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A Clock Mechanism for measuring time.

"Time was the one inescapable constant, in all things. Even the mighty god-warriors were not immune to its passage… though they were revered above all others in Shuriman culture."
Zilean Zilean, The Chronokeeper

This article compiles all the official timelines and sources published by Riot Games into a non-exhaustive timeline of recorded important events in the League of Legends icon.png League of Legends Runeterra Map profileicon.png Runeterra Prime universe. This should not be considered as an official timeline but should be as accurate as, and more complete than, any timeline that Riot Games has provided.

Numbering in this timeline is based on the founding of Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus (BN - Before Noxus; AN - After Noxus), as this is the method used by the official sources. All dates are considered to be spans of time from one to the next since many events are only given vague ordering and estimated dates.

For easier navigation, the timeline is also split into several key eras.


With territories spread across Runeterra, the empire of Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus has united and assimilated countless smaller nations over the course of centuries. Aside from its obvious military strength and stable, central governance, Noxus takes great pride in "bringing the calendar" to every corner of the globe.

But to be Noxian is to subscribe to their notion of world's history, which begins long before the Rune Wars that gave rise to the empire. Since many historical records were lost in those dark times, the precise details of anything earlier are likely based on conjecture, or popular myth.


These timelines encompass history predating the formation of Runeterra, as well as timelines after its formation until the emergence of modern Humans.

The Origins

In the dark beginning, a spark of creation rippled through the universe. What sound it made, what light it shone, we will never know, for there were not yet then words to describe, nor yet ears or eyes to perceive it.[1]

The Star Forger

Events from the origins of the universe to the Creation of Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra.

The Formation

The Call Of Power

Events from the Creation of Runeterra to the creation of modern humans.

  • Birth of Magic on Runeterra.
  • The Glade, a realm of raw primordial magic, came to be. Possibly at the same moment as the birth of magic on Runeterra.
  • Surface of Runeterra becomes stable enough to support first primitive life.
  • Creation of the first spirits and demons on Runeterra.
  • Emergence of the first plant life.
  • Emergence of the first animal life.
  • Creation of Terrestrial Dragons.
  • Creation of Yordles.
    • Founding of Bandle City Crest icon.png Bandle City.
    • Yordles construct the threshold gateway system, gaining access to Runeterra.
    • Fizz Fizz arrived on Runeterra.
  • Formation of the continent of Valoran and the Ionian Archipelago.
  • Formation of the Blessed Isles.
  • Creation of the first Runeterran Civilizations beneath the Oceans and Seas such as the Guardian's Sea.
  • Firstborn came to be.[2][3]
    • Ornn Ornn came to be.
    • Anivia Anivia came to be.
    • Volibear Volibear came to be.
    • Iron Boar came to be.
    • Seal Sister came to be.
  • The Freljordian demi-gods terra-form the land known as Vorrijaard that will eventually be called the Freljord.
  • Origins of Snow.
    • Ornn Ornn constructs his home and calls it "Horn Hall".
    • Anivia Anivia, annoyed by Ornn for felling her favorite perching trees to build his home, tries to tickle Ornn's nose with her feathers, causing Ornn to sneeze a gout of flame that set fire to his bedsheets, eventually spreading to the floor. Anivia Anivia panicking, flapped her wings to fly away, but this only stoked the fire hotter with the dry Freljord air. Soon, all of Horn Hall was alight. The fire raged for days as Ornn Ornn slept through the whole thing. He awoke atop a pile of ashes in a very bad mood. But he did not know what Anivia Anivia had done. And to this day, she has never told him the truth.
    • Ornn Ornn sought out to construct his second home, with non-flammable material. He fashioned himself a spade, a lever, and a fork. With these tools, he could dig for ore, move mighty pillars, and eat the delicious spiced cherries he so enjoyed.
    • Ornn Ornn hammered and shaped chunks of ore until a black mountain stood. Inside was a great forge that channeled the primordial molten flame from deep within the earth. He was pleased with his new home dubbed "Hearth-Home".
    • Due to his home being too hot for even Ornn Ornn to endure, he dug a trench from the sea, straight to the mountain. The Seal Sister allowed cold waters to rush through the trench and cool the Hearth-Home. Great plumes of steam rose up. It took three days for the mountain to cool enough for Ornn Ornn. In that time, the ocean that fed the river dipped several inches.
    • So much steam had risen from the waters that the perpetual blue sky was mottled with darkening gray clouds. As these new puffy forms gathered and cooled, they grew heavier and heavier until they burst with snow.
    • It snowed for a hundred years, being the primary reason why the land later called the Freljord is covered in snow to this day.
  • Ornn gave fire to Humans.


These timelines of Runeterran history detail recorded events since the creation of modern humans (which marks the beginning of history) to the most recent events in history.

The First Lands

An Ancient And Respected History

  • Creation of modern Humans.
  • Creation of the first human settlements across Runeterra.
  • Some yordle start to live openly among the hardy tribes of the northlands in what would later be known as Freljord.
    • Gnar Gnar arrived on Runeterra.
  • Destruction of the Civilization beneath the Guardian's Sea. Fizz Fizz goes into a catatonic state due to his fading Yordle magic, hibernating for millennia.
  • Founding of Ancient Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, known as the First Lands First Lands.
    • Humans in Ionia adapt to live in harmony with their environment. They live in relative peace for an unknown period of time.
  • Kennen Kennen arrived on Runeterra.
9000 BN
  • Start of the Titan War.
  • To defend themselves against the titans that came from the skies enlightened humans of Ionia took the power of the spirit realm into themselves and become the first Vasthayshai'rei.
9000 BN - 8000 BN
  • Vasthayshai'rei are victorious against the titans. Vasthayshai'rei such as noble Kiila, dutiful Chyr and cunning Lhotl are hailed as heroes.
  • End of the Titan War.
  • Vasthayshai'rei decide to live among their mortal kin. Their later less magical descendants would be known as the Vastaya.
  • The Oovi-Kat tribe splinters from the rest of the Vastayan tribes, living in isolation on an unknown island far east of Ionia.

The Three Sisters

Warded Gateway To The Howling Abyss

9000 BN - 8000 BN
  • Founding of the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord.
  • The settlement of the Hearthblood was founded by a group of humans that wanted to dedicate their lives to crafting various weapons, tools, and objects. Their settlement was built under the mountain where Hearth-Home was located.
  • The Three Sisters, Avarosa, Serylda, and Lissandra Lissandra were born with Iceborn powers. They enter on a quest to control the extra-dimensional powers at war.
    • Serylda attempted to command the heavens above them, but lost her voice to the first twilight the first twilight.
    • Avarosa faced the twisting dark beneath the world, and was deafened by its emptiness, waiting to consume all creation.
    • Destruction of the Hearthblood.
      • Volibear Volibear demands that Ornn's Ornn's workers create weapons of war for him. When Ornn refuses this request Volibear takes a piece of armor from the walls of Ornn's forge. This enrages Ornn, and the two battle each other for six days. The battle ends with the destruction of the Hearthbloods and their homes.
    • Lissandra Lissandra stood against the wild magic of the mortal world itself. For this defiance, the savage claws the savage claws of a primal god primal god raked across her eyes, blinding her.
  • Avarosa, Serylda, and Lissandra unite together.
  • Dreamwalking due to her blindness, Lissandra managed to communicate with the Watchers. In this tiny, mortal mind reaching out to them, the Watchers saw a chance to invade the material realm. And so, unknown to her sisters, Lissandra struck a deal on their behalf with the Watchers. They would grant them near-immortality in exchange for preparing Runeterra for the coming of the Void.
    • Three Iceborn sisters, Lissandra Lissandra, Serylda and Avarosa receives immortality from the Watchers
  • The three sisters request Ornn Ornn to construct a massive bridge above the Howling Abyss, where the Lissandra's palace would later be built. Ornn Ornn, using a hammer constructed from a meteor gifted by the three sisters, built the bridge on his own.
  • Ornn Ornn, meanwhile, realized he did not like people asking him favors, and threw his spade as far to the west as he could. Where it landed, no one knows, and its fate is lost to darkness.
    • Then he turned east and threw his favorite eating fork as far as he could. It landed in the Great Sea. Later, a mer-king found a powerful trident at the sea-bottom, and still uses it to rule his kingdom.
  • Ivern the Cruel Ivern the Cruel was born.
  • Events of Green Father.
    • Before the Three Sisters can take over everything with their Iceborn horde, Ivern sets out to search for a means to stop them, travelling to the fabled First Lands, rumored to be the source of all magic. Here he and his fellow warriors are escorted by the natives to Omikayalan, where the God-Willow is found. The Vastayashai'rei of the land slaughter Ivern's followers but Ivern strikes at the tree, killing it but being himself transformed into the sappling of the next God-Willow.
    • The Death of the God-Willow and the Birth of the Green Father Green Father.
8000 BN
  • The Three Sisters unite Freljord and defeat the demigods of the North.
  • Start of the Three Sisters War.
  • A feud between Lissandra and her sisters involving the future of their empire grows into open conflict.
    • Freljord weather changes. The sky became darker, and the winds colder. The mortal tribes who had once foraged together started battling each other as Seylda and Avarosa armies encroached Lissandra palace.
  • Humans and Yeti Yeti battled each other, but the fight is interrupted by the opening of an abyss.
  • Battle of Ornn's Bridge.
    • Avarosa and Serylda armies siege the Frostguard Citadel, facing Lissandra and her allies at the bridge of the Howling Abyss, at the same time, the Watchers materialize in the Freljord from the Howling Abyss.
      • Lissandra Lissandra sacrifice her sisters and all the armies gathered upon the Howling Abyss in a ritual to emtomb the Watchers in True Ice.
        • Death of Avarosa.
        • Death of Serylda.
        • Gnar Gnar tries to fight the Watchers, but gets encased in true ice from an unknown source. Gnar remains in ice for millennia.
        • Watchers are imprisoned in ice between The Void and physical realm.
  • End of the Three Sisters War.
  • Lissandra Lissandra sets about removing history of the frozen watchers from the world as a whole, and is mostly successful in doing so. She secretly remains in power over the Frostguard until the present day.
8000 BN - 6000 BN
  • The Watchers that weren't imprisoned craft the first voidborn prototypes within the material universe.

