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  • Hi, your pages make up uh, 3/7 of the pages in the category Category:Pages_where_template_include_size_is_exceeded, or in other words, pages where the wiki software says "oh god please, no more".

    If you happen to stop by (I see that you've been inactive for a while), please consider revising your pages. It would benefit both you (because the pages will actually display things) and me (cleanliness is next to tehliness or something).

    I may end up blanking the pages/removing the transclusions, in which case you'll be able to recover your content through page history. Have a nice life.— TehAnonymous Avatar TehAnonymous <3 20:02, September 14, 2017 (UTC)

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    • That's... well, a thing to take care of, definitely :D

      It's all a pretty old project that at this point we can archive and put to rest.

      I'll either reviose it or archive it. Thanks for pointing it out :)

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    • an anonymous contributor
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