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The Titan War was an ancient war between the mortals of the First Lands First Lands and the Titans that came from above. This war depicts the origins of the ancestors of the modern Vastaya, the Vastayashai'rei and the impact they had on history.


These snippets are from the Noxian Calendar from Realms of Runeterra. However, they may be incorrect or biased due to the Noxian point of view or the old age.
9000 BN — The First Lands

Across the island continent now known as Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, a great war raged between mortals and a race of sky-giants. Only by the intervention of the Vastayashai'rei - legendary beings of immense power, existing in both the material and spirit realms simultaneously - was victory eventually won. [1]


To defend themselves against the Titans that came from the skies, enlightened mortals of Ionia took the power of the spirit realm into themselves and became the first Vastayashai'rei. After a grueling battle, the Vastayashai'rei were victorious against the Titans. Some of the Vastayashai'rei, such as the noble Kiila, the dutiful Chyr and the cunning Lhotl were hailed as heroes. The Vastayashai'rei eventually decided to live among their mortal kin, crossbreeding as their less-magical descendants would eventually be known as the Vastaya.

These Vastaya would gather into tribes and cultural identities named after their Vastayashai'rei ancestors, with some of them migrating to lands outside of Ionia. One of the first tribes to splinter off were the Oovi-Kat, who deeply retained their Vastayashai'rei heritage to the point where they even held their shapeshifting abilities and affinity for spirit magic, while other tribes would migrate outwards such as the Kiilash in jungles on the Shuriman continent or the Marai who created a civilization in the waters West of Targon.


The remains of this war are found across Ionia in the form of mysterious, ancient ruins and battlefields. These come in the form of giant weapons left behind & statuesque ruins that potentially resemble, or even are the remains of these giants. One of the most notable of these ruins is that of the deep wilderness in Bahrl. On the plains where the battle once reigned, countless blades lay motionless and stuck in the ground, with the center being ten gigantic claymores. Protected from corrosion by the spirits, these blades were able to survive the passage of time, even after 10,000 years. Modern day Ionians have completely forgotten this impossibly ancient chapter of their history, but still pay respect to them nonetheless.


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