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  • There seems to be a lot of accounts dedicated to just Ezreal popping up. They have no other contributions and only one comment.

    This could be potentially dangerous.

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    • Let me check it out... if you could let me know which pages are with them, it would help.

      EDIT: I notice it is only a few comments. I looked at other accounts, but they seemed more genuine. Please make sure not to exagerate any claims, unless you locate these on other pages, which would be helpful to know where they are. Currently, they are not malicious in nature, so I don't see any danger. However, if they bounce back, then please report to me again.

      Thank you for letting me know though. These single-message comments are of course creepy.

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    • Right, my mistake. I'll make better judgment of these comments the next time they show up. Thank you for reading this.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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