• I've finally put in source code a concept that gave me headaches but he solution came in a dream, and now that is sort of done (lacks ability details, so I'm open to questions) wanted someone to show.

    And by the nature of the concept thought about you and your vision fetish. You want to see it?

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    • Yes!

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    • Done, I have her temporaly in my sandbox, you can see her.

      Enjoy! nwn

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    • I warn you: Is a simple yet long lecture. I did my best to resume, but has her technicalities

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    • I initially had mixed feelings about her, but she is interesting...

      Her passive has a ton of pieces, but about each one:

      • Her Guided By Faith is cool, but I can't see it becoming a thing, as it would lead to the community wondering why Lee SinSquare Lee isn't Nearsight icon nearsighted. I like the idea of her seeing Shades of Light.
      • Merciful Fate is a lot to parse. In a champion spotlight we'd get the abbreviated version, but it's still so much. I'm intrigued by her Arms as a thematic element though.
      • Sight of the Goddess lets her know the position of the targeted enemy, and their wards and traps. That's some powerful information. I actually really like how she can see through their field of sight and the Shades of Light are seen through their wards. True Sight icon True Sight on the Vizer's basic attacks seems really strong but I'm assuming it illuminates enemies for her, correct? (If the Vizer is her ally.)

      Her Q I like well enough - I'm not sure why she needs two separate Q abilities though. Either seems strong enough on its own. Maybe creates some interesting gameplay where she has to stay away from her Vizer in order to spam her 1st Q for poke. The 2nd Q lets her outplay with its dash and slow, and I like that.

      Her W is interesting. I like the theme surrounding it. Taunt icon Taunt is fair, the Airborne icon airborne knockforward effect is a bit weird... but then you says its a knockback?

      E, another mobility spell? I'm surprised to see her so mobile but... I like it. The active might be to similar to IllaoiSquare Illaoi's E, but I like the bonus effects of Silence icon silence, grounded, and that she breaks shields! An ability that breaks shields needs to exist.

      With her R, I like the Nearsight icon Nearsight effect, I think it would look cool done correctly. I get that she fires 5 volleys of spears at the targeted areas, but the next sentence confuses me: "The hails initially land on the marked areas, then move in lines opposite to the cast's direction towards True Sight revealed enemy champions, repeating once towards their nearest allied champion." Explain please.

      My major complaints / her faults are her extremely lengthy tooltips. She's not overly complex, but very wordy. I'm not sure how she could be slimmed down or what should be cut, if anything.

      She reminds me of my Oracle, despite her being very different mechanically, they share a sort of similar theme. My guess is that Aenigma is meant to evoke a sort of primordial archangel? The 6 'arms' are like wings, her Rapturous Tongues is meant to evoke how angels supposedly know different languages and speak words that mortals can't understand or comprehend beyond an instinctual level - often going mad / crazy as a result. The Celestial Descent reinforces the angel feeling for me, while also implying that she's alien in the true sense - foreign, something 'beyond' the normal realm of experience. Last Eclipse is like the 'end of the world', the eschaton, and reinforces her 'divine' status.

      Wanted to ask, what was your reason for making her? What inspired you? Do you think there's room for her in League?

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    • Guided By Faith: If that's the only complain then I don't see the problem. Blame Riot. ;V

      Merciful Faith: In simple terms: Her basic attack have lower speed cap, deal modified damage, critical strikes doesn't deal damage and cannot cancel her wind-ups. Instead she has arms that attack nearby enemiess, can move during the wind-up and can cleave when selecting another target during a wind-up. The idea was to convey this Kali-esque warmonger feeling with all the AoE DPS- based attacks, and walking at a steady pace.

      Sight of the Goddess: Correct.

      Antumbral Spear / Equinoctial Flail: The idea is that Q1 is for mild poke but, most importantly, gap-close enemies (in case isn't the Vizier, thanks to E), and Q2 is for 1v1, cannot be for gap-close because it only happens within the Vizier's vicinity. For simple terms, think of it like Vayne's Q: its for repositioning.