The Westward Migration

An Unexplored Frontier

6000 BN
6000 BN - 5000 BN
  • Founding of Buhru Buhru
  • Founding of the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles
    • An enlightened society of scholars devoted to studying the world's mysteries is formed on the Isles and eventually they receive knowledge from the nature spirit Maokai Maokai as a gift for the respect they had for the land and its magic.
  • Founding of Ixtal Crest icon.png Ixtal.
    • Ixaocan is built and it's inabitants dedicate themselves to mastering elemental magic.
  • Founding of Shurima Shurima.
    • Nerimazeth is built as the original Shuriman capital.
  • Founding of terrestrial Targon Targon, later also known as Targon Crest icon.png Mount Targon.
    • Discovery of Mount Targon by mortals which would create a culture centered around the celestial powers that created the mountain.
    • Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol tricked into Targonian servitude.
  • People started to worship the wind spirit Jan'ahrem, an ancient Shuriman word meaning “guardian,” for she always seemed to appear in moments of great need. As time went on, she came to be known more simply as Janna Janna.

The Rise Of The God-Warriors

Risen From The Sands

6000 BN - 5000 BN
  • Construction of the Sun Disc prototype.
5000 BN
  • Creation of the first Ascended.
    • Guided by the divine Aspects of Targon in preparation for some unknown future war, the ancient Shurimans used the Sun Disc at Nerimazeth to create the first Ascended.
    • Setaka becomes Ascended and wields the Chalicar, a weapon brought from beyond the mountain and raised aloft at Shurima's birth.
5000 BN - 3400 BN
  • Construction of The Sun Disc.
    • After the fail in Nerimazeth, the Shurimans built a bigger Sun Disc in the Shuriman capital, likely with the help of Ixtal mages. After its construction, the Oasis of the Dawn appeared inside the structure. Its life giving water poured into the surrounding area, giving life to the desert. Later on the Oasis would form the Mother of Life river system.

3400 BN
  • Despite Axamuk's, the Mage King of Icathia, calls for peaceful coexistence, Icathia is subjugated by a Shuriman Empress and her Ascended Host, toppling Axamuk. Icathia will be under Shuriman imperial rule for almost nine centuries.
3400 BN - 2500 BN
  • Nasus Nasus was born.
  • Renekton Renekton was born.
  • Renekton earns the title Gatekeeper of Shurima after fighting an invading force from the south coast, striking toward the isolated city of Old Zuretta. Outnumbered ten to one, Renekton and a small contingent faced these aggressors to buy time for the evacuation. He held the pass long enough for a relief force led by Nasus to arrive. With barely a handful of warriors left standing, Renekton was hailed a hero.
  • Nasus Nasus and Renekton Renekton become Ascended.
  • Jax Jax was born.
  • Rhaast Rhaast was born.
  • Rhaast Rhaast becomes Ascended.
  • Zilean Icath'un Zilean Icath'un was born in Icathia.
  • Young Zilean joins Icatia's political council.
  • Varus Varus was born.
  • Void Crest icon.png Icathian council submitted countless petitions to the Shuriman emperor, hoping for some of its most notable citizens to be chosen for Ascension. Hostilities towards Shurima grew after each submission was denied, without explanation.
  • Seeking a diplomatic solution, Zilean Zilean went as an envoy to neighboring Kahleek, Kalduga, and Ixtal, trying to gather potential allies for Icathia's independence movement. All three had turned him down for fear of defying Shurima and its Ascended hosts.

The Void War

The Fall of Icathia

2500 BN
  • Fall of Icathia Icathia.
    • After an earthquake in Saabera unearthed a Void Rift, Saijax Saijax was entrusted to guard the Icathia mages who discovered this revelation during the journey to the Icathian capital.
    • The Council of Icathia crowns a new Mage King, sending a message of independence to Shurima.
    • The Kohari order is reestablished, Saijax Saijax is made part of this group.
    • The Council of Icathia intend to use the void rift against the Shuriman army. Zilean Zilean, returning from his diplomatic missions, opposes these decisions.
    • Loyal citizens and soldiers to Shurima are either killed or banished from Icathia. Icathian citizens loot and pillage Shuriman homes and settlements inside Icathian territories.
      • Varus' Varus' home gets attacked but he stays and defends his post.
      • Bai-Zhek is liberated by Saijax Saijax and other Kohari. The head of a fallen Ascended is paraded on the streets of Bai-Zhek.
    • Varus Varus becomes Ascended.
    • Events of Where Icathia Once Stood.
      • Shuriman Ascended, led by Setaka, charged against Icathia in the hundreds.
      • The Void Rift of Icathia opens up, causing the Voidborn to seep into the physical realm. Setaka died near the end of the battle.
    • In desperation, Zilean urged as many Icathian citizens as he could to take refuge in his tower and soon after removed the entire structure from time. Every person he saved inside the tower remained in temporal stasis, while Zilean continued existing beyond time, searching for a way to save his homeland.
2500 BN - 2000 BN
  • Start of the Void War.
  • Saijax was able to escape the battlefield. Would roam Shurima for millennia, at some point changing his name to Jax Jax.
  • Ne'Zuk, the Ascended Host of Ixtal and an elemental mage of colossal power went before the emperor, pledging to create a weapon powerful enough to take the fight to the Void, and eradicate it at the source of its original eruption.
  • After months of inhuman labor, Ne'Zuk revealed the Monolith—a floating fortress of living stone, maintained by the greatest elemental mages, and its ramparts manned by his fellow Ixtali god-warriors.
  • Battle of the Monolith
    • Ne'Zuk and his superweapon arrived in Icathia to combat the Void which dragged into weeks.
    • The Void gouged deep wounds into the living stone of the Monolith, whose surfaces became pocked and seared with unnatural malphite, leaving mineral-like scars. The fortress was pushed to the very limits of its design, struggling to self-repair and reknit its weakened superstructure...
    • As Ne'Zuk fought to rally his Ascended brethren for one last charge, the Monolith crashed down to earth, cleaving through the bedrock of Icathia and opening the Void beneath to the skies.
    • Much of the fortress was lost within that gaping maw, vanishing into the silent nothingness beyond. The rest rained down as great ruins, littering the battlefield. Only Ne'Zuk survived, hauling himself from the wreckage and fleding for his life.
  • Wishing to preserve what little remained of their nation and to escape the wrath of the empire, Ixtal mages drawn the wildness around them like a shield, isolating Ixaocan from the rest of the world.
  • Numerous shards of the Monolith will eventually be destroyed by the energies of the Void, with only a single isolated shard surviving to the modern times which would later build itself into an elemental golem known as Malphite Malphite.
  • As a desperate solution agaisnt the Void, the Nether Blade Nether Blade is created and wielded by Horok, an Ascended warrior who deleved deep into underground Void tunnels, attacking the rifts at it's roots with his forbidden weapon. His actions would turn the tide of the war.
  • Shabaka and Shabake, Raven Ascendeds, help seal the Great Rift at Icathia.
  • End of the Void War.
    • The Sai Kahleek region becomes a place of Void infestation, ruled by Rek'Sai Rek'Sai of the Xer'Sai.
  • The surviving Ascended that fought in the Void War entitled themselves "Sunborn". It is unclear if all the remaining Ascended, assuming there were Ascended that didn't participate after the events of Where Icathia Once Stood, accepted this title.

The Fall of Shurima

The Ruins Of Shurima

2500 BN - 2000 BN
  • Siege of Nashramae.
    • Shurima lays siege to the city of Nashramae, with Nasus Nasus and Renekton Renekton at the helm. Renekton Renekton almost burns the entire city to the ground, but Nasus Nasus stops him.
  • Nasus Nasus rediscovers the Tomb of the Emperors.
  • Omah Azir Omah Azir was born in Shuriman Capital.
  • Xerath Xerath was born in Saikhal.
  • Xerath saves the life of Azir from an assault that claimed all of his brothers, Azir promises that one day, Xerath and all of the slaves of Shurima will be free once he becomes emperor.
  • In an attempt to ensure Azir's future as the ruler, Xerath causes all of his brothers to be stillborn, however the Queen manages to bore a son, so Xerath feels obligated to kill her. Azir's father (the emperor) was present when it happened, and so Xerath killed him as well.
  • Azir Azir is crowned Emperor, his first act was the prosecution of the killers of his mother and father, whom Xerath ensured were mages from another land. In secret to everyone, Azir begins his plan to free all the slaves.
  • The infamous Nether Blade of Horok Nether Blade of Horok is used to slay a thousand deceivers in the latter days of the empire.
2000 BN
  • Events of Unbound.
    • As his last act as a human, Azir Azir frees all the slaves of Shurima. By this point, Xerath's Xerath's plans are irreversible.
  • Events of Fall of the Empire.
    • Due to the machinations of Xerath Xerath and Azir's Azir's attempted Ascension, Shurima's empire collapses. The capital is blasted beneath the sands with all of its inhabitants being obliterated.
    • Xerath Xerath, now an Ascended, is locked in the Tomb of the Emperors with Renekton Renekton, where he then works on corrupting Renekton and driving him to madness. Nasus goes into self imposed exile at this time. The spirit of eternal fire, who had been imprisoned by Shurima, was set free and his fate after this remains unknown.

