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Tikras was a semi-independent settlement in southern Ixtal Jungle.


A village governed by Prefect Mara Yun Tal. Most of the village was decimated after Piltover miners blew it up as an act of revenge for their killed mining team.

Related Champions

  • Qiyana Qiyana inadvertently caused the destruction of Tikras.
  • Yuumi Yuumi emerged from a Bandle gate near Tikras.



The most trusted Yun Tal may be designated as the prefects of outlying villages and settlements beyond Ixaocan, such as Ohmka, Xolen, or Paretha. Their duties include the resolution of local disputes, testing potential aspirants, and generally ensuring that the Ixtali people have as little interaction with outsiders as possible.

Prefects Description
Mara Yunalai Former Prefect of Tikras; Sister of Qiyana Yunalai Qiyana Yunalai; Village got decimated by Piltover miners.


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