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    02:26, September 11, 2017

    I have attempted to bring this subject up with riot staff and they straight up refuse to address it.

    To be clear I am not under any kind of in game punishment for text or actions of any kind.

    However I ~AM~ under punishment for asking questions of the help desk, text chat and forums that they don't wish to be asked or brought to light. I think this is crazy since I'm requesting clarity and context on riot's stance in these situations and requesting information upon what else we can do in these situations if all options equal punishments or zero success rate for yourself when dealing with these situations.

    Their stance seems to be if they punish anyone who speaks out about this subject that it somehow doesn't exist?

    If nobody is alowed to talk about the problems in the game, how does a discussion ever happen? Without a discussion we will never find a solution to these problems, so I think its crazy to pretend this doesn't exist and to punish anyone who talks about it.

    Heres the orginal post on the forums, its been deleted but you can still see it, just won't be able to post on it.


    Them existing and this being a real issue is not a debateable subject, facts are not debateable. Here is a link to their page. I've taken a screen shot, put it in paint and removed anything that would link me to it so I'm not targeted and removed from the group when everybody spreads this picture around. From what I can gather from reading and talking to some of these people, the v2.0 page was shutdown a few months ago so they are readding everybody to the v3.0 group now, its growing, fast. 


    Surely at least half of you are aware or are part of the private/hidden trolling group on facebook with some tens of thousands of members.

    I might get kicked from the facebook group if they can connect my name to my account since your not supposed to talk about troll club and will get booted if you do but this is a risk I'm willing to take.

    For the rest of you who are unaware:

    The group states that legitimate gameplay is no longer supported by riot, showing many, many, many help desk requests where their concerns and questions are ignored and they are told to just go play the game while they are being extremely clear with the staff they are not reformed player and will be playing exactly the same as before. Riots stance seems to be a full war on team communication and open season for griefing and trolling actions since they do nothing about actions but they will zealously punish anyone for any minor infraction in text, including speaking out verse griefing in action players trying to get them to correct their actions.

    The rules are as such:

    Rule One: Say nothing in chat.

    Rule two: Avoid int feeding at all costs.

    Rule Three: Troll and grief as hard as possible.

    Rule Four: Report your team mates after game.

    And this is ACCEPTED game play from riot, folks commonly post screen shots for the rest of us to laugh at so we can see the same players repeatedly doing this without getting punished since by riots rules they are not technically doing anything wrong while griefing and trolling, banning team mates champs in champ selection, going carry from support and eating all cs, refusing to smite objectives to give them to the enemy, but by far the most common and move loved is baiting their team into a fight only to leave and watch them die THEN REPORTING THEM FOR INT FEEDING, its super popular bot lane, ping like your going in, go through the motions and the moment your adc starts getting hit or rekt you just bail, flash away or walk away.... Thats legitimate and SUPPORTED gameplay from riot.

    In a game like that you'll have the one troll or griefing in actions player, but if the other 4 players speak out by using team communication then he has the ability to report all 4 of them, making it a 5 report on one team.... and when the other 4 ~who has a legitimate reason to be using team communication to speak to him~ will be punished as if they where going out of their way to cause a problem, instead of the reality that they are reacting to a problem and trying to fix it. Cause and effect.

    I think their system is broken, so does tens of thousands of other griefing trolls who abuse this system daily for some laughs.

    As a legitimate player you have 5 options to deal with a troll or griefing in actions player, but they all either offer zero percent chance for success or they get YOU punished instead of the griefing or trolling in actions player.

    I honestly think its false advertising to call this a "help desk" when their job is not to help anyone, but rather to filter punishments and post blame on players instead of trying to find a solution to the problems that caused this situation to start with. I have brought this subject up with them multiple times and their "solution" is to close my help requests repeatedly without addressing anything, obviously not helping me gain any understanding of their system or what other options could be taken if team communication is punishable but its the only option that equals a solution with griefing or trolling players.

    Cause and effect, riot staff are so zealously punishing the effect they completely ignore the cause of it.. this just breeds negative toxic servers and I'm clueless how they see this producing anything else since I am now a multiple time NON reformed player that has been shoved back into the game, complaining about the exact same issue that they have refused to address or fix, hell I've seen screen shots of MY GAMES in the troll facebook group, people laughing at ME having to deal with this trolling griefer... Is it their stance that they think griefing and negative gameplay are a nonissue on this game and that riots time is best spent punishing people who use text communication to attempt to talk to these griefing and negative action players?

    I'll rephrase this; They've given them mute to protect verse words while they are griefing in actions, They've given them mute ping so they can protect themselves from question pings from their team while they are griefing or trolling in actions, but they offer ZERO protection for the player who is stuck with a griefing or negative action player.

    Lets recap: 1) Riot staff suggests report after game: Report after game has ZERO effect on in game actions, if you report someone it doesn't prevent their actions 10-20 mins previously, again this has a ZERO percent chance to change the actions of the griefing or trolling player. This has a ZERO percent chance of success.

    2) Riot staff suggests mute in game: Mute in game has absolutely ZERO effect on the actions of griefing or trolling players. If you mute them, it doesn't stop their actions at all, but you are now refusing to communicate with your team, so if they start playing properly you won't know the difference, they could be offering you valuable advise about the enemy team, their placements or where not to go, but if you have them muted and ping muted then you won't know but you also won't be stopping their actions. This has a ZERO percent chance for success.

