, Pearl, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Sapphire
  • Kog'Maw Pug'MawCircle Pug'Maw
    Chromaskins Chromas: Citrine, Granite, Meteorite, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Sandstone, Speckled
    Pug'Maw is a nine month old purebred pug with a sweet disposition and possibly some sort of salivary problem. Great with children and pets. Highly food motivated. Has eaten three action figures and one doll, approach with extreme caution.
  • Nunu GrungyCircle Grungy Nunu
    “Gnar left all his toys out. Hmm. I wonder what this one's name is? I think I'll call him Willump. What do you think Willump, should we go on an adventure? LET'S JUMP IN SOME TRASH!”
  • Alistar MooCowCircle Moo Cow Alistar
    Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Citrine, Jasper, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Sapphire
    A rare cow-themed variant of the popular Alistar figurines, mint-in-box units have been known to go for several thousand dollars at auction. Yesterday, this one was submerged in the tub. Children don't deserve nice things.
  • Amumu SewnChaosCircle Sewn Chaos Amumu
  • Blitzcrank SewnChaosCircle Sewn Chaos Blitzcrank
  • Gangplank ToySoldierCircle Toy Soldier Gangplank
    Gangplank is a model soldier in the toy army, racking up an impressive array of victories against the dolls and stuffed animals. He hopes to one day be named Toy General, leading his troops into glorious battle.
  • Kennen SuperCircle Super Kennen
    Coming to a store near you: the new Super Kennen action figure! At 6″ tall, the new Super Kennen is fully articulated, with dazzling lightning bolt action! Add this fitting tribute to New Valoran's bravest hero to your collection today!
  • Orianna SewnChaosCircle Sewn Chaos Orianna
    Even the bravest children shy away from Orianna—a raggedy, whispering doll as old as the house itself. Some toys just aren't meant to be played with.
  • Poppy RagdollCircle Ragdoll Poppy
    Once an innocent cloth doll, Poppy watched helplessly as toy soldiers knocked over her peaceful block village. Now she leads her people to war, their cotton hearts filled with vengeance.
  • Renekton RenektoyCircle Renektoy
    Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Tanzanite
    First produced in 1996, Renektoy quickly and unexpectedly became the must-have gift of the season. Shortages and heightened demand led to online scalping, parents fist fighting in store aisles, and a small number of what police later described as “mall stampedes.”


Academy Adventures

What does a day in the life of Academy Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Vlad look like? Wonder no longer! We collaborated with Sara 'Gutter Rat' Morgan, a wickedly talented community creator, to bring the students' school shenanigans to life.[1]

Olaf vs Everything

Welcome to our latest community comics collab, Olaf vs. Everything, in which everyone's favorite Freljordian berserker recklessly hacks, and slashes his way across the known League Universe!

Tom Barton, artist extraordinaire, helps us answer questions you never knew you had, like who would win in a fight, Olaf or Trundle? And can Olaf take down a giant jungle monster? What about Seahunter Aatrox? And because we don't want to tease out all the dimension-hopping action, we're releasing the entire season in one Ragnarok-sized blast![2]



Worlds 2019 - Login Screen

Worlds 2019 - Login Screen

KNKL 287 Poppy VU!

KNKL 287 Poppy VU!

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