The Great Darkin War

The Great Darkin War

2000 BN - 550 BN
  • The Sun Disc, with no power left, is buried beneath the sands and all knowledge of how to perform Ascension is lost with it.
  • The people of Shurima scattered, living in nomadic tribes or around deltas and oases from this point onwards.
  • Destruction of Nerimazeth at the hands of the Ascended as a form of revenge against the one the one who lead Shurima to its downfall.
  • The God-warriors control Runeterra for centuries of uneasy alliance.
    • With no emperor to lead them, many of the surviving Ascended began to return to their older, petty ambitions. They came to view themselves as the rightful inheritors of the world, enslaving mortals and forcing worship. The scattered mortal populace named these new tyrants as Darkin, a curse translating roughly in ancient High Shuriman as “the fallen.”
    • The Darkin master many forbidden forms of primal magic, crafting their own flesh and armor with equal ease until they are completely unrecognizable as the noble warriors they had once been.
  • Start of The War of the Sunborn / Great Darkin War.
  • Without any monarch monarch to defend, or the existential threat of the Void to test them, Aatrox Aatrox and the Sunborn began to clash with one another.
  • Oshra Va'Zaun Oshra Va'Zaun was resettled and renamed into Kha'zhun Kha'zhun. At some point in time it would be renamed to Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun.
  • Nasus Nasus kills fellow Ascended Moneerah for delving the charred ruins of Nashramae's great library.
  • Vladimir Vladimir was born.
  • Vladimir's father traded young Vladimir to an unknown Darkin in exchange for the safety of his kingdom. Within a year this oath would be broken.
    • Instructed by his master, Vladimir destroyed the kingdom of his father and presented his father's head to him.
    • Taught by his Darkin master, Vladimir became the first human to learn blood magic, the art of crafting flesh and transmuting blood. Over the course of his life, Vladimir would govern over his master's subjects. His Darkin master would later teach other mortals blood magic.
  • Myisha Myisha leads Ascended Ta'anari to Nasus, who gives the panther Ascended the location of the Chalicar Chalicar of Setaka, with which Ta'anari hopes to stop the civil war and unite the other Ascended Darkin.

To Slay Legends

  • Events of Twilight of the Gods.
    • Ta'anari calls for a gathering of the Ascended. Enakai (Tiger), Syphax (Chameleon), Zigantus (Bull), Xuuyan (Turtle), Shabaka and Shabak (Raven twins), Valeeva (Unknown), Cebotaru (Wolf), and Naganeka (Snake) come to this gathering.
    • Ta'anari proposes that the next wielder of the Chalicar Chalicar would be Sivunas Alahair, the Bringer of Rains, one of Azir's Azir's remaining descendants.
    • Xuuyan disagrees and tries to take the Chalicar Chalicar by force. Ta'anari is forced to slay him using Portal Jump Portal Jump. The usage of such magic break the fetters that bound the immortal breath of the gods to Ta'anari's human flesh.
    • The other Darkin disagree with uniting to stop the war against the other Ascended and Darkin. Ta'anari, with the aid of Myisha Myisha, used Chalicar Chalicar to heavily funnel his vitality rather than being drawn mad, and release an empowered form of Moonfalling Moonfalling to kill all Darkin in the meeting. 
    • Shabaka and Shabake were vaporized instantly by the Moonfall, with Syphax, Zigantus and Enakai dying to the moonfall a few moments later.
    • Ta'anari's ascension was reverted and he was human once again. Myisha Myisha later removes his heart, killing him.
    • Naganeka, Valeeva and Cebotaru managed to escape still as Ascended. Whether they are still alive or were eventually sealed, is unknown to this day.
    • Ta'anari's three warrior former-queens (Teushpa, Sulpae and Idri-Mi) are the ones tasked with commanding their weaponsmiths to seal away the Darkin into weapons under Myisha's Myisha's tutelage.
  • Myisha Myisha, the Aspect of Twilight at the time, gives Runeterrans the knowledge to seal away the Darkin.
  • Newly reborn Aspect of War unites many in fighting back against the Darkin.
  • Vladimir's Vladimir's Darkin master instructed him to lead his armies in his defense against his unified enemies. Instead, Vladimir killed him and drank in a measure of his power, enough to renew his mortal flesh and enable him to be near immortal.
    • Few surviving mortals flee, taking what knowledge they had of blood magic with them.
  • Aatrox Aatrox is defeated and sealed away within his magical sword.
  • Rhaast Rhaast is defeated and sealed away within his magical scythe.
550 BN
  • Varus Varus is defeated and sealed away within his magical bow by vastayan moon-stalkers and human mages in service of a golden-armored warrior queen.[5]
    • Golden-armored Warrior Queen uses Varus's bow in the final battle of the war.
  • End of The Great Darkin War.
    • Golden-armored Warrior Queen commanded her followers to bury her alive in a well of a mountain temple overlooking the village of Pallas.

The Reign Of The Iron Revenant

The Dread Lord

550 BN - 400 BN
400 BN
  • Disappointed by the afterlife, Sahn-Uzal Sahn-Uzal refused to fade away and began to call out across the veil between realms, promising his indomitable strength to any who dared listen.
  • Coven of Sorcerers resolved to bring Sahn-Uzal back from the dead. Lacking any flesh or bone, he spurred them to make him stronger than any mortal, binding his spirit-form in dark metal plates wrought in the likeness of his old armor.
  • Sorcerers had hoped to use him as a weapon in their trivial wars. Instead, he slew them where they stood, their weapons and magic useless against him. They were unable to bind him as he was reborn as Mordekaiser Mordekaiser.
400 BN - 100 BN
  • Mordekaiser begins construction of the Immortal Bastion Immortal Bastion in the center of his empire.
  • During his conquest, Mordekaiser crushed and enslaved all who would oppose his rule, including an order of Noxii mages who had renewed their study of ancient celestial magic. The mages were drawn to the stars in their search for purpose and hope in their ruined land after the Great Darkin War, but were unskilled in war, and thus useless to Mordekaiser. But between the mages, Mordekaiser discovered an innocent Yordle named Veigar Veigar, who imagined himself a master in celestial magic, drawn to their curiosity. Recognising the Yordle's crafty nature, Mordekaiser imprisoned Veigar within the Immortal Bastion, preventing his escape to Bandle City Crest icon.png Bandle City by binding him to the physical plane - the worst possible torture for a Yordle. In captivity, Veigar was forced to devise grim enchantments to sustain Mordekaiser's dominion, many bringing only terror for terror's sake. Veigar's spirit slowly corrupted over centuries of exposure to evil, though never entirely, despite his best efforts.
  • At the height of Mordekaiser's dark reign, it was said that a mythic and bloodthirsty fiend fiend haunted the coastal cliffs of eastern Valoran, demanding young lives and savage worship from the local tribes. Few were welcome in his lair, until the day a pale sorceress pale sorceress approached this barbarian god with an offer. The two feasted together as equals, weaving magic so dark that the wine at their table soured, and the roses withered, vibrant red turning to black.
  • Mordekaiser was finally defeated by an alliance of Noxii tribes, and by a betrayal betrayal from within his own inner circle. This hidden cabal managed to sever the anchors of his soul from his armor, and sealed the empty iron shell away in a secret place. His soul returned to the Hall of Bones where he amassed his power for centuries.
100 BN - 25 BN

The Ruination

The Ruination blast

25 BN
  • There was an empire conquering many lands. Its king had many enemies and during an assassination attempt on the king, only the speed of general Kalista's Kalista's sword arm could avert disaster. However, in saving the king, Kalista caused the assassin to slice the king's wife with his poisoned blade, dooming her to certain death. The king dispatched Kalista to quest for a cure, with Hecarim Hecarim replacing her role in her absence.
  • On her journey, Kalista Kalista set sail for the Blessed Isles. The island's inhabitants accepted Kalista's request and asked her to bring the queen to the island, where they would cleanse her.
  • While Kalista Kalista was away, the king descended into madness, locking himself in a tower with the queen's corpse upon her death. Hecarim led the Iron Order. The kingdom was in darkness when Kalista Kalista returned from her quest. She found the cure for the queen, but it was too late to save her.
  • The king asked Kalista Kalista for what she had found. Upon seeing the king's mental state, Kalista Kalista refused to reveal what she discovered and was named a traitor.
  • Eventually, at Hecarim's behest, she revealed what she had discovered.
  • The king sailed for the Blessed Isle and asked the island's guardians to resurrect the queen. The guardians refused and the king flew into a rage.
  • The city was ransacked in order to find the thing the king was seeking. A custodian later known as Thresh Thresh guided the King to the spirit waters of the island where he could perform his resurrection ritual. The ritual was half-successful, bringing back his deceased wife but in a decaying body in which she begged for death again. Grief overtook the king and he performed a ritual to end their lives and bind them together for all eternity. His conjuration was successful, but unwittingly empowered by the many potent magical artifacts stored on the island, its power was increased a hundredfold. 
  • A terrible accident occurred in the arcane vaults beneath the city of Helia, hidden away on the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles. With the barrier between the material and spirit realms shattered, the souls of the dead were trapped in eternal torment within the coiling Black Mist, and the newly dubbed Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles were abandoned by all right-thinking mortals.

