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Innate: Enemy Champion icon.png champions, large Minion icon.png minions and large Monster icon.png monsters that die near Thresh drop a Soul for 8 seconds. Epic monsters drop 2 Souls instead. Small minions and lesser monsters have a 33.33% chance to drop a Soul.

Thresh autonomously collects Souls near him or a placed Dark Passage Dark Passage.

Each collected Soul grants Thresh Ability power icon.png 0.75 ability power and Armor icon.png 0.75 bonus armor.

  • Souls grant a small area of Sight icon.png sight.
  • Souls are visible to allies and only become visible to enemies if their team has Sight icon.png sight of Thresh.
  • The probability for souls dropping from small minions and monster on Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner's Rift starts at 33% but adjusts dynamically to match the expected quota of souls dropped (lowers if above, rises if below, remains if even). Souls collected are not considered when adjusting the probability.
  • The maximum amount of souls Thresh can collect is 999,999, granting him 749,999 bonus ability power and 749,999 bonus armor (99.99% damage reduction, reduced to 99.98% when hit by Last Whisper Last Whisper).
  • Nunu & Willump Nunu & Willump drop a soul each (sometimes the icy ghosts from Twin Shadows' Twin Shadows' active will drop one each after reaching their targets).

Map-Specific Differences
Howling Abyss icon.png Howling Abyss differences
  • Each collected soul counts as 2 from 1.
The Thinking Manatee profileicon.png Ultra Rapid Fire differences
  • Gains 3 souls per pick-up.

Death Sentence
TARGET RANGE: Range center.png 1100
WIDTH: Range model.png 140
TETHER RADIUS: Global / 3000
SPEED: 1900
COST: 70 Mana
COOLDOWN: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12
Death Sentence.png

Active: Thresh throws out his scythe in the target direction, becoming unable to move or attack while it is in flight.

The scythe catches the first enemy it hits, dealing them magic damage, Stun icon.pngAirborne icon.png suspending them for 1.5 seconds, and hooking the target for 1.5 seconds, during which the target is True Sight icon.png revealed and Thresh is unable to declare basic attacks. Hitting an enemy reduces Death Sentence's Cooldown reduction icon.png cooldown by 3 seconds and Slow icon.png slows Thresh by 20% for 1 second.

Magic Damage:
80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 50% AP)

While the target is Stun icon.pngAirborne icon.png suspended, Thresh tugs at his scythe's chain twice over 0.8 seconds, pulling the target a short distance towards himself with each tug. After 0.5 seconds of hitting an enemy or instantly after hitting a Minion icon.png minion or Monster icon.png monster, Thresh can recast the ability to cast Deathly Leap while the target is hooked, doing so will cause him to stop tugging.

Deathly Leap.png

Recast: Thresh Dash.png dashes to the hooked enemy, becoming able to attack again upon arrival. Thresh can cast any of his abilities while in flight with the exception of The Box The Box.

  • Thresh will turn his facing direction towards the cast direction only after Death Sentence's cast is complete.
  • Death Sentence triggers on-cast effects (such as Spellblade and stacking Force Pulse Force Pulse) once at the start of the cast, and once at the end of the cast. It may trigger on-cast effects a third time when casting Deathly Leap.
    • This is because a separate spell is cast to prevent Thresh from facing towards the target direction immediately, which is (incorrectly) flagged to trigger on-cast effects.*
  • The recast has no cast time.
  • Deathly Leap has a maximum cast range. If Thresh or his victim move too far away from one another, Death Sentence will show its cooldown prematurely, preventing Deathly Leap from being cast.
    • This behaves similarly to a tether range.
    • If Thresh is already outside the maximum range when the scythe lands and the hook is created, Death Sentence will not be on cooldown*, however actually casting Deathly Leap will cause it to fizzle unless Thresh has walked into range again.
  • The homing Dash.png dash has a maximum traveling distance, after which Thresh automatically stops.
  • While Grounded icon.png grounded or Root icon.png rooted Death Sentence cannot be recast.
  • Death Sentence will not Stun icon.pngAirborne icon.png suspend enemies that are Unstoppable icon.png displacement immune or Cc-immune icon.png cc-immune but the target will still be hooked and Thresh is still granted the ability to recast for his dash.
  • Thresh will not tug at all if the Stun icon.pngAirborne icon.png suspension is not active on the target or if he used the recast.
  • Spell Shield.png Spell shield will block all of Death Sentence's effects, including the hook.
  • Death Sentence's Stun icon.pngAirborne icon.png suspension duration is affected by Tenacity icon.png tenacity but the hook will always persist for 1.5 seconds, unless the target uses a Remove Scurvy.png cleansing effect, in which case the hook is removed.
    • Death Sentence's Stun icon.pngAirborne icon.png suspension will persist even if Thresh dies before the duration ends. The tug will not occur as Thresh is not alive.

