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Tocker is a Hextech Golem who is constantly tinkering with things to make them better, even on his own body! (His left wing is always a bit squeaky). He loves meeting new people and learning about the world through his enormous blue eyes.


You can unlock skins for this Little Legend by purchasing a Little Legend Egg, which costs RP icon 490. Cracking open your egg will grant you a random tier-1 unlock from the pool of available skins, including their original skin. Obtaining a duplicate will upgrade your skin to the next tier, up to tier 3, at which point the skin is removed from the reward pool.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Tocker Base Tier 1Tocker Base Tier 2Tocker Base Tier 3
Tocker Chemtech Tier 1Tocker Chemtech Tier 2Tocker Chemtech Tier 3
Tocker Petricite Tier 1Tocker Petricite Tier 2Tocker Petricite Tier 3
Black Mist
Tocker Black Mist Tier 1Tocker Black Mist Tier 2Tocker Black Mist Tier 3
Tocker Legionnaire Tier 1Tocker Legionnaire Tier 2Tocker Legionnaire Tier 3
Petal Dancer
Tocker Petal Dancer Tier 1Tocker Petal Dancer Tier 2Tocker Petal Dancer Tier 3



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