The Rune Wars

Memories Of Destruction

25 BN - 13 BN
  • Rediscovery of the World Runes.
    • With Helia lost, the remnants of an ancient order from the Blessed Isles whose mission had been to gather and protect the most dangerous artifacts in Runeterra struggled to keep knowledge of the World Runes at bay.
  • Political tension follows as nations are unwilling to trust one another for fear of being unwittingly destroyed by these Runes.
13 BN - 3 BN
  • Start of the Rune Wars.
    • The leaders of two rival Noxii nations plead with Tyrus of Helia in parley at the village of Khom. The encounter end with the complete decimation of Khom and the surrounding territories by the power of two World Runes.
  • Tension reaches its boiling point and magical warfare erupts. Entire nations are decimated and the world is brought to its knees from the sheer amount of magic being used. At this point Ryze works with his master to try and claim the Runes and put them in hiding, while the world continues be imperilled.
  • Ryze Ryze confronts his master, Tyrus, who tried to use two World Runes to power himself. Ryze kills him and vows to never use a World Rune, but instead safeguard them from everyone.
  • The Brackern sense the magical conflict and choose to hibernate underground; opting to wait out the conflict with the hope that humanity will destroy itself and they can then live in peace again.
  • Kayle Kayle and Morgana Morgana were born on Mount Targon.
  • Towards the end of the Rune Wars, desperate cabals of warrior-mages cast off their flesh, entering and dominating the spirit realm. Their shadow magic corrupted the thoughts of mortals everywhere, giving fuel to ever more horrendous acts in the war.
    • Nocturne Nocturne is created as a byproduct of shadow magic and tirelessly hunts each shadow mage, ending their dark domain.
  • Poppy Poppy arrived on Runeterra.
  • Refugees of the Rune Wars find a land with magic nullifying Petricite, and settle there. Kilam took Kayle and Morgana there.
3 BN
  • End of the Rune Wars.
    • New nations started rising. Some built on top of the ashes of the old ones, while others were founded by refugees of the wars.
3 BN - 0 BN
  • Kled Kled arrived on Runeterra.

The Birth of Nations

The Immortal Bastion

0 AN
  • Founding of Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus.
    • Noxian capital, Noxus Prime, built on top of the derelict Immortal Bastion.
    • This point marks the beginning of the Noxian calendar.
0 AN - 292 AN

The Grand Plaza

  • Founding of Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia.
    • The nation was founded in western Valoran by the great champion Orlon.
  • Poppy Poppy Receives the Hammer of Orlon Hammer of Orlon on Orlon's Deathbed.
  • Death of Orlon.
  • Kayle Kayle and Morgana Morgana received their mother's Starfire Spellblade Starfire Spellblade and unlocked their innate celestial power. Together, they protected Demacia.
  • The Kinkou Order Crest.jpg Kinkou Order seals away the forbidden shadow techniques.
  • Evelynn Evelynn took her lustful form.
  • Events of the Battle of Zeffira.
    • Kayle Kayle and Morgana Morgana flew to aid the people of Zeffira. While Kayle was busy dealing with the frontline attack, Morgana learned of a hidden wave of enemies attacking the city and left the frontlines to aid the citizens.
    • After the battle Kayle lost trust in her sister for leaving her on the battlefield.
  • Events of the Battle of the Winged Sisters.
    • Warriors flocked to Kayle's banner at Silvermere's Peak, where she founded a judicator order to enforce the law, and hunted down rebels and reavers with equal fervor. Kayle allowed Morgana to rehabilitate wrongdoers who appeared humble enough to admit their guilt.
    • Gradually Kayle's followers started to resent Morgana. Kayle's protege, Ronas, attempted to imprison Morgana for her actions, which resulted in his death.
    • Kayle consumed by rage, looked down upon the city, and summoned her divine fire to cleanse the city of its sins. Morgana flew up to meet her, raising her blade to defend the innocent bellow. The Battle raged on, ruining the city and killing numerous of its inhabitants, until it was abruptly halted by their father's anguished cry.
    • With the death of their father Kilam, both Kayle and Morgana left Demacia. Kayle Kayle isolated herself near the slopes of Mount Targon, seeking perfect celestial clarity. Morgana Morgana remained at the outlying wilds of Demacia where she rectifies wrongs she sees fit on an interpersonal level as the Veiled One.
292 AN
292 AN - 349 AN
  • Galio Galio was constructed by Durand.
  • Noxus continues to forcefully annex numerous territories.
  • The fall of the The Drakkengate.
349 AN
  • The Empire of Noxus Empire of Noxus is established with the first Grand General.
    • The noble houses swore, though it might take a thousand years,to unify all the nations of Runeterra beneath a single banner, and elected a Grand General to lead their warhosts to victory.

The Price of Progress

The Great Funicular Of Cantexta

349 AN - 772 AN
  • Events of From the Ashes.
  • Kegan Rodhe becomes Brand Brand.
  • Zaun finalizes its plans to destroy a portion of the isthmus connecting Valoran and the Southern Continent, allowing safe sea passage between eastern and western Valoran. The plan involved using thousand of chemtech bombs to create the passage, but the results were catastrophic, as in what seemed to be an accident the bombs triggered a series of earthquakes that completely destroyed the isthmus and sank large districts of Zaun and thousands of its citizens, while also leaking poisonous gas in to the city's surviving areas.
    • Janna Janna, empowered by the prayers of Zaun's people, arrived and blew away the gas, saving many lives and being eternally remembered by Zaun's denizens, converting her from a goddess of faith for sailors to a guardian deity for Zaun. She has yet to leave Zaun following this event.
  • Eventually Zaun was rebuilt. In order to regulate the oceanic passage they were built over, the Sun Gates were constructed, forcing all transport through the waters to be regulated by Zaun. This brought immense wealth to the city and likely led to Piltover's construction and elevation from Zaun, as the merchant clans were in control of most of the money coming through this trade route.
772 AN
  • Founding of the city of Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover.
    • The Sun Gates are constructed.
  • Progress Day is celebrated as the anniversary of when the gates opened for the first time, allowing trade to pass easily between the east and west of Valoran.
772 AN - 787 AN
  • Immigrants from Demacia, Freljord, and Ionia settle on the Serpent Isles.
  • Construction of the Sun Gates led to great changes in eastern Valoran and the eastern seas, as Noxus was from this point on able to more easily pool together resources from across its empire without needing land travel.
    • With more and more bedraggled fortune seekers washing up on their shores, missionaries from the Buhru granted these paylangi outsiders refuge in the southern island bays. While there were many years of cultural confusion, even including the name of the Serpent Isles, this settlement would eventually grow into a bustling port city in its own right.
787 AN

Bilgewater Bay

787 AN - 915 AN
  • Discovery of the First Hex Crystals.
    • In an effort to find suitable fuel sources for hextech, the Ferros Clan, led by Elicia Ferros, went on an expedition to Shurima. There they found the slumbering Brackern and attacked them, ripping their lifestones out of the creatures' bodies. Skarner Skarner awakes and lashes out, killing several people. Elicia is injured and the Clan is forced to retreat. Several weeks later Skarner began his quest to recover the stolen lifestones, and succeeded in retrieving one. Many were brought to Piltover and used to fuel hextech, becoming known as the first "Hex Crystals". The ultimate fate of these crystals remains unknown.
    • This attack on the Brackern seemingly led others to also hunt the Brackern, but to what extent remains unknown. In the modern era, rings made from "sing-stone" are traded by the Shurimans of Kalamanda and Urzeris.
    • After decades of shadow investments in chemtech and runic alchemy, the Ferros family brought to market the less powerful, but easier to procure, synthetic hex-crystals. The production of synthetic crystals is rumored to be a heavy contributor to the Zaun Gray.
  • Singed Singed was born in Piltover.
  • Sion Sion was born in Noxus Prime.
  • Start of the first Demacian-Noxian War.

