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    06:48, November 24, 2017

    What has happened to all the rollovers on the League wikia? There are thousands of pages, and they all containing massive amounts of vital information about items, spells, stats runes, and everything else. We could see all that stuff in rollover boxes and we could read and compare info, but now ROLLOVERS DON’T WORK. When we roll over an active link all we see is the name of the active link. This is a disaster for the site. How did it happen? More important, how can get get it back to a useable state?

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    • The issue has been recognized, so if you don't mind me saying, no need to freak out. From the observation from one of the mods/admins, a new formatting of the rollovers did cause them to disappear. It is being looked into right now.

      If you would like to discuss further, it is best to hop on the discord, as that is where we can respond much more actively and timely.

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    • Thnx so much for this, and sorry for the panic. Only reason I apppeared to be freaking a bit- like many thousands of others, i rely on this site for everything LOL.

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    • Rest assured, we are not going to leave you hanging. Surely, there have been issues that are left without being resolved, but that doesn't mean there wasn't anyone who didn't notice.

      If you don't see changes, keep replying here. Otherwise, hopping onto the discord would surely let the Discord dwelling mods/admins know of the issue.

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    • resolved - should be fixed

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