      Rapturous Tongues: The "knockback" is just the phrasing I used to emphatized that knocked targets go further. Sorry for the confusion.

      Celestial Descent: For the active's hefty cooldown is intended for initiation, with her actual gap-close being the passive. Againt an ally Vizier can grant an AoE that buffs allies for the same value, but if she's immobilized everyone loses it, against an enemy Vizier generates the buff faster but only she's affected.

      The Last Eclipse: The damage part is that she channels upon the ability taking place, and visually summons photonic spears around her. At the end of the channel she lunges them towards the areas in 5 divided groups. Land in the areas then each move opposite to the cast's position (so always goes forward from where is casted) towards the nearest visible champion then repeating so again, arching the trayectory, dealing damage to everyone in the quake. Imagine 5 Rumble R's flying as skillshots and can curve.

      Thematically speaking (and brief lore explanation): She's blind from birth, stuff happens (which avoid to resume the theme) becomes a celestial aspect (in this case, from the Light), but in this case in particular isn't by achievement but lineage, as there can only be two celestial aspects of Light, one upon the formation of the known world (The First Eclipse) and the second becoming an aspect upon the nigh end of the world (The Last Eclipse) as the first prophet was the first celestial aspect, which was born against the greatest Void invasion in history (leaded by the very avatar of the Abyss... story for another time).

      The Eclipse in LoL (by my canon) is an event in which all celestials across the universe temporally weaken and a rift forms in the sky in Runeterra (as it is the only world with aspects) at their symetry, opening the greatest rift to the Void there can be. She must become responsible to unite the current aspects, specially of Sun and Moon (the first two of them where the daughters of the first prophet, with the Sun's turning against her sister and resulting in the Lunaris' extintion, all by Void influence by the will of the Abyss for the Last Eclipse, and not reconsiling the current ones weakens their patron celestials to further exalt the issue) in order to avail the coming invasion.

      She is turned into a celestial because the celestials demand it, to reunite the greatest army there can be as the Light itself compells the celestials to intervene, to defend the world and all others from the coming invasion, but her sole existence also means coming of impending doom. 

      Questions: From the get go, yes, I believe there's room for her.

      I wanted a team-oriented carry that excels at both duels and teamfights, as well as objective and vision control that leaded the charge towards war, even if vulnerable, but meditative rather than reckless (unlike Kled, who always wants to go full in without thinking too much). Is a fantasy that either the game doesn't have or simply hasn't exploited properly yet.The Light's presence in battle is manifested as the Arms and the Sight (much like Taric's floating stones), both to support Aenigma in battle and her life.

      I was inspired by both abrahamic stories and passionate love for the sci-fi and cosmic horror, I wanted characters and themes that evoked collision course towards the end of the world, and make of it something impactful.

      In this case, I had a mix of "Blind Prophet" and "Holy Warmonger": A strong subject that knows how the coming battles will be, and no matter how horrible or unfathomable can be, will never let hope be lost nor lose without fighting, even if it means going head first with a pious thirst for war and inspire others to die standing for there what they believe, knowing that there's even Gods willing to help, even if her visions indicate that is futile for everyone. And if she and everyone must die, then die gracefully screaming for conquest.

      She, even if unconfortable at times, her patron celestial keeps her frequently conforted and sane from the vision she sees (I want to avail the idea that, for once in a time, a God is friend from a Mortal, much like Abraham was the only being that Yehovah dared to call a friend and willing to ask first any action course. I wanted that sense of deified intimacy), specially under the dreadful burden that she means the end of the world.

      A blind warrior and a crippled god supporting each other, for separate cannot act. Feeling both angelic/divine and alien is exacly the feeling I wanted.

      P.S.: The Rapturous Tongues is her speaking glossolalia, a common theme on some religions in which users speak in tongues unknown, often enlightening or drawing mad anyone hearing. I wanted to convey the feeling that she as a celestial aspect in commune with her patron god was able to speak their tongues.

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    • Also, changed the description: E now says traveled distance rather than knock back distance.

