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Champion Spotlight

Thresh Champion Spotlight

Thresh Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Starting Relic Shield item Health Potion item3 Warding Totem item
Early Targon's Brace item Boots of Speed item
Essential Remnant of the Aspect item Locket of the Iron Solari item Boots of Mobility item
Aggressive Zeke's Convergence item Righteous Glory item
Protective Mikael's Crucible item Frozen Heart item Knight's Vow item
Consumables Health Potion item Control Ward item Elixir of Iron item
Twisted Treeline
Starting Doran's Shield item Relic Shield item Health Potion item
Essential Aegis of the Legion item Face of the Mountain item Ninja Tabi item
Offensive Zeke's Convergence item Iceborn Gauntlet item Righteous Glory item
Defensive Knight's Vow item Locket of the Iron Solari item Frozen Heart item Sunfire Cape item
Consumables Health Potion item Elixir of Iron item
Howling Abyss
Starting Guardian's Horn item Boots of Speed item Health Potion item3
Essential Locket of the Iron Solari item Mercury's Treads item Knight's Vow item
Offensive Zeke's Convergence item Dead Man's Plate item Iceborn Gauntlet item
Defensive Frozen Heart item Abyssal Mask item Gargoyle Stoneplate item
Consumables Health Potion item Elixir of Iron item


Playing As ThreshSquare Thresh
  • Communication is key when making use of ThreshSquare Thresh's Dark Passage lantern. Let your teammates know how you like to use it.
  • Death Sentence Death Sentence and Flay Flay can be combined in either cast order for powerful combinations.
  • ThreshSquare Thresh can collect Damnation souls without needing to kill units himself. Planning your map position to be near the most deaths will help to maximize Damnation soul collection.
Playing Against ThreshSquare Thresh
  • ThreshSquare Thresh's Death Sentence Death Sentence has a long cast time. Watch for the cast to begin to take evasive actions.
  • Intentionally breaking a wall of The Box The Box can allow a vulnerable ally to escape unscathed.
  • ThreshSquare Thresh relies on collecting Damnation souls for a portion of his defense and damage. Try punishing him when he moves to collect them.


Ability Usage
  • ThreshSquare Thresh's strength as a support comes from his incredible amount of utility, crowd control, and AoE, stemming from his ability to displace and disable enemies with his Death Sentence Death Sentence, Flay Flay, and The Box The Box. His Dark Passage Dark Passage can be used as a reliable escape or a way for allies to easily follow up with him. His passive, Damnation Damnation allows him to continually gain power as the game progresses to make him deceptively strong and durable. However, champions with strong disengages can hinder him from utilizing his power to his full potential.
  • While Damnation Damnation allows ThreshSquare Thresh to continually gain power, he starts off weak. Be cautious early game.
    • Throwing Dark Passage Dark Passage on to nearby souls can let you collect them without getting close.
    • This tactic can be useful if you are in a lane against champions who can be more aggressive than you earlier, have a fair amount of poking abilities, or ways to counter your CC (e.g. LuluSquare Lulu, EzrealSquare Ezreal, MorganaSquare Morgana, and BraumSquare Braum.
    • Avoid using this method too much as Dark Passage Dark Passage has a long cooldown and can leave you without mana to use your other abilities.
  • Flay Flay's passive is strong enough to make building attack damage worthwhile.
    • While the passive's damage scales off attack damage, it is still magic damage, and will benefit from magic penetration.
    • At rank 5, with no attack speed bonus, it adds ~24% of your attack damage per attack. Which is ~20.5 at level 18, without any damage bonuses. (Pending Testing)
    • It's worth saying that the passive effect does not encourage continual attacking, as you will not get any bonus damage if you do not let the ability 'charge'.
  • Death Sentence Death Sentence is a great initiation tool. Consider the merits of pulling them vs pulling yourself. Keep in mind that it can also be cast on neutral monsters. This can be used to escape, set up jungle ganks, or to simply increase mobility.
    • While landing a Death Sentence Death Sentence is often a decent way to engage, it may not always be the most reliable option; simply walking up towards the enemy and using Flay Flay towards yourself can make it substantially easier to land a hook or at least blow an enemy Flash Flash.
  • Dark Passage Dark Passage is a great way to save an ally. Not only do you shield them, but you can allow them to escape if they click the lantern.
    • Consider teaming up with melee champions who have dashes, such as Xin ZhaoSquare Xin Zhao or JaxSquare Jax. They can jump on the enemy, be shielded from counterattacks, and jump back to safety.
    • If an ally is coming in to gank your lane, you can place the lantern in his path and initiate, the jungler/ally can use the lantern to jump to you and help secure the kill quickly.
  • Dark Passage Dark Passage can be a good scouting tool, particularly when checking the Baron NashorSquare Baron and DragonSquare Dragon pits. However, be wary of the ability's long cooldown.
  • Flay Flay is a good escape and chase tool, depending on the cast direction.
    • If you catch a fleeing enemy with Death Sentence Death Sentence immediately use your Flay Flay to push them further towards your allies or turret, securing their doom.
    • Flay Flay can also counter enemy dashes, such as LeonaSquare Leona's Zenith Blade Zenith Blade.
  • Just as Flay Flay's active is useful, so is its passive. Wait for it to charge, and then basic attack an enemy champion for decent harass damage. This method is especially useful in the early game.
  • If an enemy is camping inside The Box The Box and refuses to touch one of the walls, consider using Flay Flay to push them into one. The slow and damage will be worth it especially if you Flay Flay them towards a turret or allies.
  • Death Sentence Death Sentence can actually be sped up by casting Flay Flay in the same direction immediately after, causing the ability to more closely mimic the speed of BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab Rocket Grab. This can be especially useful against champions with high evasion potential (such as AhriSquare Ahri)
Rune Usage


  • Aftershock rune Aftershock activates on both Death Sentence Death Sentence and Flay Flay. It provides ThreshSquare Thresh with a large defensive boost, helping him initiate and stay in enemy range longer. The extra damage is useful and can make the difference towards a successful pick and kill, especially in the laning phase.
  • Guardian rune Guardian provides consistent shields and damage absorption throughout the game. Dark Passage Dark Passage can ready the mastery on an allied champion from a safe distance.


