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  • Too far.

    Putting Draven in the background is funny.

    Replacing all the champion's pictures with Draven's is funny.

    Replacing all their stats with Draven's is crossing the line a little bit, but I can see its humor.

    Replacing EVERY champion's page,ability details, background, strategy, and skin pages with Draven's is going too far. Its no longer a joke or a troll- its just annoying.

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    • Scroll down.

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    • I was just about to reply to this. I'm sorry. I went down and saw that it was only Draven's abilities and assumed it was just that, then I saw the rest. Sorry about the post again.

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    • It's okay.  I'm actually not responsible for any of the changes, I just swapped my avatar for fun.  I personally still feel it's a little annoying having to scroll down on all the champion pages, but not enough so to be a hardass and revert the other admins' fun.

      Take it easy, and happy April Fools'.

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    • Well, that prank just got undone because it was creating technical issues wiki-wide.

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    • I saw like 20 "edited by ProtonZero __minutes ago" things on the right and assumed it was all you lol, the draven profile pic also made me think it was you =P

      Sorry again and happy April Fools to you too!

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    • All that hard work for an April Fools prank...

      That was absolutely epic. :)

      Thank God it was just a prank. I almost thought this would be the League of Draven forever!

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    • an anonymous contributor
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