      And R now reads the following:

      "Aenigma channels for 2.5 seconds, summoning a myriad photonic spears behind her, aiming hers towards the areas' direction, then lunging in 5 volleys towards marked areas over 1.5 seconds."

      "The volleys initially land on the marked areas, then each moves opposite to the cast's direction towards revealed enemy champions, then towards another champion, arching their trayectory."

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    • Also, if it is for long tooltips, there's already some examples in the wiki (although some not as extensive as Aenigma. I warned you before you read her :P): Gnar's Innate and Q, Ivern's Innate, Jhin, Kalista's Innate, Kindred's Innate, Kled, Mordekaiser (disgustingly long) W and R, Sion and Skarner.

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    • I like how you incorporated the Solari and Lunari into her story... I enjoy entwining different lore bits into my champ's lore and I wish Riot would do more of that.

      About her being a celestial aspect, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that light itself is a celestial aspect? As in, there is the LeonaSquare Sun, DianaSquare Moon, Aurelion SolSquare StarsTaricSquare , PantheonSquare Planets, and then Light? That's an interesting proposition. Would that imply that there is a Space aspect? And what about the Void? Is the Void an aspect as well? As in, it's the embodiment of entropy within the universe? If Space has dimension, as is something matter exists within, is the Void the absense of Space? Space can be empty, but it can't be nothingness. That's the Void, but the creatures of the Void are actually aspects?

      Just tangential thoughts. When you speak of the 'Last Eclipse' within the lore, it sounds like you mean some sort of planetary alignment. That's cool.

      Hearing about her backstory and intended theme reminds me of my Oracle even more, in a good way! I think it's cool that despite their differences, they both share this core idea of "someone who can see / knows of the coming Void invasion / apocalypse, and works to rally / ready the denizens of Runeterra for that event." That's a strong thematic and narrative hook Riot will probably use one day.

      "[She] knows how the coming battles will be, and no matter how horrible or unfathomable they can be, will never let hope be lost nor lose without fighting, even if her visions indicate that is futile for everyone."
      — Aenigma

      She does seem a lot more tragic than my Oracle, "Even if uncomfortable at times, her patron celestial keeps her frequently comforted and sane from the vision she sees, specially under the dreadful burden that she means the end of the world. A blind warrior and a crippled god supporting each other, for separate cannot act."

      Thanks for telling me about 'glossolalia' - a new word has been added to my repertoire. :)

      BTW, how do you say her name? I've been alternating between 'A Enigma' and 'Ænigma'.

      P.S. Do you plan on releasing her? // What's to become of her?

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    • Before I start: Pantheon isn't the celestial aspect of Planets but War, he's meant to represent the very spirit of universal conflict, Taric is the celestial aspect of Protection, that although this isn't fundamental as the others, represents the will to preserve any fundament of the universe.

      Now, into the subject at matters. the Abyss, as I envision it, is the literal realm and fabric of space and time that holds creation together, a primordial orgy of the self-cannibalize, wanton corpse-flesh of the first gods of existence that opposed to those that wanted creation to flourish, subsequently their wills aligned as one and their bodies became an ever mitotic fractal of cancerous flesh that holds everything together, with their flesh being the Void's landscape, and universes their "wombs", and said will is divided in three separated matrix.

      Each matrix understands that the end must come but each perceives it differently, one wants to force it to create their intended future (the one who faced the First Prophet), one that wants to wait knowing the future to come, and one that wants to lead everyone into willingly accept this future.

      Their goal is that all creation to becomes (or "being reborn") as one, to then commit suicide which will lead to the unbranching of creation, force the ingnition of existence, and renew everyting and start the cycle from scratch... again. They know that in any iteration, the only constant is themselves.

      The three of them are the same entity, a collective androgynous consciouness, that is commonly called "The Fathers of the Abyss" which, technically speaking, are the celestial Entropy, from space and unconscious (the Soul), time (without being the celestial or aspect of Time) and subconscious (the Mind), and reality and conscious (the Will), respectively. The avatars they create are their aspects.

