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  • Hey Jao, I'm the Lore Director for the LoL Wiki. I wanted to ask where you found the last names for some of the champions, such as Janna "Windforce" and Dr. Mundo "Edmundo".

    A link would be greatly appreciated! =)

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    • sorry for the intromission, but edmundo is a name, making mundo its nickname. Theres no known lastname for mundo

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    • Katarina and Cassiopeia - Katarina's 1st Bio.

      LeBlanc - Bio

      Mundo - Riot post

      Janna - Riot post

      Miss Fortune - Bio

      Graves - Bio

      Garen and Lux - Lux's Bio

      Swain - Journal of Justice 30

      Jarvan IV - Bio

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    • Thanks. =)

      Could you tell me where you found the Riot posts for Janna and Mundo? I'd like to make citations for them.

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    • I'll try to look for it. I forgot where it was posted.

      also I forgot to mention these guys:

      Vayne - Bio

      Annie - Bio

      Sona - Bio

      Orriana - Bio

      Yorick - Bio

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    • an anonymous contributor
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