The Age of Legends

The Era of Legends

916 AN
917 AN - 940 AN
941 AN
  • Death of Rhodri Ferros.
  • Death of Gemma Ferros.
942 AN - 945 AN
  • Stevan Ferros personally oversaw the induction of Hakim Naderi as the lead artificer for the Ferros family, a promising young crystallographer from the Shuriman coastal city of Bel'zhun.
    • Camille Camille with the help of Hakim augments her body, installing a Hextech Heart that slowed down her aging while changing her personality to be more cold and calculating.
  • Half a century passed before Sion's Sion's tomb was reopened. Noxian dominance had waned in the years since Sion's death, and the ruling Grand General of the empire, Boram Darkwill, was willing to pay almost any price to restore its lost glory. Darkwill's allies, a mysterious cabal known as the Black Rose, reanimated the long-dead hero using forbidden magics, and presented him to the Grand General.
    • After a few battles, Sion blood lust was deemed uncontrollable and Boram ordered for his imprisonment. Hundreds of warriors died trying to restrain him before he was finally bound in chains and dragged back to the Immortal Bastion. Without slaughter, the blood magic that sustained him quickly engulfed his mind in an all-consuming rage. His roars finally fell silent as he was sealed in beneath his giant statue.
946 AN - 955 AN

956 AN - 960 AN
961 AN - 963 AN
964 AN
965 AN - 971 AN
972 AN
973 AN
974 AN
  • The largest Minotaur clans of The Great Barrier ally with Noxus. Alistar Alistar and his clans fifty mightiest warriors went to reject any alliance. They were captured by Noxian forces, branded as rebels, and sent to the Reckoner arenas.
    • The Fleshing festival ended twenty-one days later, Alistar was the only member of his tribe left.
  • Darius' Darius', Draven's Draven's, and Quiletta Varn's home of Basilich is annexed by Noxus. All three of them join the Noxian army.
975 AN
976 AN

What Once Sailed Free

  • Darkwill and his advisors pay a fortune for the private release of mercenaries, prisoners, and Reckoners alike, to be conscripted into the empire's warhosts. They became known as “soldiers-of-misfortune” and were sent to deal with tasks unworthy of a veteran warband's attention, as hostile nations were provoking rebellions all along the Noxian frontier.
    • Events of What Once Sailed Free.
      • One fleet of soldiers of misfortune is sent to Kalstead, a coastal fortrees allied to Demacia that had rebelled against the empire. The surviving noxians there are allowed to live by Demacia after promising to leave Kalstead in peace. One of the soldiers, the Reckoner Xin Zhao Xin Zhao is granted the honor of being the personal guard of King Jarvan III.
  • Cithria Cithria was born in Cloudfield.
  • Kaisa Kaisa was born in the Sai deserts of Shurima.
  • Sona Sona was born. Later adopted and named Sona Buvelle.
  • Qiyana Yunalai Qiyana Yunalai was born in Ixaocan.
  • Luxanna Crownguard Luxanna Crownguard was born in High Silvermere.
  • Ezreal Ezreal was born in Piltover.
  • Kayn Kayn was born.
977 AN
978 AN
  • Samira's Samira's home of Amakra was attacked by cultists that worshiped Xerath Xerath. She and her family migrate to Bel'zhun. She would quickly join a Noxian warband and start her training as a soldier.
979 AN
980 AN
981 AN - 982 AN
  • Samira Samira, after two years, finished her training as a Noxian soldier (early 981 AN).
  • Gangplank Gangplank killed Sarah's Sarah's parents in a raid, orphaning her. For Fifteen years she would plot to take down Gangplank.
  • Events of Demacian Heart.
    • Finding a young mage girl in the countryside, Sylas Sylas urged the other Mageseekers not to capture her, trying to convince them that she was no mage.
    • Trying to save her child, the father of the mage girl lunged at Adept Vannis at the sight of a petricite emblem. Adepts Graymark and Vannis managed to take down the father and while moving for the girl, Sylas placed himself in front to protect her.
    • Brushing the girl, Sylas unintentionally absorbed some of the girls lightning magic. Unable to control this power, the magic dispersed around him.
    • Death of Adept Graymark and Adept Vannis at the hands of Sylas.
    • Grief-stricken by the unintentional death of the girl and her father, and fearing Mageseeker retribution, Sylas fled into the wilderness.
  • After Months, Sylas was captured by the Mageseekers and branded as "The Most Dangerous Mage in The Land".
  • Imprisoned, Sylas Sylas would remain in the lowest dungeons of the Mageseeker Compound for 15 years.
  • After Ashe's Ashe's mom questioned the treatment of Sejuani Sejuani by her grandmother, an affronted Hejian cut all ties with the Avarosans
    • The Winter’s Claw then instigated a series of conflicts with other neighboring tribes, attempting to reclaim the lands and honor they had lost, but these desperate tactics only led them further into ruin.
    • Soon after, with her youth fading, Ashe's mother began her quest for the “Throne of Avarosa”, a supposed hoard of treasures and magical items that she hoped would return her people to greatness. She would keep searching for the Throne during the next 5 years, severely weakning the Avarosan tribe.
983 AN
  • Garen Garen leaves High Silvermere to join the army as a squire. During this time he would meet Jarvan IV Jarvan IV and later become friends with him.
  • Qiyana Qiyana starts her elemental studies. Within weeks she mastered advanced techniques.

The Invasion of Ionia

984 AN

Mural Of The Noxian Invasion of Ionia

  • Kaisa Kaisa obtains her first blade from her father for her birthday.
  • Start of the First Noxian-Ionian War.
  • Following many years of scouting and preparation, Grand General Boram Darkwill ordered a large-scale occupation of Ionia by Noxian forces.
  • The highly defensible fortress of Fae'lor, built upon the westernmost island of Ionia, is overrun after a long siege during the very early stages of the Noxian invasion. The fortress served as an important noxian dock during the rest of the invasion.
  • Riven Riven joins the Noxian-Ionian War effort.
  • Irelia's Irelia's old home and family are massacred by Admiral Duqual and his forces, there Irelia discovers the power of her ancient dances and later join the growing resistance of Navori.
  • Usan Usan, having struggled with his teachings after the Jhin Jhin investigation, looks to any means to surpass Shen Shen, and finds the forbidden shadow techniques. He is banished from the Order. At some point he changes his name into Zed Zed.
    • Kusho's refusal to help the war effort ends Zed's allegiance. While not directly opposed to them, he begins to view the Kinkou as rivals.
      • Zed gathers followers that serves as a splinter group of the Navori Brotherhood.
985 AN
  • Battle of Bard Mountain.
    • Noxians attack the Bards; a society of Ionians living on a trio of mountains. At some point in the past they made a deal with the celestial being they called “Bard Bard” to safeguard a celestial egg of sorts and three altars in exchange for some magical benefit.
    • The Noxian attack forces an elder of the village to use the egg's power, sundering the mountain. This immediately alerts Bard Bard, who swoops in and transports the egg and altars to a location beyond Runeterra.
    • This is the most recent known time Bard has intervened in Runeterran activities.
  • Some Vastayan tribes looking for a better deal and ally with Noxus, others remain to fight for Ionia. At this time Zed Zed and his followers are openly hostile against non-humans.
986 AN
  • Jarvan IV Jarvan IV obtained Drakebane Drakebane from his father.
  • Udyr Udyr and Lee Sin Lee Sin engages the Noxians at the Hirana Monastery, where monks from every province had fallen back to defend the holy monastery. Lee Sin and Udyr acts utterly lead to the victory of the Ionians, but they also bring the holy monastery and it's ancient knowledge to ruins, the warriors helped to rebuild the monastery and then patterd ways.
  • Events of Heartlight.
    • Battle of Pallas.
      • Noxus attacks the town of Pallas primarily due to its Temple's secrets.
      • Valmar and Kai fight to repel the invaders, Kai is mortally wounded.
      • Valmar shoves Kai and himself into the pit of Pallas, subsequently awakening the Darkin within.
      • Events of As We Fall.
        • The Darkin known as Varus Varus, fuses with Valmar and Kai and is freed from his prison.
      • Events of Retribution.
        • Varus Varus attacks and kills most of the initial Noxian invading party before setting off from Ionia.
  • The Great Stand at Navori.
    • Swain Swain captures the Placidium and take its defenders hostage, possibly with the help of the Vastaya Kalan (later rewarded with the role of governor of Fae'lor), hoping to lure the inevitable reinforcements into a trap.
    • Irelia's Irelia's revolutionary forces win a striking victory against the Noxian invading army.
    • Swain Swain loses his arm to Irelia Irelia and is discharged from the Ionian front.
      • Irelia becomes the leader of the growing resistance.
  • Master Yi Master Yi heads to aid Ionia in Navori.
  • Kaisa Kaisa reanimates a Void rift, causing an earthquake that swallows her entire village beneath the Sai desert.
  • Kaisa Kaisa mortally wounds in desperation a voidling, as this fuses with her skin to save its own life.
  • Siege of Thanze.
    • The Noxian army surrounded the city and Zed and his acolytes were cut off from the rest of The Navori Bortherhood's forces. After leaving the survivors in the cities tunnel shelter, Zed Zed took the Scimitar and Chimera Units and marched towards the Kinkou Temple of Thanjuul.
    • Zed returns to the Kinkou Temple for the Tears of The Shadow. Despite Master Kusho trying to stop his former student, Zed urged inside the Temple followed by Kusho. Afterwards, Kusho was believed to have been slain inside and Zed emerged with the Tear of The Shadow in hand. Some order members joined Zed's ranks while the others were allowed to flee. However, it was Kusho and Zed who faked the former's death.
    • Disappearance of Tahno Jhomen Tethi.
    • The Order of The Shadows Crest.jpg Shadow Order was formed.
      • Zed Zed becomes the master of the order.
  • Akali Akali flees into the eastern mountains along with Mayym, Shen Shen, Kennen Kennen, and a handful of other acolytes.
  • Shen Shen becomes to new Eye of Twilight, and then sets out to rebuild the Kinkou under the Order's three ancient fundamental philosophies.
987 AN