    3) Riot staff says informing someone what they are doing is reportable, is a reportable offense in itself: This means you can't inform a player who is griefing or trolling in actions that what they are doing is reportable, or else you will be punished yourself. While this has a pretty good success rate of getting your team mate to smarten up, the fact your company punishes people for attempting to get their team to act right with team communication ~When there is mute to protect them if they don't want to hear it while griefing~ is absolutely ill logical since again if they are so hurt by your words, they have mute protection, so they are creating their own grief by not using it... While again the person griefing or trolling by action dosen't even need to see if it they used mute, but in most cases they WANT to see it so to give them an additional tool to grief in peace is bluntly a very stupid stance from your company. I think its insane that instead of addressing ACTIONS of griefing and trolling players you instead give them PROTECTION from other players spam ping'n question marks on them with ping mute. Are you under the delusion that people ping question marks ontop of someone for no reason? Again cause and effect, the cause is the players actions and most likely them muteing everybody else in the game, refusing to communicate as the new accepted normal from your company, while the effect is the other 4 players in the game getting frusterated with the actions of this griefing or trolling player and being unable to communicate with them to chance their actions, so the ONLY option left to try and communicate or get them to stop their griefing or trolling actions is to spam a ping question mark around them, to make them question what they are doing...... but your stance is that instead griefing and trolling in action players should be able to continue to grief and troll in peace without having their actions 2nd guessed by pings or their team communicating with them? I don't agree, I think this system is broken since it does nothing for griefing or trolling players in actions ~UNLESS~ they say something in chat or int feed, if they do NOT int feed or say something in chat then you have no detection or way to punish them.

    4) Leave the game ~ riot staff says don't do this; If your no longer having fun and you no longer want to play with this griefing or trolling player, guess what, riot will punish you if you leave the game. This means despite it being a nonwinable game and despite a griefing and trolling in actions player on your team working verse your team, and despite you having absolutely no fun in this game, your forced to continue to play under threat of your account with leaverbuster and punishment from your company for leaving a unfun game... This means your forcing your player base, constantly, into unfun situations and then forcing them to endure it under threat of punishment, while at the same time offering them absolutely zero solutions for the problems they face; in game griefing or trolling in action players.

    5) Riot staff says team communication is not required for a team game (lol!) and fully supports completely cutting off their entire team by using mute+ping mute so that they can refuse to communicate or play with the team: The ~ONLY~ solution to in game griefing or trolling actions is team communication. Now if they don't wish to take your advise or smarten up, that is THEIR choice, they have options like mute and ping mute to protect themselves from your team communication and attemps to get them to stop their griefing or trolling actions. However again you have zero protection verse their actions, the ~ONLY~ tool your company currently offers us player to use is team communication so I think its absolutely ill logical for your company to tell its players that while team communication is the ~ONLY~ tool open to use verse trolling and griefing in action players, you will be punished for attempting it if the other player takes what your saiyng in a negative way, what you are saying is now being taken as negative even if its reality of the situation and you'll be punished for attempting to solve the situation despite the griefing or trolling in actions player both laughing at you and refusing to protect themselves with the mute function. If he refuses to use the mute function, who is the victim here if hes making the choice to see it instead of using mute? If he use's the mute function, who is the victim here if nobody hears it?

    Their system is broken and breeds negative actions since they've removed our ability to communicate with words or pings. This problem is being abused by a large amount of players, yet I tell riot help desk this and ask them questions about what I could alternatively be doing aside of team communication that won't lead to a punishment but will lead to a solution and they tell me this, refusing to address anything:

    Hey there,

    Thank you for your honest feedback! We can't pass feedback reports directly to the development team, but I recommend posting to the Boards. The team is always looking at the Boards to get a feel for things players think could be improved.

    You can find the Boards here:

    NA Boards: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous

    This is the way our system works at this time. We are not singling you out but we uphold all of our players to the same standard.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    sprinklefloof lulu support main "A solid giggle should do the trick"

    I have been clear as day with them stating "I am not trying to give you feedback, I am trying to get you to address a very direct question of what else a player could do if these 5 options they have all lead to non solutions or punishment.

    I don't think riot has any intention of fixing their system when I can be repeatedly deflected to the forums being told this is where the real staff are but I only ever get volunteers and other players posting, taking what I'm saying out of context and flaming me for their missunderstanding of that information taken out of context.

    I have been talking about this issue for years, first time I brought it up was season 2, I am a season one player.. I have brought this up multiple times across 6 years and each time I get staff acting like its a nonexistant issue, like I'm offering feedback instead of begging them to address this question instead of repeatedly giving me suggestions that don't equal a solution, I wanted them to address it.. but they never do... they quote forums are where the staff are.... but in my dozens of messages on this subject I have never once had a staff memeber post on one, but rather "volunteers" and other players.

    How do we ever evolve out of this toxic caveman mentality if the staff have zero intentions of doing anything and are more of a punishment filter squad then a help desk?

    Without the ability to talk to a manager or someone higher up, how do you get to these people when they repeatedly close your help requests without addressing your questions or concerns with the system and what you can do differently in those situations that might equal a solution or at least not get you punished... currently they don't offer such a solution, the only protection is not verse actions, but rather words as if words are somehow more hurtful to gaming experience then actions (lol and a eye roll on that one)

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    • RonMcManchester (NA) - 2 days ago  i didnt read all, but its true that you can troll and grief and intentionally lose the game as long as you follow the 4 rules. you lose 200 games in a row from placements to bronze 99, and you will NOT be punished. Foxdrop on youtube, posted a video with a master yi main to had 0% winrate on tahm kench on 200+ games.


      Murader (NA) - about 21 hours ago  They have tons of videos of these trolls had one with a low elo teemo who used heim to afk at gromp XD riot doesn't care too much tho even if you make a youtube videos with evident you wont get banned as long as the troll keeps their mouth shut they cannot be reported at all.


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