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    • At least specify the edit I did that made me receive the warning in the first place

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    • Apparently you cannot cast ignite during a Guardian Angel item Guardian Angel resurrection in a normal game. You can only do it in practice tool with auto-refresh cooldowns. GA places some summoner spells on a 4 second cooldown (resurrection happens over 4 seconds) and does not actually disable them, allowing the auto-refresh to reset them.

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    • If that was all it was, i don't really think the warning should be kept?

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    • It wasn't one edit. There were multiple ones, and i'd rather not spend the time listing all of them.

      Check your edits, and my reverts, then make some questions.

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    • Just wanted to let you know I didn't include that giant list of blocked projectiles

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    • and i'm still not talking about that edit or that page.

      i made other posts on your message wall based on other of your edits and you didn't even care to answer.

      this warning was based on all your edits since you started editing the wiki.

      i even mentioned in some of the edit reverts that inserting wrong info on the wiki can be considered vandalism. I told you to check the info you put before putting it, but you still insisted on putting it. I shouldn't have to check each of your edits to see if they're correct, and then revert them if they're not.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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