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  • Hello. Was testing Nocturne's passive interaction with critical strikes.

    It seems that non-critlcal Umbra Blades deals 120% AD damage, but critical Umbra Blades deals about 110% AD * 200% from crit.

    IE amplifies damage as befits, to 110% AD * 225% from crit, tested on minion with 0 armor.

    Maybe I'm missing something?

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    • Oh. My guess is that damage is calculated like:

      100% AD * crit + 20% AD

      Then it seems to correspond to in-game values.

      But how to reflect it in ability description?

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    • it's not 100% ad * 2.25 + 20%ad

      it's 100% ad * 2.25 + 22.5% ad

      critical damage only slightly increases the bonus damage nocturne's passive deals

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    • "The 20% damage increase is not increased when the attack is a critical hit, however it is affected by IE's Critical damage increase"

      Something like that? maybe?

      sounds clunky and unclear though

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    • Well, I honestly don't know how to reflect these mechanics in the descripition, and not sure if it's even so necessary, but this line is kind of confusing:

      Umbra Blades can Critical strike icon critically strike to the primary target dealing Infinity Edge item 2.5% AD bonus physical damage.

      When I read the first time I thought: "Hm, then what's the bonus damage without IE and in classic mode? 0% AD?"

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    • exactly

      the bonus damage only comes from infinity edge

      umbra blades will deal the same amount of damage when critically striking or not, while not having infinity edge

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    • an anonymous contributor
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