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  • Hey I saw you were fixing up the Illaoi taunts section; want someone to help out? I can get champions to sample that aren't available as bots.

    I'm Sharjo on the pbe so you can add me there if you want for this.

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    • Absolutely! Could always use a hand to speed things up. :D

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    • On the Poppy VO; got the Needlessly Large Rod lines figured (I know. I was in disbelief when I tested that one.) and attacking dragon lines. The others I'm a bit stumped on.

      • "To the hero!"
      • "Fuel for the quest."

      These didn't play when using any of the flasks, elixirs or health pots and I couldn't figure out a proper trigger.

      • Wait, you're here? I thought you were there."
      • "Didn't I just knock you away?"

      Can't confirm, but I feel like these are for Ekko, specifically when he Chronobreaks after being hit by Keeper's Verdict. Will likely have to test that one with you.

      • "You should you wanna do this? You don't even have a weapon."
      • "That's not a hammer! This is a hammer."
      • "Look at all that shiny armor. Sorry I gotta mess it up."

      Trying to figure these. In my mind the Hammer one is directed at Jayce, considering he's the only other hammer wielder (Morde uses a mace so he doesn't count). The top line's likely directed at someone either with no weapon or with an unorthodox weapon. Jax springs to mind as a wrote that last bit. Last one's a bit of a messy one since there's a fair number of champions with shiny armour. That'll be the pain to find.

      We can figure things tomorrow if you want, I'm not busy at all.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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