      Small nitpick: They have the celestial of Space-Time (yes, represents both. One cannot exist without the other) captive, which cannot have an aspect unless is forced, which said celestial aspect being another champion concept I have in mind (which, thus far, want to be Kassadin's daughter).

      Voidborns aren't celestials or aspects, and doubt anyone wants any of them to become an aspect, but is indeed possible for them to become one.

      As for Aenigma, her patron god/celestial is considered historically the celestial of Light, but objectively speaking is from Energy. Her pronunciation should be like this (press the speaker icon from the one on the left).

      I wanted the melding of fantasy and science together (being a Physics student...). I love to evoke this melding sensation that Arthur C. Clarke once stated: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

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    • I don't have plans on releasing her yet, must put together her lore first (I have the idea in mind, as was described, yet it is not written) which will be what takes the most, and intend to give the wikia's proper presentation, so will take some time. Hopefully not much, but some time.

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    • What do you think? oHo

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    • You never commented again, I hope you aren't dead buddy. 


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    • No, I'm not dead, thank you for the concern. My apologies for my absence. I was in a strange state of mind.

      About Aenigma, I'm not sure what to say. The last in-depth comment of yours talks about the Abyss and the Celestials, but I don't think it feels like League if I'm being completely honest. Expanding on League's lore is fine, Riot has given us plenty of hooks to build on and are expanding on it all the time (and retconning a lot of things too...), but it feels like you've got this lore which could be a sci-fi novel in its own right. XD

      And there's more than a touch of Lovecraft in there. (Talking about the "primordial orgy of the self-cannibalize, wanton corpse-flesh of the first gods of existence that opposed to those that wanted creation to flourish.") Maybe in story form it would feel more like League, more tied into League's universe, but as a rough outline it seems far removed. Again, if I didn't already know about League's Celestials, then I would assume I was reading some wild sci-fi book synopsis, haha. (That's not a bad thing though.)

      Its been so long since I've been on that coming back and rereading our conversation makes it seem odd. Also, I've noticed you've removed Aenigma from her Sandbox? Why?

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    • If you feel that this stands alone, then the reaction is the one I expected.

      You see, if put into consideration, LoL's lore has so much vacants that many things can fit, yet certain spots feel more complicated than others because of the lack of exploration that makes them feel alienated, things such as the nature of the Celestials and the Void, both of which are explored here. Additional credits to the Glade, the Kumungu Jungle, the Watchers, the Darkin and the Angels.

      Mt. Targon has been ret-con'd, yet has been made emphasis on these personal calls to cosmic duty to protect and preserve life that, casually in the process, turn into journeys of self-discovery. Pretty much the average Hero's Journey.

      Turning Aenigma into a tragic "hero" is good because something that isn't much explored in literature is an inverse Hero's Journey: A character that the more it evolves and trascends into someone heroic or even messianic, the more the world around it degenerates rather than improve it, mostly because of their actions, even if their intentions are good. Bloodborne is a good example of this.

      And the Void? Nothing, just a bunch of purple aliens with purple powers that are hungry because of ephemeral reasons!

      The most done thus far since ret-con started is talking about either small denises that wreck havoc yet people are used to them like they were part of the ecosystem (like the Xer'Sai and those roaming Mt. Targon.), or speak of rifts in distant place that lure people... just to move the attention into something or somewhere else (like Aurelion Sol's and Jax's lore, and Nami's comic).

      The Void thus far isn't a real threat and with any luck a latent one, is an argumental tool, is used to move plots forward.

      I preffer my sandbox empty because, paranoia aside, don't like when people peep up on it. Don't like being watched until my work is done, so publishing things in the sandbox is for previewing.

      I can put her in the sandbox again for your showcase, I re-phrased the kit the best I could this time. I also have other two, one is Dmitri's rework (a rework of this) and the other is a new concept.

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    • Aenigma is not in her Sandbox? :(

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    • Sorry, being busy nowadays because I started working, so get tired to home. Let me publish it in the Sandbox for your view. :Pc

      Also blackouts, constant and long blackouts. They don't help. :c

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    • an anonymous contributor
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