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    Fandom has been somewhat responsive to our opinions, but the best way to offer your feedback and make your voice heard is through Special:Contact. Let them know how you feel! I would recommend that you read through this thread first though.

    2017-09-07 update: Emptylord has started a petition regarding the videos, regarding their removal. https://www.change.org/p/brandon-rhea-remove-featured-videos-from-the-league-of-legends-wikia

    Introduction / Summary

    This should have been done a while ago, but I apologize! So, Fandom's (basically Wikia) most recent initiative is called Wiki Modernization. Its purpose is to make wikis look fancy and to deliver ads in a better way (as opposed to especially invasive ad types taking up the entire background and such). The League of Legends Wiki admins were contacted about being a test wiki for the initiative, and unanimously agreed.

    Some users have voiced concerns about the champion videos being located at the top of the page and autoloading, so here we are!

    Additional reading

    The official announcement is located here and is summarized above.

    Thread:1320896 is the previous local discussion on the topic, with additional discussion with the Staff member in charge at Thread:1237631.

    How do you feel about the embedded videos?

    The poll was created at 02:31 on May 20, 2017, and so far 138 people voted.
    Would you want them gone?

    The poll was created at 02:32 on May 20, 2017, and so far 120 people voted.
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    • Pros (or why the current system is good)
      • Allows Wikia to improve ad formats (corporate)
      • Modernizes wiki style (corporate)
      • Delivers a summary of information in a relatively contained manner
      Cons (or why the current system is bad)
      • Videos are often outdated
      • Videos aren't easily maintained/curated / cannot be curated in their current state
      • Videos increase loading time and take up too much real estate on the page
      • "I don't like having videos that autoplay"
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    • Even though the videos don't autoplay for me (maybe it has something to do with adblocker?), I dislike how they move to the bottom right of my screen when I start scrolling down. Apart from that, I like the feature. I'd like to either have an option to make them not do it or see it removed all together and just have the video stay at the top of the page.

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    • The biggest issue I have with the videos is them being outdated (which you noted.) The other cons are minor inconviences for me and the pros outweigh them.

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    • I'd rather have them in the trivia or tips and tricks area of each respective champion, with a warning that official videos might have outdated information.

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    • Honestly, as much as I think it's bad to have the outdated videos present, the nostalgia is real.

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    • Maybe we could change the video for splash arts? Or at least make them not autoload?

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    • I am actually using a custom css on this site in order to not see them...

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    • I think the fact that videos take up loading time is a good reason to have them removed. Even if they didn't autplay, I still feel like they're slightly annoying to deal with (having to exit the small window when it minimizes). I feel leaving it on the strategy sections on champion pages allows people who are looking for tips and tricks for a certain champion to still see it, while the (probably) majority of people who don't look at champion spotlights can have a better experience.

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    • The videos are almost all outdated. Also I find them useless even when the champion is new.

      Adding autoplaying videos to a site that was already slow and clunky is IMO a terrible idea.

      You can't stop them from loading so they always end up wasting bandwidth. This means users with bad internet can't leave the wiki open when playing, will have stutters in any other media they're streaming while using the site etc...

      Likewise this is a huge pain on mobile.

      I don't want fancy wikis, I want wikis that load fast, display information efficiently and work on all platforms. This change goes against all 3.

      Corporate isn't helping itself with this stupid decision. The only thing this change did was make me look for alternatives to this site.

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    • FluorineWizard wrote: I don't want fancy wikis, I want wikis that load fast, display information efficiently and work on all platforms.

      I like this line.

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    • I've begun to use gamepedia, this wiki is going down the drain.

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    • Autoplay. Who came up with this RIDICULOUS idea?! 

      I go to the champion page for quick facts, when the game is loading a match. THE LAST THING I NEED is a video that starts playing without my permission!

      Some options:


      MOVE IT TO ANOTHER PAGE with a link on the champions page


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    • And I like that the only reason they did it was to lower the amount of ads on the page yet I have it set so I don't get ads on youtube videos ever, the video being there only servers the purpose of annoying the users at this point

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    • I use this website to gain detailed information about a champion, the spotlights are the exact opposite. They only explain the basics and most of them are outdated anyway. Riot often updates their champions but rarely touches champion spotlights so if I want to check an updated information the spotlight provides nothing to me.

      Though that wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't on autoplay...

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    • Firstly, you can now sign this petition to attempt to remove the videos, in lieu of us being given no control over them.

      As for the auto-play, I have two solutions for you:

      1. In the video's own settings there is the option to disable autoplay, which is stored in your cookies (i.e. the setting may be forgotten in the future). Unfortunately, this has no effect if you're a mobile users.
      2. The video element can be blocked/hidden by AdBlock. Simply click on the ABP button, select Block Element, and then click on the video. You may need to repeat this step multiple times to remove the video and all its containers (when you're finished, the page's content should be at the top).
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    • Loading takes hella long and I'm not here to see the spotlight video's but to get the numbers on champions. This major inconvenience is just a bother.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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