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sorry for doing some confusing edits to champs' stat wheel dat.

I'd realised with a bit of delay that our ranking includes range 0-3, unlike 1-3 in case of Riot, hence I reverted most of my changes. Whenever I see 0/1 now, I assume that the already present value takes priority even if my opinion might differ.

P.S.: I think that this kind of mapping 1→{ 0; 1} mixes a level of subjectivity with Riot's official data (e.g. even though Darius OriginalSquare' very immobile, he can potentially Noxian Guillotine penta-dash within few seconds; Caitlyn OriginalSquare's kit offers a lot of unit vision; etc.).

But it's ok, hmm. This way the ranking's still able to reflect their rating inclusively after all..

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