  • Kayn's Kayn's Noxian forces landed at the mouth of the Epool River. He slaughtered many Ionians and Vastaya before he was caught by Zed. He later joined the Order of Shadows.
  • Events of The Bow, and the Kunai.
  • Noxian warband's leader, Emystan, deployes Singed Singed to attack the Ionian region of Navori.
    • Riven and her warband serves as scouts for Emystan's warband, bringing the chemical weapon(whose true nature was unknown to both warbands) in the way to Navori, on the moment the warbands are attacked by Ionians, the weapon is used and both the warbands and the Ionians die in horrifying ways, Riven being the only survivor.
    • Darius Darius and Quilleta retreat from the Ionian front, partially due to a fatal chemical infection on Quilleta arm caused by Singed's chem bomb, her arm was cut off and she became the steward of Basilich.
  • Events of Warmother.
    • The Avarosan lead by their leader Grena set out on a dangerous quest for the truth behind an ancient myth of Avarosa's Throne.
    • The Journey took them deep into hostile territory of the Ice Children, where the Avarosan Frost Priest Maalcrom and the Hearthbound ultimately turned back. Grena, Ashe Ashe, and their Bloodsworn brave the punishing climate. After days of trekking, the Iceborn are ambushed at their camp by the Draklorn.
      • Death of Grena and other Bloodsworn such as Yrael, Rorn, Grimshall, and Logren at the hands of Maalcrom.
    • After traveling unforgiving ice cliffs for days, Ashe reached the edge of her mother's maps: Ghulfrost. Though Grena expected to find Avarosa's Throne, a hall and hoard of treasure, Ashe found merely an unmarked cairn in the snow... only to discover a legendary bow made entirely of True Ice buried in the rocks. With that bow she ultimately slays any Draklorn Freljord Frostguard.png Frostguard servant, including Maalcrom who was disguised as their leader.
    • After discovering her tribe were dead, Ashe found Sejuani Sejuani and together, they killed a grellfeen. They reunited after five years apart. They escaped after being chased by a group of Bear Stance unused.png Ursine.
    • Ashe and Sejuani travels on boat for days before reaching the Freljord Winters Claw.png Winter's Claw.
    • Sejuani welcomed Ashe into her tribe, becoming Battlesisters, but the other tribesmen such as the Frost Priests and her mother Kalkia refuse to accept her among them.
    • Trying to challenge her mothers rule, Sejuani stages an attack on the Ebrataal tribe who was allied to Winter's Claw but were weak and had no Iceborn among them.
    • Finding out the true nature of this attack, Ashe refused to go further with Sejuani's plan and stood to protect the assaulted tribesmen, vowing to take them away across the Ice Sea.
    • Enraged by Ashe's decision, Sejuani and the other Winter's Claw allied to her left the Ebrataal tribe, branding Ashe as a traitor.
    • Ashe took the Ebrataal tribe upon herself and renamed them to the Freljord Avarosan.png Avarosan, after the tribe her mother once led.
  • Darius and his warhosts are sent to Freljord.
    • Sejuani successfully raids a Noxian warship hoping to get support to seize the leadership of her tribe. There she would free the druvask Bristle and take it as war mount.
    •  In the prospect of Sejuani challenging her mother the Frost Priests interven and Kalkia dies in the struggle, turning Sejuani warmother.
    • As the new Warmother of the Winter's Claw, Sejuani began attacking and absorbing nearby tribes, gathering a veritable horde of followers formed by outcast shamans, spirit walkers, Iceborn, Stormborn, worshippers of the old gods and a growing resistance against Noxus.
    • The campaign draggs on for years as a bitter stalemate. With Darius narrowly surviving assassination attempts, ambushes, and even capture by the vicious Winter's Claw.
  • The way of Wuju is almost destroyed as Master Yi's Master Yi's village is decimated by Chem-bombs developed by Singed.
  • Riven's Riven's warband engages in a battle with the Ionian resistance, then both sides are decimated by Singed's Singed's chemicals with only Riven surviving. At the same time, Yasuo Yasuo tries to enter the same battle after abandoning his duty of protecting Elder Souma, but only finds the aftermath. A betrayed Riven finds Souma and asks him to help her destroy the blade gifted to her by the empire which accidentally causes his death. Yasuo returns and is then framed for the murder of Elder Souma. He later escapes after finding out he is being convicted for murder and not for his abandoning his duty.
  • Yone Yone is killed by Yasuo Yasuo in his attempt to hunt him down. After some time, Yone Yone resurrects by fusing with a demon.
  • Evelynn Evelynn kills Shauna Vayne's Shauna Vayne's parents. Vayne vowed to learn everything about Dark Magic to enact revenge against The Demon that killed her family.
988 AN

The Twilight of Change

989 AN

The Noxian Grand General

  • By this time Garen Garen has served with honor in campaigns along the Freljordian borders, played a key role in purging cultists from the Silent Forest, fought alongside the defenders of Whiterock.
  • The Shadow Order works to repel Noxus, doing unspeakable things to get the job done.
  • Alistar Alistar with the help of a servant girl named Ayelia was able to escape the Reckoner arenas of Noxus. Weeks later, a political coup shook the empire to its dark foundations, and the arena minotaur's escape was quite forgotten.
  • Trifarian Revolution.
    • Swain Swain obtains demon magic.
    • In spite of his dishonorable discharge from the military, former General Swain with the help of Draven and General Du Couteau enacted a coup within the Noxian capital, deposing and killing Boram Darkwill. In less than a year, Swain had ended the occupation of Ionia and vastly reduced the influence of the noble houses and established the Trifarix council to govern the empire.
  • Battle of Dalu Bay.
    • Irelia's Irelia's revolutionary forces win a striking victory against the Noxian invading army, defeating Admiral Duqal and ending the Invasion and the War.
    • Irelia leaves the leadership of the resistance. Many groups sprang from the vacuum of power, including the Navori Brotherhood.
  • End of the First Noxian-Ionian War.
    • Some Ionian territories remain in Noxian control. Noxian-Ionian skirmishes around these territories continue to the present day.
  • Zed Zed starts consolidating power. He continues hostility with Noxus, and increases hostility against many Vastayan tribes.

The Rebirth

  • Events of Shurima's Rise.
  • Events of Arisen.
    • Azir Azir learns of Xerath's Xerath's treachery and vows to punish him for his actions.
  •  Azir Azir preaches to the nomadic Shurimans about a newly rebuilt empire.
  • Azir Azir terraforms the land around the capital. Restores the long dried up waterways, sending water through Shurima into the capital and, presumably, the Oasis.
  • Events of Water.
    • Sivir Sivir, unsure about what to do, leaves the capital and tries to put this ancient stuff behind her, to little effect.
  • Xerath Xerath starts gathering people to serve under him and begins to build a power base in the long forgotten city of Nerimazeth. He also has the emperor's lineage on his hit list.
  • Renekton Renekton sets out to kill his brother Nasus Nasus.
  • Events of Ouroboros.
    •  Nasus Nasus receives word about Xerath Xerath building a new empire from Nerimazeth, and prepares himself to confront the magus and also to find the emperor's lineage before Xerath Xerath does.
  • Cassiopeia Cassiopeia, transformed by the poison of the Tomb of the Emperor's guardian, looks to explore and utilize her newfound powers to their fullest. She returns to her family home in Urzeris not long after these events. After some time she accepts her new form and is ready to use it to further the goals of The Black Rose.
  • Events of Flesh and Stone.
    • Lux Lux meets Galio Galio for the very first time.
  • The Crownguards leave Garen Garen in the capital to train with the Dauntless Vanguard.
  • Yvva attacks ​ Shyvana Shyvana​ and her adopted father. The father dies afterward.
  • Jarvan IV Jarvan IV becomes General.
  • Battle near the Argent Mountains.
    • Jarvan's armies won victory after victory against the noxian presence beyond the Argent Mountains
    • The newly formed Trifarian Legion is sent to the Gates of Mourning, successfully taking the Gates after a clash against the Demacian Vanguard.
      • Lord Barrett Buvelle is slain during the battle.
    • Jarvan marched to noxian territory and was encircled and defeated by Noxian warbands.
    • Jarvan hid in the forests and was found by Shyvana​.
  • Shyvana carries Jarvan to Castle Wrenwall.
  • Battle at the Castle Wrenwall.
    • Yvva comes to Castle Wrenwall where she ends up fighting her daughter Shyvana in the sky.
    • Death of Yvva at the hands of Shyvana.
  • Jarvan IV and Shyvana head back to Demacia City with the head of Yvva.
  • At some point the Kinkou Order and Shadow Order broker an uneasy accord to fight against Noxus instead of each other.
  • Taliyah Taliyah arrives in Ionia.
  • Events of The Bird and the Branch.
    • Yasuo Yasuo starts teaching Taliyah Taliyah the Wind technique.
    • Word of Azir's Azir's return and Shurima's revival reaches Ionian shores, and Taliyah's Taliyah's ears. Choosing family over Yasuo's Yasuo's teachings, she opts to return to Shurima to ensure her tribe's safety.
    • Over the course of weeks or months Taliyah Taliyah finds passage to the Freljord, which she then crosses to take a ship around the west side of Valoran, winding up in the port town of Bel'zhun, which itself is north of the Sai in Shurima. From there she skirted the Sai, going from town to town to eventually start heading inland.
    • Yasuo Yasuo set off to his home village to confront his past, after years of wandering Ionia.
990 AN

