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  • "(invulnerability makes you untargetable)" I dont really understand. An ulting Tryndamere and riposting Fiora are untargetable?

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    • That would be incorrect, Cosmic Radiance Cosmic Radiance is a prime example of retained targetability. Tryndamere is not technically invul.

      Onto Darius, Invulnerability doesn’t interrupt the Noxian Guillotine Noxian Guillotine, only blocks the damage.

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    • Ah right that makes sense.

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    • yea, that was mb. When i think about invulnerability i instantly think about stasis.

      Anyway, an ability being blocked by invulnerability is not something we should put specifically on Darius. I mean, don't all abilities get blocked by invulnerability?

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    • an anonymous contributor
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