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For the removed Summoner's Rift icon Summoner's Rift variant, see Ancient Coin item Ancient Coin.
Timeworn Ancient Coin was a basic item in League of Legends icon League of Legends. It was exclusive to the Twisted Treeline.

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Ancient Coin item Timeworn Ancient Coin is 48.33% gold efficient without its passive.
  • Ancient Coin item Timeworn Ancient Coin becomes gold efficient in about 9 gold coins.
  • Without Favor, Ancient Coin item Timeworn Ancient Coin becomes gold efficient in 17 minutes and 14 seconds.
  • The Quest goal of Gold 750 can be reached:
    • By waiting 62 minutes 30 seconds.
    • By collecting 30 gold coins.

Built Into

Similar Items


  • The quest reward can only be obtained after being out-of-combat for 5 seconds.
  • If the last coin to drop was a gold coin, the next coin will be a mana coin. If the last coin was a mana coin, the next coin will be a gold coin.
  • The coin drop rate starts at 0% and increases by 11.11% for every minion that dies (regardless of whether it drops a coin or not). When a minion drops a coin (including siege minions) the chance drops by 33.33%. This value can go below 0%.[1]
    • Because of the way this is done, for every minion wave (with or without siege minion), the average coin drop rate is 2 coins per minion wave.
    • From this, we can determinate the average passive gold value of Favor: Gold 8.33 per 10 seconds.


  • Because the Favor passive does not benefit the player who gets the last hit, Ancient Coin item Timeworn Ancient Coin is best purchased on Controller icon supports who plan on spending a lot of time in-lane.


Shurima Crest icon

Patch History

V9.23 - Removed
  • Removed from the game on November 19th, 2019 since Twisted Treeline was removed from the game.
V9.3 - February 12th Hotfix
  • New Effect: Now only drops mana coins unless an ally champion is within 2000 units.
  • Favor gold coin increased to Gold 28 from Gold 25.
  • Cost increased to Gold 400 from Gold 350.
  • Now limited to (1 Jungle or Gold Income item) from (1 Gold Income item).
  • New Effect: Grants 5 bonus movement speed.
  • Removed: Granting Bandit mastery 2016 Bandit.
  • Bug Fix: Pinging the item now displays the correct amount of gold needed to finish its quest.
V8.2 Added
  • Tier: Basic item.
  • Cost: Gold 350.
  • Stats: +Gold 2 per 10 seconds, +5% cooldown reduction.
  • Unique Passive - Favor: Nearby enemy minions, killed by any ally other than you, will sometimes drop a coin that can be picked up to either grant Gold 25 or restore 6% missing mana (minimum 10). Cannon minions will drop a coin as long as you don't kill them.
  • Unique Passive - Bandit: Grants Bandit mastery 2016 Bandit.
  • Unique Passive - Quest: Earn Gold 750 using this item and upgrade to Nomad's Medallion item Timeworn Nomad's Medallion. Reward: Favor is upgraded to Emperor's Favor making champion Damage rating takedowns grant both the gold and mana. You also grant 8% bonus movement speed to nearby allied champions moving toward you (1250 range).
  • Builds into: Nomad's Medallion item Timeworn Nomad's Medallion
  • Availability: Twisted Treeline.
  • Limits: Limited to 1 Gold Income item.


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