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  • Hi,

    I was advised by someone in chat that you would be good to speak to regarding something, I found on the page: Self Heal champion. It is stated on the page that:

    "This category lists champions who have some form of self healing ability, but are incapable of healing allies, which belongs in the healers category"

    As far as I am aware Kayle is capable of healing alies and is also listed in the category: Healer champion and no other champions such as Nidalee who have a heal similar to Kayle's appear on both pages.

    Sorry if am mistaken or posting in the wrong place im noob here :3

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    • It depends on your definition of 'wrong place', I suppose. I no longer play League of Legends and return here only infrequently, and I dealing with categories isn't really my thing.

      I do agree that Kayle doesn't really belong in the Self-Healing category. It has been removed now.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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