Confessions Of A Broken Blade

  • Darius Darius returns from the Freljordian campaign demanding compensation after narrowly surviving assassination attempts, ambushes, and even captures by the Winter's Claw.
  • Trifarix of Noxus was formed.
    • Swain Swain represents Vision, Darius Darius represents Might, and an unknown figure known as Faceless represents Guile of the Trifarix.
  • Senna's Senna's death.
    • While scouring a forgotten vault for a cure to Senna's Senna's curse, her and Lucian were attacked by the sadistic wraith Thresh Thresh. So close to finding answers about the Ruination and Senna's curse, Lucian refused to turn back, attacking Thresh blindly. When the wraith got the upper hand, Senna stepped into Thresh's path to protect her husband and had her soul sealed within Chain Warden's lantern.
  • Events of Confessions of a Broken Blade.
    • As the trial concludes, Riven Riven must finally face the horrors of her past.
    • Riven Riven stands trial for the murder of Yasuo's Yasuo's master.
    • In the wake of the war between Noxus and Ionia, Riven Riven is accused of a heinous crime. After the reveal of the truth, her sentence is lowered to community service.
  • Events of Bloodline.
    • Taliyah Taliyah finds a wounded Sivir outside of the city of Vakaura and tends to her wounds. Nasus Nasus and Xerath Xerath, both drawn by Sivir's Sivir's blood, venture to Vekaura to find her.
    • Nasus Nasus meets Taliyah Taliyah and Sivir Sivir, they exchange words and Nasus gives the two an amulet to hide them from Xerath Xerath so they can escape. He then engages in battle with Xerath Xerath, losing but living. Thanks to Taliyah's Taliyah's efforts Nasus is able to get himself up and away with ease, and some of Vakaura's population survive despite the city's devastation.
  • Events of Echoes in the Stone.
    • Taliyah Taliyah eventually splits up with Sivir Sivir and reaches the capital city; Shurima. There she hears the echoes of the people who died at Shurima's fall in the stone, and ventures deep into the bowels of the city to find her family.
  • Events of Dark Kin.
    • Varus Varus arrives in Shurima where he senses another Darkin presence in a Shuriman tomb.
  • Events of Thorns of the Black Rose.
  • Events of The Black Powder Plot (months after Thorns of the Black Rose; 990 AN - 991 AN).
991 AN
  • Akali Akali formally entered her Kinkou training, determined to succeed her mother as the new Fist of Shadow.
  • Events of Frozen Hearts
    • Nunu Nunu got a flute from his mother Layka, so he could learn to play her melodies himself. In the safety of their cart, the two bundled together and followed the knotted string that served as Layka's heart-song, recording everywhere they'd been together, as the years came and went.
  • When the caravan was attacked by raiders, Nunu was separated from his mother. Dragged to safety by a band of Freljord Frostguard.png Frostguard, the surviving Notai children were taken to the Foundling Village near their towering Frostguard Citadel. Nunu was left to wonder what happened to Layka, waiting to hear her songs on the wind.
  • Death of Graves' Graves' Mother.
  • The secessionist uprising of Rokrund Plains.
992 AN
  • Lux Lux traveled with her parents Pieter and Augatha to their formal residence in the Great City of Demacia, to witness Garen's Garen's investiture into the honored ranks of the Dauntless Vanguard.
993 AN - 994 AN
  • Akali Akali disapproves of the Kinkou Order's rules and regulations and sets off to fight as a Rogue Ronin Assassin. Shen Shen and her have parted on neutral terms for the time being.
995 AN
  • Events of Annie: Origins.
    • Annie Annie unlocks her powers.
    • Annie and Daisy play in the woods. She is unable to save Daisy after she slips in a river.
      • Death of Daisy Hastur.
    • Arriving home, Annie is confined in her room. Engulfed in sadness, Annie doesn't realize her mental state caused a fire, burning down the entire house. Gregori dies saving Annie.
      • Death of Gregori Hastur.
    • Leanna blames Annie for everything and attempts to rip apart Tibbers. Annie's inner rage manifests outwards and transforms Tibbers.
      • Tibbers Tibbers awakened.
      • Death of Leanna Hastur.
  • Events of The Axiomata.
    • Aliay Qunlan becomes a Yun Tal and sees the world outside through The Vidalion. A day after his ceremony he meets Qiyana Qiyana and the two bond with their ideal to change Ixtal.

The Clash of Fates

996 AN

Shadows and Fortune

  • Events of Burning Tides.
    • Miss Fortune Miss Fortune concocts and puts into action a plan to get rid of Gangplank Gangplank once and for all. She commissions Twisted Fate Twisted Fate to steal a magical dagger from Gangplank Gangplank and then tips off Graves Graves, who's still on the hunt for him. The two confront one another and this leaves Gangplank Gangplank vulnerable.
    • Miss Fortune's Miss Fortune's attack on Gangplank Gangplank leaves him nearly dead and with the population having not seen him survive Bilgewater descends into chaos as the man who kept all of the gangs in check isn't around anymore.
    • Graves Graves and Twisted Fate Twisted Fate reconcile about what happened ten years prior, and resolve to leave Bilgewater behind and start their partnership up anew. Their sights are set on Piltover, both to perform a great heist and to get Graves a new gun.
  • Graves Graves obtains his second gun, New Destiny.
  • Events of The Burden.
    • Gangplank Gangplank is rescued by servants of the Buhru chiefs, and he meets Illaoi for the first time in a long time. He begs for her support and that of Buhru, and Illaoi Illaoi sees he needs to be tested. He overcomes the test and Illaoi Illaoi pledges the support of Buhru's chiefs to Gangplank as he works to reclaim his title of Reaver King.
    • Gangplank Gangplank has acquired a prosthetic arm for himself.
  • Events of Shadow and Fortune.
    • Events of Ruined King.
    • A Harrowing sweeps over Bilgewater with Hecarim Hecarim and Thresh Thresh leading the way. Lucian Lucian, Olaf Olaf and Miss Fortune Miss Fortune are brought together by circumstance and fight the Harrowing in their own ways. Illaoi Illaoi manages to perform a ritual to invoke Nagakabouros Nagakabouros, which showers Bilgewater in the goddess's light and repels the Harrowing, cleansing some of it and freeing many souls from its grip.
    • Lucian Lucian confronted Thresh Thresh for the first time since Senna's death. He learned Senna was imprisoned by Thresh, and has found new strength to both save her and destroy the Black Mist.
    • Miss Fortune Miss Fortune had revelations about herself and has resolved to clean up Bilgewater of all crime.
    • Illaoi Illaoi hopes to fix Bilgewater and has it in mind to work with both Miss Fortune Miss Fortune and Gangplank Gangplank to achieve this.
    • Olaf Olaf failed to die and presumably went back to the Freljord.
  • Events of Senna's Senna's Return.
  • Events of Fortune Smiles.
  • Events of Orchid's Bloom.
  • Events of Progress Day.
    • Caitlyn Caitlyn sniffs out potential Noxian spies in Piltover, and manages to out one named Tamara, deporting her to Bel'Zhun with discretion. Another, Colette, manages to infiltrate Clan Medarda's ranks. Vi began the process of interrogating a prisoner in relation to the spies, though whether she discovered anything about the second spy is unknown.
  • Heimerdinger Heimerdinger and Ziggs Ziggs arrive and set-up shop in Piltover.
  • Events of Paint the Town.
  • Events of Blood of Noxus.
    • Battle of Basilich.
    • Darius Darius, Draven Draven, and Tamara lay siege on the city of Basilich.
    • Draven Draven storms the walls, nearly dying in the process.
    • Darius Darius and Draven Draven confront Quiletta Varn, but she is double-crossed by her second-in-command Invetia Varn.
    • City of Basilich is retaken by Noxus.
  • Events of The Whispering Doodad.
    • While heading back from Basilich to Noxus Prime, Draven Draven and Tamara fought and later fled from Lulu Lulu and Tristana Tristana who were guardian a Bandlewood in the area.
  • Noxus obtains Piltover's Clan Medarda's trading map.
  • Events of For Demacia.
  • Events of Into the Abyss.
    • Nami Nami becomes the Tidecaller and ascends to the surfface world to track down the Aspect of the Moon.
  • Events of First Steps.
    • Nami Nami learns that the Aspect of the Moon is traveling to Ionia and heads there as well.
  • Events of The Principles of Strength.
    • The Delverhold strengthens its ties with Noxus. Alyssa Roshka Gloriana val-Lokan becomes its leader.
  • Events of Stains on a Name.
    • A decade after the Battle of the Placidium, Ionia honors the young woman young woman who inspired a revolution.
  • Events of Then, Teeth.
  • Events of Breach.
    • Events of The Girl Who Came Back.
      • Kai'Sa Kai'Sa decides to give up her life of self-isolation in the Sai desert's underground and live again on the surface.
  • Events of The Dreaming Pool.
    • Syndra Syndra is freed from her prison inside Dael'eh Ahira, Fae'lor of Ionia.
    • Death of Okin.
    • Fae'lor ruined castle is lifted by Syndra Syndra into the sky and transported northwards to an unknown location.
    • The destruction of Fae'lor Noxian fortification had caused the Noxians to mobilize their armies for an eventual second invasion of Ionia.