Dark Passage
EFFECT RADIUS: Range model.png 300 / 150
COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 Mana
COOLDOWN: 22 / 20.5 / 19 / 17.5 / 16
Dark Passage.png

Active: Thresh throws his lantern to the target location which lands after 0.5 seconds, lasting for 6 seconds or until he moves too far away from it, Sight icon.png revealing its surroundings.

Thresh and the first allied champion to come near the lantern are granted a Hybrid resistances icon.png shield for 4 seconds. An ally can select the lantern while in proximity of it, Dash.png dashing to Thresh's current location and gaining the shield.

Shield Strength:
60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+ 1 per Soul Soul collected)

An ally cannot select the lantern while Silence icon.png silenced, Grounded icon.png grounded or Stun icon.png immobilized.

  • Allies can pick up the lantern through thin walls if its grab radius allows it.
  • Thresh cannot grab the lantern but can Hybrid resistances icon.png shield himself if he is near it.
  • The lantern is considered a unit and can be targeted by an allied Teleport Teleport, Leap Strike Leap Strike, Shunpo Shunpo, and Safeguard Safeguard.
  • The lantern's duration and maximum leash range are each displayed as a circle on the ground.
  • Dark Passage is special cased to trigger Guardian Guardian.

Tips & Tricks
  • Since the ally needs to select the lantern, it would be best if it is thrown somewhere where other units cannot obstruct it. On the other side, enemies may create targetable units on top of the lantern to impede allies from grabbing it (i.e Warding Totem Warding Totem).

TARGET RANGE: Range center.png 400 / Range model.png 400
EFFECT RADIUS: Range center.png 250
WIDTH: Range model.png 150
CAST TIME: 0.3889
COST: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 Mana

Passive: Thresh's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage, with the Attack damage icon.png AD ratio increasing based on the time spent not basic attacking enemies, up to 10 seconds.

Minimum Bonus Magic Damage:
1 per Soul Soul collected (+ 0% AD)
Maximum Bonus Magic Damage:
1 per Soul Soul collected (+ 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 / 200% AD)

Active: Thresh sweeps his chain around him and in a broad line towards the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit, Airborne icon.png knocking them in the chain's direction, and afterwards Slow icon.png slowing them for 1 second.

Magic Damage:
65 / 95 / 125 / 155 / 185 (+ 40% AP)
20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%
"This way!"

  • Applies Death Lotus.png area damage on the ability and deals Wit's End item.png proc damage on the enhanced basic attack.
  • Flay's passive's buff icon changes colors depending on charge level:
    • 0 - 50% 0 - 50%
    • 50 - 75% 50 - 75%
    • 75% - 100% 75% - 100%
    • 100% 100%
    • At 100%, Thresh's scythe will glow green and a sound effect will play.
  • Runaan's Hurricane's Runaan's Hurricane's Wind's Fury will apply Flay's passive to each enemy hit, with the secondary targets taking minimum damage (charge resets upon hitting the primary target).
  • The enhanced attack applies other on-hit effects and can Critical strike icon.png critically strike as normal (the bonus damage cannot) but does not affect structures or wards (hitting them does not consume the bonus damage or reset the charge).
  • Flay's passive can be Counter Strike.png dodged (the enhanced attack is not consumed and the charge is not reset).
    • PENDING FOR TEST: Enhanced attack's interactions with Spirit's Refuge.png blocking and Blind icon.png blinding effects (regarding both bonus damage and charge reset).

The Box
WIDTH: Range model.png 30
COST: 100 Mana
COOLDOWN: 140 / 120 / 100
Side length: Range model.png 470
The Box.png

Active: Thresh surrounds his location with a pentagon of spectral walls, each one lasting for up to 5 seconds. Walls break upon contact with an enemy champion, dealing magic damage to the target and Slow icon.png slowing them by 99% for 2 seconds.

Magic Damage:
250 / 400 / 550 (+ 100% AP)

Enemy champions hitting any wall beyond the first take no damage and are Slow icon.png slowed for only 1 second.

Targets are immune to breaking a new wall for 1 second after breaking one.

"Nowhere to hide."

  • The Box is always placed at the original cast location.
  • The Box always uses quick cast, regardless of player settings.
    • The Box always faces into the same direction (one of the walls is due North, and spreads West-East).
      • The cast indicator does not show this behaviour.
  • The corners of The Box are placed 400 units around Thresh.
    • Each wall is 470.228 units long.
    • Each wall passes 323.607 units from the center of The Box at the closest approach (ignoring its width).
    • A pentagon has an angle of 72° between each corner.


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