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  • Tome of Traits can only be obtained through Augments and golden orbs.
  • When you receive it, Tome of Emblems is automatically placed on your bench.
  • The Emblem Armory guarantees at least two trait emblems that you're playing at the time.
  • You may only choose one emblem from the Emblem Armory.
  • Usually, the tome will grant 2 traits among the traits on your board at the end of the last round and 2 random traits. The traits don't have to be active, just on your board.
  • If you have less than 5 unique units on your board, instead it'll just give you 4 completely random traits.[1]
  • The item is based on the Elementalist Elementalist ward skin.

Patch History

  • No longer drops from Divine Blessings.
  • Now drops from Augments.
V11.15 - July 28th Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that allowed for more control of the outcome than intended.
V11.15 - Added
  • Consume: Sell this unit to open up an armory with 4 craftable and uncraftable emblems.
  • Drops From: Divine Blessings and golden orbs.