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  • Simply put, I believe that the way in which the terms "physical damage" and "magic damage" are currently being assigned the same colour as "AD" and "AP" respectively is detrimental in both clarity and purpose.

    My arguments from the Discord channel:

    "I'm simply proposing that by using the same colours for physical/magic damage as AD/AP, we're creating a link between them, and there is indeed a strong correlation between the two, but it's not absolute. The very example you're showing us while saying "still not seeing a problem" is an ability with hybrid scalings, which may confuse some people as to why magic damage is coloured as AP when there is clearly an AD ratio on it. Another example may be Corki's innate where his autos deal both physical/magic damage, but only scales on AD.

    To make things clearer, I think we should, as said above, either rid of the whole idea of giving damage types except for true damage colours, or give them colours that aren't AD/AP."

    "... it may lead to a general misconception that AD and AP are inherently linked to physical and magic damage respectively, which isn't true.

    Seeing from how often I see snippets of the Wiki screenshot and used as visual info on some league vids, this should be avoided if possible."

    For the reasons stated above, I propose that we either:
    1) Remove the usage of {{as|}} on "Physical / Magic damage" (though not true damage, as it has its place as a unique damage type which can't be mitigated).
    2) Assign new colours for "Physical / Magic damage". However, I do not know which new colours should be assigned, though as Tylobic said in the Discord channel, the in-game colour of light purple / purple could be used for magic damage. This option is burdened by the fact that the in-game colour for physical damage uses a near identical colour to health/attack speed on the Wiki.

    What do you think would be the best way to go about assigning colours to damage types?

    The poll was created at 17:43 on June 16, 2017, and so far 14 people voted.

    Thank you for your time.

    EDIT: Will be following up on the most popular choice soon, which most likely seems to be assigning new colours as of now.

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    • I'm in favor of using a red/light purple colour scheme for physical and magic damage respectively, OR using the colors for armor and magic resistance. The latter would imply that to counter physical damage you need to build armor, and to counter magic damage you need to build magic resistance.

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    • Cjdead wrote: ... using the colors for armor and magic resistance... (this) would imply that to counter physical damage you need to build armor, and to counter magic damage you need to build magic resistance.

      That's actually the reason why I thought about this issue in the first place. Never saw a reason why Physical / Magic damage should be coloured the same as AD / AP when really they have a more consistent correlation to Armour / Magic Resistance.

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    • Well, good thing you brought the topic up.

      Most of us enforce the idea of "physical/magic damage = AD/AP scalings" so much, even though in game, we know that is not the case with some champions.

      But the issue does lie with what colour to use. I currently am for changing colour over removing them, but if push comes to shove, I'm fine with removing it also.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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