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Zilean using time magic to view all possible timelines of the main universe.

"Time was the one inescapable constant, in all things. Even the mighty god-warriors were not immune to its passage… though they were revered above all others in Shuriman culture."
Zilean Zilean, The Chronokeeper

This article compiles all the official sources published by Riot Games into a non-exhaustive timeline of recorded important events in the League of Legends icon League of Legends Runeterra Map profileicon Runeterra Prime universe. This should not be considered as an official timeline but should be as accurate as, and more complete than, any timeline that Riot Games currently has provided.


Noxian Calendar[]

The Noxian Calendar in a dating system is based on the founding of Noxus Crest icon Noxus and is the one used by official sources. Since not much is known about this calendar, all events and history listed here will be defined in Noxian years. Its also important to note that the exact duration of a Noxian year has not been revealed so they can not be compared with the Gregorian calender.

Over centuries, Noxus Crest icon Noxus has achieved its dominion by assimilating numerous smaller nations into its fold. It prides itself on being the torchbearer of history, striving to spread its version of world events to every corner of Runeterra. Yet, beneath the veneer of Noxian confidence lies a veil of uncertainty. The Rune Wars that preceded the empire, swallowed many historical records, casting the period before the Resurgence of Civilizations into popular myth.


The following terms are wiki-made dating terms and are used to label certain aspects of the Noxian Calender:

  • BN (Before Noxus; Years of time before the founding of Noxus)
  • AN (After Noxus; Years of time after the founding of Noxus)


LoR Champion Indicator2 ▶️   "Past! Present! And future! All in my hands."
Zilean Zilean

For easier navigation, the Timeline is split into several key historical events and periods:


  • The first official timeline was revealed in the Realms of Runeterra encyclopedia book and formed the foundation for this Unofficial Timeline.
  • The concept of time travel being canonized in the main League of Legends lore has created a canon omniverse bearing infinite possible timelines.
    • The Runeterra Legacy icon Runeterra Legacy universe has a timeline calendar that uses terms Before Common League Era (BCLE; Before the founding of the Institute of War) and Common League Era (CLE; After the founding of the Institute of War) as its own dating systems. It functions relatively the same as the real world calendar, even having the same number of days in 12 months as well as having the same names (January, February, March, etc.) for those months. It was commonly used in the Journal of Justice and League Judgements, with the calendar's farthest known modern date being May 21st, 22 CLE until the eventual retcon of the old lore for the new canon of Runeterra Map profileicon Runeterra Prime.
    • The High Noon Gothic profileicon High Noon universe has a timeline calendar similar to the real world Gregorian calendar, with the farthest known modern date being June 15th, 1868 in With Hell Before Them. The specific calendar years chosen correlate with the end of the "cowboy era" and the rapid industrialization of America.
    • The Arcane 2021 profileicon Arcane universe has shown to have some sort of timeline, however it is unclear if it uses the same system as Runeterra Map profileicon Runeterra Prime, or has its own dating system.
    • The Universe Default icon Worldbreaker universe has a dating system measured in cycles, with end of each cycle bringing forth the destruction of the old world and the birth of a new one, similar to real-world mesoamerican cultures.
    • While the PROJECT profileicon PROJECT universe has an undefined calendar dating system, it has a timeline of events that start from the creation of PROJECT City.
    • Contemporary universes such as Fore-cast! profileicon The Grind, Dunkmaster Darius Mythic Chroma profileicon Dunkmaster, El Tigre profileicon Luchador, Universe Default icon Music, Valorant Universe icon Valorant, and Carnival Mask profileicon Wonders of the World all use similar or near identical calendars to the real world.