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  • In the code for Yasuo's Way of the Wanderer passive, his passive is coded as having a spelleffect value of "Shield", which is fine and dandy. However, the icon for that "Shield" value is currently Redemption, and I think that's misleading because Redemption is a heal, not a shield. I believe an actual shielding spell, like Barrier, would be a better fit than Redemption.

    I'm not sure how to change the icon, but I believe it's coded somewhere in Template:Ability_data.

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    • It's not an icon for "Shield", it's an icon for "Shield Effects". Redemption is used because it provides Shield Power. An alternative would Ardent Censer.

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    • On the Yasuo page (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Template:Data_Yasuo/Way_of_the_Wanderer), it says "Shield" under the ability details.

      Also here's a line from the source code for tha page: |spelleffects = Shield.

      Is Yasuo's passive simply mislabeled, or is this how the shield icon really looks (like Redemption). It's hard for me to tell because the other champion pages don't appear to use this spelleffects parameter (I checked on the pages for Lee Sin, Riven, and Nautilus).

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    • To answer your question, it is quite the opposite, where Yasuo's passive is labeled correctly, and the others just haven't been labeled appropriately yet.

      Consider the fact that some items may not be streamlined across the wiki. For example, the shield detail was added in for Yasuo by Lucifer2272004 here. However in the case of Lee Sin's template, it hasn't been touched by said user as seen here.

      For now, the use of Redemption item Redemption's item image is a safe idea, since the image of a an actual shield would overlap with Tank icon Tanks or, in Emptylord's case, either the Tank icon Enforcers or Emptylord Warden icon Wardens.

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    • I think the confusion may stem from the fact I renamed "Effects" to "Type", owing to some changes Riot made this season. At the time I felt that reading the following on Ezreal's page might be unnatural:

      • Effects:
        • (Shunpo) Single Target
        • (Parrrley) True

      I suppose I could just change onhit=true to display "On-hit", instead.

      I suppose there's also an argument that most of the other effect types display an example on an active with that typing.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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