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For the Shadow equivalent of the item, see Titan's Revenge Titan's Revenge.
For the Radiant equivalent of the item, see Titan's Vow Titan's Vow.


Patch History

  • Updated item icon.
  • Stacks are now granted on basic attacking, rather than inflicting a Critical strike icon.png critical strike.
  • Bonus attack damage and spell power per stack reduced to 2 from 3.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where it could lose its stacks or stop stacking mid combat.
  • Self damage no longer grants stacks.
  • Bonus attack damage and spell power per stack increased to 3 from 2.
  • Armor reduced to 20 from 25.
  • Attack speed reduced to 10% from 15%.
  • New Effect: Now grants 2 bonus attack damage and 2 spell power per stack, up to a maximum of 50 attack damage and spell power.
  • Removed: No longer increases damage dealt by 2% per stack, up to a maximum of 50%.
  • Maximum stacks reduced to 25 from 50.
  • Bug Fix: Multiple Titan's Resolve are no longer multiplicative.
V10.1 - Added
  • Replaces Phantom Dancer Phantom Dancer.
  • Stats: 15% attack speed and 25 armor.
  • Passive: When the wearer takes damage from any source or inflicts a critical hit, gains 2% bonus damage for the rest of combat, stacking up to 100%. At maximum stacks, additionally gains 25 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance, and increases in size. Resets every round.
  • Recipe: Recurve Bow Recurve Bow + Chain Vest Chain Vest.