Item Usage
  • With abilities that scale off ability power and attack damage, as well as having heavy crowd control, ThreshSquare Thresh can make use of many stats, allowing him adapt to changing situations and match ups, but is most often played as an off-tank support.
  • ThreshSquare Thresh has many starting options as a support depending on how he's played.
    • Ancient Coin item Ancient Coin is an option to sustain yourself when not as experienced with ThreshSquare Thresh, and Talisman of Ascension item Talisman of Ascension's active can help you engage with your team.
    • Targon's Brace item Targon's Brace can also be a decent option to sustain both yourself and your lane partner.
      • To clarify, the execute component from Targon's Brace item Targon's Brace only works with melee attacks and ThreshSquare Thresh's are ranged at all times; however, the damage build up from Flay Flay allows him to last-hit much easier than other ranged supports and activate the heal.
  • ThreshSquare Thresh's ability power ratios are fairly low, but he gains extra on-hit magic damage, making magic penetration from items like Abyssal Mask item Abyssal Mask a valuable stat.
  • Flay Flay's passive component has great damage potential and can be combined with several other effects for devastating results.
    • ​Since the passive multiplier grows between attacks, you will not get a fully multiplied effect building both attack damage and attack speed.
    • With a lot of souls (at least 100), Nashor's Tooth item Nashor's Tooth, Wit's End item Wit's End, and Runaan's Hurricane item Runaan's Hurricane, ThreshSquare Thresh can deal decent DPS.
    • With lots of AD and time to wind up, ThreshSquare Thresh can deal a very high amount of damage in a single hit (up to 450% AD if using an Infinity Edge item Infinity Edge and not counting collected souls).
      • The bonus damage is magical and thus that component will not crit.
  • ThreshSquare Thresh's gap closer, crowd control, and the ability for allies to move to him with Dark Passage Dark Passage allow him to be a great initiator. Consider building tank and aura items like Frozen Heart item Frozen Heart, Abyssal Mask item Abyssal Mask, or Locket of the Iron Solari item Locket of the Iron Solari.
    • Locket of the Iron Solari item Locket of the Iron Solari is probably the best item when playing support, even though he can't shield the entire team with Dark Passage Dark Passage anymore, he still makes great use of its stats as a tanky support while granting his teammates magic resistance and a shield.
  • ThreshSquare Thresh's effectiveness in several roles depends very much on the number of soul he has collected.
    • Under 100 souls, your armor is lower than that of the most champions. Thus, you should consider buying items with high armor values or play defensive.
    • Between 100 and 200 souls, you can consider building something more offensive or refocus on magic resist or health if you are building as a tank. You have matched the armor of many champions, and with 115 souls you surpass MaokaiSquare Maokai, having the highest base armor at level 18 (passive abilities not included)
    • Over 200 souls, you can build Rabadon's Deathcap item Rabadon's Deathcap and Runaan's Hurricane item Runaan's Hurricane to start becoming an offensive champion, having 162 base armor (surpassing even TaricSquare Taric) and 150 AP, only by the collected souls. You can also add a Wit's End item Wit's End for powerful magic resistance reduction, or a Nashor's Tooth item Nashor's Tooth to this build for adding on-hit, AP-based magic damage. In this case, you should take some magic resist and health item, like Banshee's Veil item Banshee's Veil or Spirit Visage item Spirit Visage.
  • Building Thornmail item Thornmail can be very effective, since the armor from Damnation Damnation, which replaces his armor growth stat, is considered bonus armor and therefore increases its damage for each soul.
  • Since ThreshSquare Thresh receives a lot of his power through Damnation Damnation, zoning him out from collecting souls is especially effective. Take into account your own minions' positions as these are where souls may spawn.
    • ThreshSquare Thresh will commonly use Dark Passage Dark Passage to collect souls. It can be a good idea to wait until Dark Passage Dark Passage goes on cooldown before going on the offensive.
    • Remember that every death leaves ThreshSquare Thresh with downtime where he can't collect souls. His passive can be his downfall if successfully utilized against him.
  • ThreshSquare Thresh has high offensive capabilities, but only in a relatively close range.
  • ThreshSquare Thresh's Death Sentence Death Sentence is his main initiation ability, and much like playing against other aggressive supports, avoiding it will limit his ability to get on top of you and unload his combo.
    • Using allied minions to shield yourself can be effective, but note that ThreshSquare Thresh may still choose to pull himself anyway to get in range for his other spells.
  • ThreshSquare Thresh is not very durable early on, and harassing him will make it risky for him to use his spells effectively. Use these opportunities and his high cooldowns early on to force fights.
  • Be aware that Dark Passage Dark Passage can be used to quickly bring one of ThreshSquare Thresh's allies into a fight. Try to gain vision of areas behind ThreshSquare Thresh from where his reinforcements could approach.
  • Dark Passage Dark Passage when used to help his allies escape can be halted or prevented by placing obstacles (such as wards or pets) or moving onto the lantern and blocking it with your own hitbox.
  • You can Cleanse Cleanse Death Sentence Death Sentence's stun, and break the chain to prevent ThreshSquare Thresh from Death Leap Death Leaping into your team by using Mikael's Crucible item Mikael's Crucible on a hooked ally. It can also be self-cast.