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  • I'm new here and I don't know how to edit, rigth now, so  this is why I'm telling you how instead of just edit the page.

    Let's imagine that Doran's Blade Passive is Ultra Unique X% lifesteal, where everytime you hit you would only recover 5 HP.

    So if you have 100 AD you would have 5% Lifesteal so with 1 Doran's Blade you would recover 5 HP, and if you have 5 AD, Doran's Blade would give you 100% Lifesteal.

    So the formula is simple. GoldValue = (( 5 / AD ) * 100 ) * 40.

    5 is the HP you would always recover with Doran's Blade.

    AD is Attack Damage from the Doran's Blade weilder.

    100 is for make it %. And 40 because is the gold value of 1 lifesteal %.

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    • gold value =/= stat actual effectiveness.

      People need to stop making this assumption. The page is not intended for that.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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