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    13:21, February 9, 2020
    • My apologies, you did not add it - you just formatted it.

      However, the information is still wrong. If you're going to go through - you should be deleting the information.

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    • The passive has two different damage types though. The burn is persistent and the explosion is area. Not sure how you're supposed to specify that.

      Also, am I not supposed to add tips?

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    • Area of effect isn't targeting?

      edit: nvm

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    • You're right I shouldn't be adding area of effect, I'll stop it

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    • Targeting is solely for user-input - it has nothing to do with output. Ask the question: what does the player have to do to cast this ability? Where does the cursor have to be?

      Area of effect is a damage classification. Both "spelleffects" and "damagetype" are used for damage classification - and you've been adding spellaoe already. "spelleffects" is perhaps a poor choice of name for the parameter given it's used for non-spells, too, but "damagetype" is already taken.

      "Area of effect" and "spellaoe" can be used interchangeably. I intend to merge/delete the old damage type templates (e.g. Death Lotus area of effect and Disintegrate single target) with the new ones (e.g. Death Lotus area damage and Disintegrate spell damage) - I just created new ones to make transitioning easier. Those two examples are ultimately the same thing - you'll notice the information is the same.

      Regarding Brand's innate - spelleffects and damagetype both accept "Special" which says "See notes", and you should describe the multiple classifications in the ability details. The input is passive - the ability triggers itself. The damage over time is Blaze Persistent damage and explosion is Death Lotus Area damage.

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    • I suggest you make a damage type catered to persistent damage and area damage, because I'm forced to always specify it for abilities like Crowstorm Crowstorm.

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    • There is?

      Blaze Persistent damage, Death Lotus Area damage and Poison Trail Persistent area damage. I literally used persistent and area damage in the comment immediately preceding yours.

      Crow storm is area damage.

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    • What's the variable for persistent area damage? I'll put it on the ones I had to specify for

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    • |spelleffects=aoedot

      I don't think Crowstorm is an aoedot, though. I _think_ it's just aoe.

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    • It deals damage every 1 second, does that count as persistent? The description doesn't say it’s a tick but in-game it does. 

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    • If you read the Blaze damage over time page it says 1 second interval damage counts. I think it's safe to say it is aoedot

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    • Pretty certain the dot damage type is only dealt by things that are actually applied to the target, like a bleed or poison (so aoedot would be Singes's Poison Trail). The damage type doesn't always match the ability - Senna and Jhin have a lot of single-target damage considering they have aoe spells. I can check the API for Fiddle specifically when I get home, or you can ping Frank on Discord. I could just be misremembering. You can put it as aoedot for now if you want.

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    • I can confirm that Crowstorm Crowstorm does behave like Poison Trail persistent area damage.

      However, while discussing this with Frank (our resident game-file diver), it became apparent that we're still not accurately documenting damagetypes.

      There's the original engine-level damage type system and a relatively new script-level damage type system. Crowstorm deals spellaoe on an engine-level. Spellvamp, Gunblade, etc, interacts with engine-level damage types, which is why Crowstorm heals for one-third effectiveness.

      However, Riot added a script-level system that interacts with runes and other more modern effects. Possible tags include: aoe, periodic, indirect, basicattack, activepsell, proc, pet and nonredirectable. Crowstorm has at least aoe and period (didn't ask for the full list). An effect like Arcane Comet just has a priority system - so abilities with both aoe and periodic will prioritize the periodic behavior.

      Both the engine-level and script-tags are to be assigned arbitrarily by a Riot engineer and there's no guarantee they will match. There could be a engine-level single target ability with the aoe script-tag. We can hope that our current spelleffects options cover all possible outcomes - but in the future it might ultimately be necessary to have separate |enginedamage= and |scripttags= in the future.

      However, this shouldn't affect the current project. Currently, 'aoedot' is the only non-engine type supported by "spelleffects". So if we do need to update it in the future, spelleffects is already the same as enginedamage except for abilities with the aoedot type - so updating that short list shouldn't be too hard.

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