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No worries at all! Thank you for the reminder, as well.

Looking at the current kit, there's very little I can criticize. All of the basic abilities look solid and each have a clear purpose, and I think you've fleshed Nevon out to such a degree that his niche is immediately recognizable and potentially very enjoyable. Congratulations on the work you've accomplished!

Regarding the ult, I'm kind of thinking about Orisa from Overwatch: she's defined as an "anchor tank", i.e. a tank who naturally makes her allies group around her, and is rewarded for setting up a security perimeter. Her ult pushes that further by providing a static objective that gives everyone nearby a damage boost. I still don't think Nevon should have damage, but I think you could have a similar effect for his own ult. For example:

R - Stim Dispenser: Nevon deploys a static device that lasts for a few seconds on the field. Nevon and all allies near the Stim Dispenser have their cooldown recharges (not cooldown reduction) and resource generation drastically increased (100 / 150 / 200% ?). The device can be targeted by enemies, scales with Nevon's health, and is destroyed if it takes enough damage.

The idea here being that Nevon creates a static zone of significant power that could allow allies to hold the fort, while potentially also synergizing quite well with mages casting from the back line. The specifics of the bonuses can obviously change, but the idea here is that the dispenser should be able to provide a lot of power, but shouldn't be able to survive too long unless you take the time to set up the area around it with Terra Mines and Allocated Bulwark. Additionally, having any kind of bonus-granting object would naturally synergize with his innate. What do you think?

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