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  • We are looking to improve the background images for the info templates on each of the main champion pages. Some of the images need custom offcenter values. We are temporarily using the centered splashes until we can manage custom offcenter values and perhaps even a custom zoom level for each champion.

    We are also thinking of having a splash rotation feature which was suggested by PixelButts. The feature would use a random splash in the catalog for a champion on each load. For example: if i loaded Sivir's page, then Warden Sivir's splash would show up (if i loaded the page again, Snowstorm Sivir's splash would show up instead of Warden Sivir).

    As for the offcenter/zoom values, if anyone knows how to create them, let me know!

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    • I believe the splash rotation feature is cancelled, right?

      It would be cool if we can use the Fandom background for this. You know, the one we are using for Morgana and Kayle. If we are using a champion page, two random skins loading screen will be chosen as the background on left and right.

      This is already done on Hollow Knight wikia. The DLCs use the game box art as the background. For example: https://hollowknight.fandom.com/wiki/Godmaster.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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