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  • Thanks for your help so far. Great work.

    If you have time I would like to request a tedious thing. Many quotes are missing the quotation marks "".

    Example missing quotes in Part 6:

    * {{sm2|Sylas 091.ogg|''"What can they do to me, that they have not done?"''}}
    * {{sm2|Sylas 092.ogg|''"From the rubble, true order will be born!"''}}
    * {{sm2|Sylas 094.ogg|''"Mages, unite!"''}}
    * {{sm2|Sylas 096.ogg|''"At last... no walls."''}}
    * {{sm2|Sylas 099.ogg|''"Heads will roll!"''}}
    ===Part 6===
    * {{sm2|Sylas 100.ogg|''No time to lick wounds! Always hit the ground running!''}}
    * {{sm2|Sylas 101.ogg|''I will show them a world without lords or peasants!''}}
    * {{sm2|Sylas 102.ogg|''Only sheep need a leader.''}}
    * {{sm2|Sylas 103.ogg|''(Grunts and groans)''}}
    * {{sm2|Sylas 104.ogg|''I am no traitor. I am the true Demacia.''}}
    * {{sm2|Sylas 106.ogg|''A shepherd with no flock is just an idiot with a stick.''}}

    PS: You are not on Discord yet, right?

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    • Okay. I will fix those, maybe tomorrow.

      I do join Discord with the name thong123thong321. But I only use it once in a while, so leaving a message like this to ensure I receive it.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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