  • Events of Lux.
    • Garen Garen and Tianna discuss the possibility of Lux Lux marrying Jarvan IV Jarvan IV.
    • Lux Lux finds out about a hidden Mageseeker prison housing mages, where she meets imprisoned Sylas Sylas.
    • Through careful manipulation with teaching her how to control her magic, Sylas convinced Lux to smuggle in various books and forbidden tomes into his cell, such as the original writings of the great sculptor Durand, detailing his work with petricite.
    • Finding about their secret meetings, Tianna and Garen forbid Lux from seeing Sylas, while later issuing his public execution. Lux escapes her house to stop the execution, only for Sylas to use her power to escape, murder the gathered public, free imprisoned mages, and charge straight for the royal palace. Garen remains injured after his fight with Sylas.
    • Events of The Unshackled.
      • Sylas Sylas escapes Demacian prison and execution with the unwilling aid of Lux's Lux's magical powers. He is currently leading a massive Mage Rebellion against the anti-mage government.
    • Hearing what happened in the city, King Jarvan III tasked Xin Zhao Xin Zhao to send a letter to the Head Mageseeker, ordering all mageseekers from rounding up and imprisoning mages in hopes of preventing further escalation of events which would end with a potential civil war with Demacia's mages. Xin Zhao pleaded his friend to not send him away while he should sand by his side and protect him. Jarvan III urged him that this was necessary and that his duty is to Demacia.
    • An unknown figure infiltrates the royal palace and assassinate the King.
    • Not even half way to the Mageseeker complex, Xin Zhao heard an explosion and rushed by to the Palace, learning about the fate of the King.
    • Events of Aftermath.
      • A day after the King's death, Xin Zhao Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV Jarvan IV met before an urgent council meeting. After a quick sparing match to vent built up frustration, Jarvan renewed Xin Zhao's vow and asked him to serve as his Seneschal. Right before the meeting Jarvan IV asked Xin Zhao to give the letter from father. After reading it he ordered him to destroy the letter.
    • A funeral for Jarvan III is held some time after the council meeting. Jarvan IV vows to capture all mages and bring them to justice. All mages within the city are being hunted down by Jarvan IV and assisted by forces lead by Garen, both rebels and innocent people.
    • Lux decides to aid innocent mages to escape the city as well as prevent any mage from joining Sylas' cause, such as traveling to one of the safe houses in Dregbourne. There she came across familiar mages and assures them she knows safe passage out of the city.
    • Obtaining a mage staff from woman named Cim, she and the party came at the end of the tunnel that was caved in by Sylas. Garen was waiting for them in the area. By revealing her true intentions and mage nature, Garen finally was assured of his sister being a mage. However, Lux and Garen part ways in good terms.
  • Events of Terror in Demacia.
    • Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks stalks the countryside of Demacia near Fossbarrow, killing and consuming Demacian soldiers tasked to apprehend rebelling mages.
  • Events of Turmoil.
    • A month after Sylas's escape, Demacian Mageseekers have began to systematically gather and imprison or exile all known Mages within Demacia.
    • Demacian cities and villages revolt against the sudden harsh laws against anyone who has even small traces of magical abilities. A revolt in Meltridge was averted by the quick actions of a soldier named Cithria.
  • Events of The Blade of Millenia.

The Man with the Steel Cane

  • Events of Zed.
    • Events of The Man with the Steel Cane.
      • Jhin Jhin is released from his prison and is trying to lure Zed Zed and Shen Shen for his performance before going on an assassination mission in Zaun for the Ionian government.
      • Shen Shen (accompanied temporarily with Akali Akali) track Jhin Jhin and Shen Shen down and finish them.
      • Jhin Jhin, Shen Shen and Zed Zed clash in Nanthee. Jhin escapes Ionia by the use of bombs and catches as ship heading for Piltover. Shen is able to beat Zed and take him as a prisoner. Kayn Kayn watching the capture from afar refuses to save Zed, titling himself as the new Master of the Shadow Order.
    • Jhin Jhin travels to Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover while being tracked down by Akali Akali.
    • Event of Awaken.
      • After Jhin Jhin kills members of several merchant clans selling weapons to Ionia, Clan Ferros and Camille Camille try to deal with him in a Zaun Crest icon.png Zaunite theatre. What happens after the fight is unclear other than the fact that Jhin Jhin has gotten away from Camille Camille and set multiple traps in side the theater which he has taken hold of.
    • Shen Shen releases Zed Zed and they travel to Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover together to find Akali Akali and Jhin Jhin.
    • Akali Akali gets captured by Jhin Jhin. Not soon after, Zed and Shen arrive at Akali's location where they battle with Jhin. They were able to overpower Jhin and successfully re-capture him, with Jhin slipping hinting towards who released him from his imprisonment to begin with.
    • Zed returns to Zhyun to confront Kusho, who staged his death during the Noxian invasion and has later become the leader of the Serrated Dirk item.png Navori Brotherhood. Kusho reveals that he was the one who released Jhin from prison, which enraged Zed. Kusho tried to pit Kayn against Zed, but after Kayn affirmed his loyalty to Zed, Kusho drinks the Tears of Shadows to empower himself. After a quick battle, Zed kills Master Kusho.
    • With the help of Kayn Kayn and his loyal students', Zed is able to retake his position as the Master of the Shadow Order, killing the disloyal followers in the process.
  • Events of Destiny and Fate.
    • Graves Graves and Twisted Fate Twisted Fate return to Bilgewater for another gig. Twisted Fate gets captured by Miss Fortune Miss Fortune and is kept at one of the Slaughter Docks hangars.
    • Events of Double-Double Cross.
      • Graves attempts to save Twisted Fate from Miss Fortune, before both get outwitted by her. After Miss Fortune get back Rafen from a Witch, she left T.F. red card for both mercenaries to escape afterwards.
  • Events of Sisterhood of War.
    • Trifarian soldier Arrel, runesmith Tifalenji, raider Marit, along with their blade squire Erath embark for Ionian Fae'lor on the ship called the Atoniad. They meet up with fellow battle sister Teneff before heading off in search for their former Fury company battle sister Riven Riven who exiled herself in Ionia.
    • Events of Brotherhood.
      • Yasuo Yasuo travels on the Noxian road towards Weh'le where he encounters Teo and Joab, two kids that need some assistance getting a kite down from a tree.
    • Events of Seams and Scars.
      • Riven Riven travels with her Ionian father Asa and a merchant named Muramaat to the nearest marketplace. Riven protects the camp from a bandit attack without killing anyone, which gains the respect of Muramaat who then examines her sword and states that someone is tracking Riven through the sword.
  • Events of Perennial.
    • Decades after the Ionian War a family finally has a chance to celebrate the Spirit Blossom Festival, while Noxian ships scouts the areas around Weh'le, preparing for another invasion.
    • Ahri Ahri is trying to find a guard in her journey.
  • Events of Kin of the Stained Blade
    • Yasuo Yasuo was forced to confront his past and made peace with his brother his brother in the Spirit Blossom festival of Weh'le.
    • Later, he joined Ahri Ahri in going to Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater.
  • Events of Monstrous.
  • Events of Shield of Remembrance.
    • In recent months, Quinn had been helping the Eleventh Battalion hunt rebellious mages—emboldened by the king’s murderer, Sylas Sylas of Dregbourne—through the wildlands of northern Demacia. In the last weeks she was ordered away from the hunt for rebel mages, and tasked with escorting Garen Crownguard Garen Crownguard and a detachment of the Dauntless Vanguard Crest icon.png Dauntless Vanguard on some diplomatic mission beyond Demacia’s borders. She was due to meet up with them three days hence, on the south side of the Greenfang Mountains. After a short detour related a group of people from Skaggorn, she returns to her escort duties.
  • Events of The Shackles of Belief.
    • A lost and dying Sylas Sylas clashes with a group of raiding Winter's Claw. After a fight, they begin to form an alliance.
  • Events of A Piece of Shadow Cake.
  • Events of Child of Zaun
    • Vi Vi and Caitlyn Caitlyn manage to stop Urgot's Urgot's turmoil and catch him, putting him in an isolated island prison despite Vi's Vi's original wish to kill him.
  • Events of Daredevil Impulse
    • Samira Samira gets her new guns from Lani and Miel.
997 AN - Beyond
  • Events of One Last Show.
    • Sona visits Etra, an old friend, in the countryside, playing in a show with her until magessekers appear hunting both of them. Sona leaves them unconcious with no memories of that night and runs away.
  • Events of The Weight of Expectations
  • Events of Warriors.
    • Lux Lux and Garen Garen help Demacian soldiers defend a Demacian fortress from an attack by Sylas Sylas and his Freljord Winters Claw.png Winter's Claw allies. They almost lose the battle until Lux decides to reveal her power and uses it to summon Galio Galio.
    • Ezreal Ezreal raids a Shuriman tomb to obtain the Tear of the Goddess Tear of the Goddess. Tomb traps awaken voidlings that charge towards Ezreal. Kai'Sa Kai'Sa steps in to save Ezreal. After brief hesitation, Ezreal joins Kai'Sa in fighting off the voidborn.
    • Caitlyn Caitlyn and Vi Vi are unable to prevent Zaunite criminals from releasing Urgot Urgot. Vi's gauntlets get damaged but both her and Caitlyn eventually manage to defeat Urgot.
  • Events of Awaken.
    • Riven Riven is captured and brought back to Noxus where she ends up sentenced to life fighting in the Fleshing Arena.[6]
    • Start of the Second Noxian-Ionian War.
      • Sion Sion joins the invasion efforts.
      • Irelia's Irelia's resistance has a last stand near a seaside village, before being aided by the Kinkou Order members such as Akali Akali and Kennen Kennen, as well as the spiritual leader Karma Karma and the redeemed Yasuo Yasuo. This ultimately turns the tide of the battle.
  • Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia mounts an expedition to the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles, as told by Demacia region.svg Demacian and Shadow Isles region.svg Shadow Isles cards in Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra.
  • Events of Meet Zoe.
    • Coming back to Runeterra after millennia, a misunderstanding with a town's citizens leads local soldiers to try to banishing Zoe Zoe only to be met with a meteor summoned by her, the resulting crater would lead mortals to discover a World Rune nearby.
  • Kayle Kayle returns to Demacia.
  • Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol returns to Runeterra.
  • Mordekaiser Mordekaiser returns.
  • The frozen Watchers return.
  • Events of The Wonder Above.
  • End of the Universe and the death of Kindred Kindred.



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